Monday, May 20, 2013

A sad day with devastating tornadoes (What God Ordains Is Always Good) Updated

Update-- You might be interested in this essay I wrote a day later, looking at the situation a bit more deeply and theologically, called If God is Good, why Didn't He Stop the Tornado?

I am recovering from a traumatic spiritual battle as I alluded to earlier in the month. It sapped my strength almost completely.

Our elementary school's last day is this Friday at noon. So three and a half days left. Most of the kindergarteners thought today was the last day, more than one thought so. Holding these kids down for 7 hours a few days away from summer break saps your strength.

We are having an unusual heat all of a sudden. The temps are in the upper-80s but real-feel temps are in the mid-90s. It saps your strength.

I went grocery shopping after work, the Dollar Store and Grocery store share a parking lot. Walking the buggy back and forth from one side to the other to load the car with heavy groceries saps your strength.

I got home at a low strength point. Kind of weary.

Then I read about the tornadoes in Oklahoma. My strength sapped even further, pooling at the ground around my feet.

A KFOR-TV weather man said the winds from this worst tornado were over 300mph and it was an F5. It was wider than Oklahoma's worst historic tornado which occurred in 1999. It is at least 3X as worse as the May 1999 historic tornado. It went from nothing, not a cloud, to an F5 inside of one hour, which is the fastest the atmosphere will allow, he said. It caused catastrophic devastation. He said it is the most devastation from a tornado in the history of the world. There are many dead, including 24 children, at least, have died.

When I read about the elementary schools being in the path of a direct hit from this devastating tornado, my strength waned quickly...tears come to my eyes for this old sinful world. Watching anything die is hard, watching the world die is harder.

What to do?

Praise the Lord. It gives you strength. (Psalm 68:35).

Trust the Lord. It gives you strength. (Isaiah 12:2).

Obey the Lord. It gives you strength. (Revelation 14:12).

Hope in the Lord. It gives you strength. (Lamentations 3:25).

What God ordains is always good. I posted this yesterday, I post it again. Because we need it.


  1. I am praying for your strength Elizabeth! Yours is my favorite "end time site" ~ so no doubt the enemy would like to hold you down for all the good you ard doing. Take those breaks when needed! Even Jesus told His disciples to come away & rest for a little while!

    Thanks for the prayers for Oklahoma; we're in Tulsa, 2 hours away. We, too, are grief stricken for the parents & families at this unimaginable tragedy. And today is our 3rd day in a row for more possible severe weather! Already at 8 this morning, it's dark out & thundering.

    BTW, my husband lost a facebook friend in yesterday's Moore tornado. She was a life long Catholic, so what does that tell you? Quickest sermon your audience will ever hear: TODAY is the day of salvation!! None of us are promised the next second! Better make our call & election sure!

    Some may go in front of the Lord even before the rapture, though I expect that very soon as well. Let the Bride & the Spirit say COME!! ~Reva

    1. Thank you so much, Reva, for your kindness. The last few days of school are always a drain :) The kids don't want to work and all the teachers can think about is sleep and beach.

      I'm so sorry for your husband's loss. It certainly is a time of grief. I'm saddened to hear she was a many refuse redemption!

      I hope you've stayed out of range of the severe weather today. I know it has continued unabated into Tuesday. We have a friend in Kansas, she write on FB that so far the tornadoes have gone to the north or east of them. It is a stressful time, biting nails and cliffhanger to see who is going to get hit next.

      Thanks for the advice to rest. I will be able to do that starting this holiday weekend, and then next week just a few days of work without kids and then...SUMMER BREAK!!! Woo-hoo!


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