First day of school

The first day of school 2013-2014 is here and I had a fantastic day! The kids were adorable as usual. Everything went smoothly. For the first time in years, it wasn't hot. The temps today were only about 72 degrees for a high, which is thirty degrees lower than last year's start of the year on the first day. Last year was monstrously hot. The buses don't have air conditioning and after sitting in the lot all day they were so hot you could grow jungle orchids in there. We passed out water to the kids getting on and were advising them to sip slowly during the ride. Man, it was hot.

Anyway, today for the first time it wasn't only cool, but it rained. The veteran teachers local to the area said that they can't remember the last time it rained on the first day. I didn't mind it, though I was sad the kids could not go out and play, but usually it is too hot for that anyway on the first day. The cool air and rainy, dark landscape made for a relaxing, quiet time.

It was sweet to see the first graders in the lunch room. I work in kindergarten all day but I have a midday duty that monitors 1st graders. Anyway when they sat down at the tables with their class and then looked up and around, they spotted their former classmates scattered around the cafeteria eating with their new classmates. They raised their hand and asked to go hug that one, or speak to this one, and their little reunions were totally charming. One guy who was popular last year in kindergarten but moved away, has come back. When his former classmates saw him, the news spread like wildfire around all the tables. "He's back, look!" they all said, and many hugs were exchanged. They might have short attention spans and can't remember a lot, but they do make heart-felt friends who mean a great deal to them. Even if it is short term, they love deeply.

My ole car performed like a champ all summer. On the day before the first day and on the first day with kids, of course it broke down. I hate that. I really, really hate that. There is only one place I have to be in my whole life, and it is school. I can walk or bike to church, to the PO and to the grocery store. They are all within half a mile. The school is a must-get-to destination, and of course that is the place it decides to strand me. I hate that. I can't tell you how much.

So Saturday is another Bountiful Baskets pick up. I am so thrilled with the produce from this co-op. For a vegetarian like me, that basket is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Quality produce at affordable prices, it is heaven! I can't wait to see what is in my basket. I still have half a cantaloupe left over and half a cabbage.It does take me a good two weeks to eat it all.

A friend had given me a bag of green beans, and I'm going to make green bean pate with some and green bean casserole with the rest. And then I'll wait to see what is in my basket for this week to plan the rest.

I was looking at my Italy photos over the weekend. The last time I went was 1998, fifteen years ago. It seems like a lifetime ago. My sister and family is in France now. My France trip was even longer ago than Italy. Back then, I was consumed with where the next place I was going to go, so as to experience the bigness of life. Now I'm consumed with the minutiae of life- groceries, work, vehicle, church, writing, and my cats. Back then I saw God's plan in the vastness of His creation. From the towering Alps, to the Amazon valleys, to the blue Mediterranean to the hills of Scotland, from the icebergs at Labrador to the crystal Bahamian sea, it was vast in scope but empty of importance, because I was not in Jesus.

Now I see God in the details of my life instead of the vastness. My life is about minutiae but it's not minute. It's small but not trifling. It's where He planted me to do kingdom work, so therefore it is important. Though it is a quiet life, it is a big life- because of the work He gave me to do. And the work is to love, rejoice, and be glad in this day, because He has made it.


  1. What a lovely post, I had been wondering how your first week has been. The children greeting each other was so precious. That's how we should greet our brothers and sisters in the Lord, don't you think?

    I lifted up your car need in prayer. For The Lord's provision of reliable transportation to work! I'm so sorry that it broke down on you at the beginning of this week. I hope it is fixed now.

    I love how you closed this entry - a quiet life for the Lord is a big life indeed!


  2. Oh my forgive me, I think I misunderstood, your car broke down yesterday and today, not earlier this week? It's been a long day (and week), so my brain is I-don't-know-where.



  3. A joyful post. So uplifting and inspirational,

  4. Good stuff! God is good! Thank you for your blog! I will be Praying for you and those He is causing to cross paths with (car breaking down), that you may share "His" Love and freedom or be ministered to by others!



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