Reprise: The ‘Gospel’ According to Rome

Nathan Busenitz serves on the pastoral staff of Grace Church and teaches theology at The Master's Seminary in Los Angeles. He is part of the team of writers at The Cripplegate. Today he wrote,
"With a new pope elected, the eyes of the world are on the Roman Catholic Church. No doubt many evangelicals find themselves confused as to the critical differences between the biblical gospel and the gospel according to Rome. Hence today’s post-"
And he goes on to outline in five bullet points the major doctrinal differences, using Roman Catholic primary sources as quotes. He also presents the biblical case. The essay is short, clear and undeniably convicting.

He concludes:
"Before evangelicals rush headlong to enthusiastically embrace the new pope (pretending as if the Reformation never happened), they should stop and remember the fact that the Roman Catholic Church teaches a gospel that is utterly incompatible with the biblical gospel of grace. In the same way that Paul denounced the false teachings of the Judaizers (Gal. 1:6-9), the gospel according to Rome deserves unhesitating words of condemnation. That means that those who promote Rome’s false gospel, including the new pope, ought to be confronted for their part in the propagation of damning error."
I encourage you to read more at their blog.


  1. The RCC has not changed, only its leadership.

    Should we pray for Pope Francis? Absolutely!

    There are 1.2 billion catholics in the world. 1.2 billion lost souls who are following a false doctrine, worshipping idols and have no idea what the Word of God truly says.

    Let us pray for the salvation of these lost souls, beginning with the pope.


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