The joy of possessing His word!

In 1968 missionary Phil Masters and missionary Stan Dale hiked into the Seng Vally in an attempt to get the Gospel to the Yali people who lived in the valley (cannibals) and to the Kimyals who lived on the other side. The Yali shot the pair with over 200 arrows before they got to the other side. They decapitated the men, and chopped up their bodies, bringing some parts home to steam in banana leaves and eat. They never made it to the Kimyal tribe.

By 2010 the Lord had graciously planted His word in the Kimyal and Yali people's hearts. The printed word of God in the Kimyal language was completed in translation in 2010, and a ceremony was held to receive these New Testament bibles. Phyliss Masters, Phil's widow who remained on mission for 40 years after Phil's death, would attend. Though she lost her husband on this earth, his name is written in the Lamb's book, alongside many of the Kimyal and Yali people who Phil had come to share the Good News with. The sweetness of Jesus's  harvest is sweet indeed.

Do you feel this much joy when you open your bible?

Do you read your bible this eagerly? This reverently?

Praise God for missionaries! For the Gideons! And, read your bible!


  1. Thank you so very much for this reminder. IT makes me stammer to see just what I take for granted. I have the privilege to hold God's precious Holy Bible in my own language, being able to read it for myself FREELY and at ANYTIME I choose. O that I will choose it over all else!

  2. Elizabeth:
    Thank you for the video of the Yali people receiving the Bible in their language.
    I weep every time I watch it..just think in a day coming soon the entire world will bow and give praise to the Lord Jesus Christ just as these simple people are doing.


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