Sunday Martyr Moment: Paul

Police restrain crowd from taking food after supermarket eviction

Apparently, a couple who owned a grocery store went way behind on their payments. The bank closed the store and evicted the owners. All the merchandise they'd had in the store was put outside to go to the landfill.

The owners say they offered the food to a church, but members didn't show up to claim it. That's when word that store products were abandoned spread through the community. When people who got wind of the goods stacked up on the ground outside the store, they hurried down to see if they could scavenge some. Instead of being able to get some food, the police were called to evict the growing and restless crowd who were told the food had to go to the landfill because it wasn't theirs to take. The crowd got more restive and the police had to restrain them.

They asked, "People have children out here that are hungry, thirsty, could be anything. Why throw it away when you could be issuing it out?"

About 300 people came to take merchandise home, but they were held back by law enforcement. "These are brand new items; we saw the potential for a riot was extremely high," said Sheriff Richard Roundtree. more here

So where did this crowd of hungry people show up to scavenge food? Where were police dispatched to hold back a potentially riotous crowd? Greece? Slovenia? Cyprus?


Augusta, Georgia, USA.

My heart breaks for folks who are hungry. We see it all over, not just GA, though I live in GA. An increasing amount of kids are qualifying for free lunch and breakfast. More people are relying on either the emergency room at hospitals or the school nurse for their non-emergency medical care. More people are using the county or church food banks. It's a sad thing to see a hungry person, and in formerly the wealthiest nation in the world. Still are pretty wealthy, compared to many other nations. But that cliff is coming up quick and we are on a fast slide down.

The Tribulation will be much, much worse. When the Third Seal is opened according to Revelation 6:5-6 it shows us that food will be scarce. The Fourth Seal will bring famine. At that time a fourth of the earth will die.

The police that were called today were sympathetic, mild, and peaceful. The scene was tense, but remained controllable.

It will not be controllable after the rapture, when hunger, famine, violence, starvation sets in and desperate people behave in unrestrained manner. (2 Thessalonians 2:6).

In the bible, there are scenes of cannibalism. (Leviticus 26:29; Deuteronomy 28:53-57; Jeremiah 19:9; Lamentations 2:20; 4:10; Ezekiel 5:10). "Moses and other prophets predicted that, if the Israelites forsook God, they would fall into such awful degradation as to cannibalize their own children. These harrowing prophecies were fulfilled during the siege of Samaria during the reign of King Jehoram. Cannibalism was the physical horror which accompanied the spiritual horror of apostasy."

I do believe America has gotten on God's last nerve. No, the church is not Israel and the USA is not Israel. No we are not in Old Testament times. However, God does not change. Do we believe that we can apostatize and not be punished for it? That such things won't happen to America, just because we are America? Of course not. God shows no partiality. (Romans 2:11).

The Tribulation, AKA The Time of Jacob's Trouble, (Jeremiah 30:7) is a 7-year period when God will allow sin to come its full measure. (Dan 9:24). The Holy Spirit will have stopped His restraining ministry and sin will bloom like putrid oil bubbling to the surface of every person (except those who come to salvation after the rapture). People standing in a parking lot today, pleading for food but obeying the officers, will, in the Tribulation, simply use their guns to shoot anyone in their way.

Like also in GA this week, two teenaged boys attempted to rob a woman, and when she said she didn't have any money, they shot her baby in his stroller, in the face. And this is before the Tribulation.

The only reason you won't go to heaven in a glorified body at the trumpet call and miss all that terrible times, is because you have not repented and believed on the resurrected Jesus as Lord. That's it.

"Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality." (1 Corinthians 15:51-53)

"We" means believers. To become a believer,

"If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."(Romans 10:9).

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).

You cannot get to the Father God because we are sinners, (meaning, we think, say and do wrong things that are against God's holy standard). So God sent His Son Jesus to earth as a man in a real body to teach us, and then He was put on the cross as the sacrifice for our sins, the payment for which God poured out His eternal wrath. Thus, Jesus took our sin upon Himself (2 Corinthians 5:21). Instead of us dying, we will put on incorruptible and live forever in His house. This is all due to Jesus dying in our place (Romans 5:8). Three days later, Jesus rose from the dead, proving His victory over sin and death (Romans 6:4-5) and that he is the Son of God, forever to live and reign. Why did He do all that? He loves us, that's why. Jesus loves you. Yes, you.

Refusal to believe on Him and repent of our sins, thus being cleansed of them through the sacrifice of Jesus, will put you squarely under God's wrath, which He will pour out on all flesh in the Tribulation and then forevermore on the unbelievers in hell. (Rev 6:15-17; Rev 19:1-3).

"Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him." (John 3:36).

Your belief or unbelief in Jesus is all the difference between eternal joy in perfected glory with Him, and eternal wrath that begins at the Tribulation which will be hell on earth. Yes, you can be saved after the rapture, but there is no guarantee that you will even live until that day. There is no guarantee that you will live thorough the Rapture event. There is a minimal chance you will live through the Tribulation, given that most of the world's population will be killed. Now is the time of your salvation.

I hope you're hungry now, hungry for Jesus. He will save you from all that. Believe on Him!


  1. Thank you for all your posts. God bless you for sharing your knowledge, your talent and, most importantly, your faith.

  2. Arguably, we have been living through the seal judgements. For example, when one counts the number of cities destroyed in WWII vs. cities not destroyed, the ratio is quite high. When twenty million Russians died and 100 million starved short of death, how is that anything but a seal of God?

    I think around 1500 is when the end times picked up speed, though we know the last days were from the time of Christ.

    So, if we have been living through the seal judgements and yet it has seemed relatively peaceful in the United States, one should ask what this means? Was not Rome the safest place to be during the Roman empire? The fact that we have relative peace does not mean necessarily that God has blessed us - it could mean that we live in the heart of the beast.

    1. Hi ANonymous,

      We have not been living through the seal judgments. The Tribulation has not begun yet. We are not living under God's wrath but God's age of Grace.

      Has peace been taken from the earth? (Rev 6:4). No.

      Has a fourth of the world died from pestilence, famine, war and beast? (Rev 6:8). No

      Have Christ's saints been martyred in a bloodbath unparalleled in the world? No. (Rev 6:9)

      Has the sun gone black and the stars fallen like shaken figs? Every mountain shaken from its place? (Rev 6:12-15). No.

      Has every person cried out that the wrath of God is here and who can stand? No. (Rev 6:16-17).

      When the world is in the heart of the beast they won't have a question mark at the end of their sentence. They will know it.

  3. Peace has been taken from the earth by almost any definition.

    Starting in 1914, Peace left the Earth for good. The last major peace was from 1815, the defeat of Napoleon, to the beginning of WWI with minor interruptions of the Crimea war, US Civil War, and the dust-up in Europe of 1870.

    The elites of the world abandoned God sometime after the Portuguese started global exploration in the 15th century and largely before the French revolution of 1789. However, it was WWI that caused the masses to reject the church and God. Only twenty years later WWII guaranteed that the next generation lived with war. Post 1945 there were continuous wars and fighting.

    The United States alone spends close to one trillion dollars a year fighting wars. Drones reign fire death on wedding parties and suspected terrorists alike.

    It is likely that a fourth of the world has died from pestilence etc. Even if you disagree, and it would be difficult to find accurate numbers I think, that is the fourth seal, not the first. The rest of the Apocalypse that you quote refer to seals five and six.

    Thus, we have experienced seals 1-3 and possibly number 4, but probably not 5 or 6 yet. Chinese Christians might disagree with you about seal 5, but I agree that it will get much worse.

    I maintain most American megachurch and even fundamentalist Christians will be utterly shocked when they find out that they live in the heart of the beast. It takes a person who has studied the "longue duree" of history to see what I am explaining. With such a view unfortunately, the reality is absolutely frightening.

    I found that architecture showed me the clearest picture. Take a view at the campus of Harvard University for example. There are two buildings that do not fit the normal New England architecture. The first is the Colosseum, the Romanesque sports area built in the late 1800s, and the second is the main library - Widener - that is built in the manner of a Greek temple.

    According to Theodore White, Harvard Business School was formed in 1910 to create a managerial class to run the American led Multinationals which would soon rule the world. As it turns out, Harvard was amazingly successful - an "Empire without an Emperor" is what the US is now called on campus. Interestingly, in 1912, a ship carrying several hundred of these business magnets sunk after hitting an iceberg. A warning or judgment perhaps? One year later, Mrs. Widener built the Greek styled Temple Widener library at Harvard with a room for the spirit of her deceased son as he had drowned in the Titanic disaster. She did this in defiance of God I believe. One year later, Peace was taken from the Earth for good.

    Times will get worse certainly. However, we may be further along the timeline than some think.

    1. No, peace taken from the earth IS the definition. If there is still a peaceful place on earth, the seal hasn't been broken. We are not in Revelation yet, because the church is still here. Enough said


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