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Drillers herald new Israeli gas find

This is another, new, gas find. Israel has had around three or four gas and oil finds over these last four years!

"Israeli and Norwegian energy companies said they encountered a significant amount of natural gas in an offshore Israeli field. Norwegian energy company AGR said it encountered "significant signs of natural gas" during drilling operations in the Aphrodite-2 exploration well in the offshore Ishai license block. The well encountered a gas layer of 49 feet, the Platts news service reports. Partner energy company Israel Opportunity said it would likely be late February before it can delineate the full extent of the find. The license area is said to contain about 3.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, reports Platts."

Source UPI Business


  1. Hey Elizabeth, love reading your blog! It is so hard to find people who are premill, pretrib etc.
    When I started studying Scripture 25 years ago, the Lord blessed me with a love for Israel. That has sort of led me in the direction I have gone in understanding what the Bible is really saying.
    If you are not familiar with Pastor Jim McClarty over at, give him a listen. He is a really good Bible teacher.
    Also, have you read David Baron's "Israel in the Plan of God". Loved it!
    Have you read any of Charles Lee Feinberg's commentaries? He was dean emeritus of Talbot Seminary when John MacArthur was there. Also, since this is mainly about Israel, have you read "Future Israel" by Barry Horner. Exhaustive study! And one more,"Has the Church Replaced Israel" by Dr. Michael Vlach, out of Master's Seminary?
    Thanks for keeping us all in the know!


    1. Hi Pam,

      I love Pastor McClarty! He is so precise in his explanations!

      I will make a list of the others you mentioned. I am not familiar. Thank you so much!


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