Monday, July 15, 2013

Why did the Pharisee cross the road?


  1. Because he wanted to follow the chicken.

  2. Elizabeth, I love this picture! It just made me
    laugh as applied to the Pharisees. More than six decades ago my high school sophomore literature class was studying short stories. (Yes, I have an excellent memory!) Our class would be assigned by our teacher to read a story, then we'd discuss it in class the next day. One particular short story was about a strong disagreement that had taken place in a small town. The townsfolk had strong, bitter, opposing opinions about the problem; and tension was at a fever pitch when folks all gathered in the town square to settle the issue with a fight. The description in the story set the stage--the exact words of which I
    can't remember; but it was along the lines of... [The sun was scorching hot. The air was sultry. "A chicken ran across the road." People were on edge as they waited for the fight to begin...] After we had read that story, one student raised his hand during our class discussion the next day and asked, "Why did that chicken run across the road? It didn't make sense to me, and the author never said anything more about that chicken and never explained what it had to do with the story."
    Our teacher asked for class input, of course;
    but the conclusion was that there was no specific, concrete answer. That sentence in the middle of the scene was used by the author to help the reader visualize the scene and to build tension and emotion. The chicken running across the road called attention to a detail which the reader could "see", much as the heat and humidity could be "felt" and the murmuring of the townspeople could be "heard" as they awaited the anticipated confrontation. While I
    do not recall the title or author, I will never forget the impact of that vivid description! So now, back to your title and the picture you posted with the Scripture verse, John 7:32, asking, "Why did the Pharisee cross the road?" Well, I don't know. But I can certainly "hear" the crowd muttering. I can certainly "feel" the tension in the air and "see" the chief priests sending officers to arrest Jesus. They tried so
    hard to trap Him with all of their hatred and bluster. But they never could. He is the Son of God. Thank you, Elizabeth, for saying so much just by asking a simple question and posting a picture labeled with an appropriate Bible verse. I loved this post.

    1. Hi Ruby,

      Lol, some teachers or moments stay with us forever. I remember a lesson on King Arthur in HS English like your remember that lesson you described.

      Yes! As I was scanning my photo album I saw my photo of the chickens and suddenly it reminded me of the Pharisees. I could hear the muttering, feel the dust of the street as they gathered, feel their quivering with unrighteous anger...

      This post is sort of my penance for being long-winded on other posts sometimes ;0


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