Value your pastor

I pray for pastors that the Lord would keep their hearts soft. I know that soft hearts receive wounds more deeply than hard hearts, but such is the territory of love. Those with a tender heart toward God feel deeply. (1 Samuel 24:5; 2 Kings 22:19).

Yet they go on, and on, and on; soldiers of truth marching forward unafraid of the evil before them.

"He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD." (Psalms 112:7)

I pray that you have the blessing of a pastor with a heart fixed on the Lord. We receive evil tidings these days, and the pastor is on the front line of all those tidings. Pray for him ceaselessly.

The LORD said “‘And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding." (Jeremiah 3:15). Tender and knowledgeable Pastors who care for their flocks are a gift from God.

GotQuestions explains pastoral care
"Beyond preparing and delivering a sermon, pastors provide biblical counseling, visit the sick and injured in hospitals, and disciple members of the congregation through phone calls, lunch meetings, and other social engagements. Many pastors serve as chaplains in hospitals, the military, workplaces, schools, and prisons. All of these ministries are aspects of pastoral care.

In reality, pastoral-care ministries are just as valuable as the delivery of a sermon. Caring for a person who is struggling with a difficulty, being present during a time of pain, praying with someone in a crisis – these are the moments when spiritual breakthroughs occur. Ministering through a good, biblically sound sermon is absolutely necessary. But ministering through a personal touch, i.e., pastoral care, is just as important."
Do you have a pastor who does all that? Pray for him! And know that the more mature he becomes in sanctification, the more deeply he will feel the hurts of his flock and the sins of the world.

In one way, he is a first responder. It is often said that policemen and firemen rush IN to danger when everyone is running out. Pastors rush in to deal with evil tidings when most would rather run away from them. They are a spiritual first responder. Care for him, love him, do not begrudge him, and above all, pray for him.