Monday, April 22, 2013

"Stating heresy IS the heresy"

I put the title in quotes because I read that sentence this week on a blog somewhere. It is so true. (I wish I could remember who wrote that, because I'd give full credit!)

Today, even 'daring' to point out heresy makes me the heretic; I'd like to share a comment on a older essay that I received last night and my response. It is a conversation that is becoming all too common these days.

I had written a series about the modern-day Gnostics, people who claim to have ecstatic experiences with the Jesus of heaven in their bathroom, living room, bar, car, zoo or any other place, and ascribe to Him and/or the Spirit something that He would not say or do. However, many people are not only believing these experiences on its surface, with no scriptural checking, they seek after and find their own experiences. They claim the experiences are as good as or better than scripture. This is dangerous. Once satan unhitches you from checking these things against scripture, you're a sitting duck for his wiles. Remember, you're no match for satan, he is the craftiest creature in the Garden. (Genesis 3:1-2).

Here is what the commenter said:
the only falsehood idea i see is your own these people have a love for god that you people would not understand how dare you judge them for thier love of christ the fruit of what they are doing is bringing them to christ how dare you judge them like the pharisee did to jesus christ you are the ones that will be called to account for your actions against your fellow
See? It is heretical these days to say that any person's "experience" checked against scripture and coming up short, is in fact the heresy, not the other way around. Here is my reply:
Fervency does not equal salvation. Even the demons believe- and tremble (James 2:19). Actually, they are further along than the Gnostics, because with their alleged experiences of 'hanging out' with Jesus, they don't even tremble!

Simon the Magician SAID he loved God, even followed Philip for a long time, fooling even Philip, who had baptised Simon! (Acts 8:1-25)

I am NOT judging them like Jesus judged the Pharisees. Judgment to the eternal fire only belongs to Christ. However, I AM judging their doctrine, matching up what they say against the bible. That is something John definitely says to do-

"Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”" ESV

The NLT says, "Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.""

Your condemnation of me urges me to judge by appearances, but that is not biblical. So, how does one judge righteously? But comparing what they say and do to scripture. We can detect fruit, the fruit of the Gnostics is bad, coming from a bad tree. Just because someone says they love Jesus, does not mean they do.

Paul called many to account, so did Peter, John,etc. Failing to hold so-called believers to the holy standard is unloving.

Here is an essay written by Pastor Paul which speaks to the issue. He begins it this way:

" Evil Becoming More Evil "
"Wouldn't it be great if we could just throw open our arms and embrace anyone and everyone who claimed to be Christian. It should be like that but most of us know it isn't. So many people who claim to be Christian are stating their family tradition and not their personal relationship with Jesus. They haven't a clue what it is to live in the Spirit or to have anything to do with God except when they are in some kind of trouble. Even then the name of Jesus is used more as an exclamation than a plea for help. ... This is vital for us so we do not allow ourselves to be enticed away by those who claim Jesus but don't live Jesus. Paul warned Timothy:"

But evil people who pretend to be what they are not will become worse than ever, as they fool others and are fooled themselves. (2 Timothy 3:13)

Heed the warnings in the bible. Don't fall for the notion that stating heresy IS the heresy. Honor Jesus by being a Berean and looking into these things.

It is becoming such a problem, that John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Conrad Mbewe, RC Sproul, Steve Lawson, and Nathan Busenitz organized a second Master's Seminary conference to specifically address these exact issues. It is called "Strange Fire" because when someone accepts false experiences as real, or touts their own false experiences as from the Spirit when they are not from the Spirit, ti is akin to offering strange fire before the LORD.

I encourage you to go to the website and learn more about the conference, go here to find links all together in one place, or go here, where there is a thoroughly scriptural explanation as to why they plan to "Confront the Charismatic Movement."

Are YOU offering strange fire before the LORD?


  1. How do you feel about the Pentecostal people and other religions that stress the only way to be "saved" and be a certain entry in the book of life is by receiving the holy ghost and speaking in tongues? Is this another "Strange Fire" or is it biblically legitimate? I can not find anywhere in the Bible where it says for certain this is the ONLY way to get to heaven.

    1. Some of the Pentecostals are perfectly fin with the way they interpret the bible. Others, the more Charismatic (demonstrable miracles, tongues, prophecies and revelations etc) are not fine with how they interpret the bible.

      For example, tongues. That was a prophecy given in Isaiah and fulfilled in Acts on the day of Pentecost and it was a sign for UNBELIEVERS. (Isaiah 28:11, Joel 2:28-29, & 1 Corinthians 14:22)

      You can read more about the gift of tongues, which was a gift given for a short period of time after the Ascension and the language was a REAL language- here

      As for private prayer language, If a person says they speak in tongues as a private prayer language, that has no biblical support either. The gifts are given by the Spirit for the edification of the body, not for personal, private use. The gifts are for the common good. (1 Cor. 12:7; 1 Pet. 4:10).

      No, saying one is not saved unless they speak in tongues is biblically illegitimate. As for receiving the Holy Ghost, we ALL get ALL of the Holy Ghost we're going to get at salvation. There is no double dipping, levels, or tiers of believers who have "more" of the Holy Spirit than others. So that is unbbilical too. More about baptism in the Spirit here

      "second blessing" of the Spirit here

  2. Thank you! I am experiencing the same thing all the time. I have never been so hated for something so good in all my life. Be strong and of good courage.

    Love you,

  3. It's easier to refute the ones that are obviously behaving like pagans.

    What concerns me is a friend who is otherwise very Biblical, holding to inerrancy etc., but is Pentecostal. However, he rejects the 'slain in the spirit' types and says the charismatics give Pentecostals a bad name. He's unconvinced that tongues are just a human language, but can be used in prayer, and insists that his church services are done 'decently in good order,' with interpreters if someone 'receives a revelation' or begins to speak in tongues, as it were.

    The lack of a silver bullet to give to him upsets me. But I suppose I'll have to harp on the multitude of little details until he gets the message. What makes it harder is that it's very difficult to convince someone that a very real experience they've had was inauthentic. People hold very tightly to that.

  4. Amen! This is something I have been reading up on. It is not only heresy, but it is also blasphemy against the Holy Spirit to put words in His mouth that He would never say because they contradict the Bible. I have a friend (who is confusingly charismatic) who I do believe truly loves the Lord, but has all kinds of strange ideas that contradict Scripture. I pray for her eyes to be opened and that she sees the truth. It has been said that the only intolerance nowadays is for those who are intolerant. When you take away an inerrant view of the Bible you open the door for this sort of experiential nonsense. I am grateful for pastors like MacArthur and Johnson and Sproul and such for standing strong. And I pray for you as you continue to write and to speak out against such things.
    In Christ,


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