Heretic Beth Moore partners with New Age Mystic Roma Downey in new bible convention touted as "America's Largest Bible Event"

The bible says that Adam was made first, then Eve. (1 Timothy 2:13). Man was made to have a woman in his life because otherwise he is not complete, and woman was made to be a man's helpmeet. (Genesis 2:10). When a woman is out from the protection of a man, her father, older brother, husband, etc, she is vulnerable to deception. (1 Timothy 2:14)."

"Just as Satan's strategy was to deceive Eve, so heretical false teachers have frequently chosen to spread their falsehoods by the same method. It doesn't mean that they don't approach men also, it's just that Scripture's telling us this is their target very often." (source)

In secular life, "American women influence 80 percent of all automotive purchases...Chances are, you rule the roost when it comes to deciding which vehicles your family will drive. Your fella may want that Ferrari but cooler heads prevail, since you can’t really slap that child safety seat into the back of a California. Yes, women do make most family vehicle decisions..."

This UK Telegraph article reports that Women are key decision-makers in the home, DWP says
"But they are increasingly taking charge of traditional male household decisions such as choosing the family car, which pension provider or utility firms to choose and where to go on holiday."

Satan sees an opportunity to weaken the church through the women, by women. We see this clearly in Revelation 2:20-23.

"But I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing my servants to practice sexual immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols. I gave her time to repent, but she refuses to repent of her sexual immorality. Behold, I will throw her onto a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her I will throw into great tribulation, unless they repent of her works, and I will strike her children dead. And all the churches will know that I am he who searches mind and heart, and I will give to each of you according to your works."

Apparently, a woman was teaching in Thyatira even though the bible says women are not to teach in the church over men. (1 Timothy 2:12). Worse, she was teaching heresy. Worst of all, the discerning Christians in the church at Thyatira knew she wasn't fit and wasn't true, but tolerated her anyway. Jesus said unless she repents, and her followers also, He will kill them. The ones who tolerated the false teaching from a women, He has this against them. It is the most weighty matter to have the God of the Universe against you.

Here is the problem. First, the penchant for big convention events is growing. I remarked that the Passion event held at the Georgia Dome for youths between ages 18 and 26 is at root a Gnostic event. I further mentioned that rounding up youths and taking them away from their parents for a several-day sleep-away event apart from their home church to learn doctrines from people with no accountability is simply not a good idea. The Women of Faith organization also has staged Revolve events aimed at teenage girls since 2005.

There are huge bible events, Christian retreats, revivals, and workshops held for many reasons targeted at many segments of the population, and for men, this may or may not be fine. But for youths and for women, it is not good. Youths and women are being separated from their families and home church, rounded up by wolves as it were, as sheep and getting them away from the safety of the pack. Once apart, they are either shredded by false doctrine, gangrenous theological disease, and poisonous leaven- or, they are planted with false doctrines to bring back to their home church and let bake in a slow cooking oven of leaven and the church dies from the inside.

So, increasingly, youths and women are being targeted for infiltration at huge "live events" where doctrine will be taught away from the oversight of the husbands or parents. Another new women's convention has just concluded, and it is touted as the biggest bible event in Christianity. It is put on by Women of Faith, which is reported by Wikipedia,

"Women of Faith is a Christian-based live events organization. It stages non-denominational events across North America. According to the company, its events have been attended by more than four five million people in total."

Five million people! That is a lot of people. What are some things the Women of Faith live events are offering? The newest is-

"We're thrilled to announce with our friends at Women of Faith, America's largest event for Christian women, the creation of a brand new bible event, 'Unwrap the Bible.' " (source)

Who is involved in Unwrap the Bible? Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.

Burnett & Downey in promo video for "Unwrap the Bible"
This husband and wife duo are not saved. They are workers of evil. They are heretics. They are not in partnership with the Light. They do not know Jesus. I am trying to be very clear. Mrs Downey has a spiritual degree from a New Age teaching institution, practices mysticism, Catholicism, and necromancy (seeking communication with the dead). On live television, Downey communicated with her dead mother through a medium on live TV. Necromancy is strictly forbidden in the bible-

"Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God." (Leviticus 19:31). Also Deuteronomy 18:9-12, 2 Kings 21:6, Isaiah 8:19, Revelation 21:8.

The same duo created The Bible miniseries seen last year on the History Channel, and from that series, edited it down to a 90 minute movie focused on Jesus, called Son of God and released this month in movie theaters. The TV mini-series and the movie theatrical release both were fraught with biblical omissions, twistings, and outright heresy and in no way represented the accurate truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ nor did they correctly reflect His spotless character and Person. Yet Mrs Downey is considered a Christian. She is partnered with Women of Faith in this new bible teaching endeavor.

Why I am NOT watching the History Channel's miniseries 'The Bible'.

Why I am NOT going to see the Son of God movie

The lineup of bible teachers at the Unwrap the Bible convention (just concluded a few weeks ago) are below. Beth Moore is one of the teachers who taught at the convention. Some of the materials the women of faith are using are the clips from the Son of God movie. The promotional material states,

"In addition to the in-depth Bible study, dynamic worship pastor and recording artist Kari Jobe will lead musical worship and praise throughout the event. The program will also include video clips from Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s “The Bible” mini-series, illustrating stories from the Scriptures."

The venue for this largest bible event in America featuring a lineup of utter heretics is, Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen's Church, a church of heretics led by a heretic.

Now let's add up the numbers, starting with Women of Faith, five million women. I don't believe all their events stretching back to the first one in 1996 were all false, I don't know for sure, but the nature of apostasy is for seducers to creep into to households and by flatteries deceive women. (2 Timothy 3:6, Jude 1:4). So a ministry may start out good, sound good, look good, but if there are any evil doctrines in there, they will eventually come out and pervert the women.

Beth Moore has a following on Twitter of over 450,000 women. She is the cornerstone of LifeWay teaching materials, even being the anchor for their worst quarter when the economy turned sour. In other words, her materials sell briskly to millions of people. Moore has an ongoing rotation of television shows, speaking engagements through Living Proof Conventions, a blog, podcasts, and more. Shirer has 130,000 Twitter followers, plus a webshow, a blog, a bible study and is partnered with Lifeway in Sunday School curriculum, etc.

Aside from the Unwrap the Bible convention, the Passion Convention, Women of Faith conventions, there are other female teachers out there. We haven't even mentioned the biggest female powerhouse teaching heresy. It's Joyce Meyer. Her influence and popularity is incredible and deeply penetrating across many denominational lines. Millions of women are influenced by Meyer. Meyer is an outright heretic, claiming that Jesus stopped being the Son of God on the cross, and that she herself isn't a sinner. The bible says that Jesus is the Everlasting God (Isaiah 40:28, Hebrews 1:8) and anyone who says they don't sin doesn't have the truth in them. (1 John 1:8).

In any case, The Christian Post says "Another adept Twitter user is Joyce Meyer Ministries, previously reported as having the most retweeted messages on the network, above brands like ESPN, the Miami Heat and CNN Breaking News."

Did you know that 140 characters at a time, Meyer is tweeting poisonous and heretical messages cloaked in pious sounding Christianese which are re-tweeted to the tune of being more penetrating than CNN Breaking News??

Retweets are messages Meyer sends out over Twitter, and then someone else sends it out again, in ever widening circles. As of March 21, 2014, Meyer had 2.69 million followers on that particular social media. Meyer has a television show called Enjoying Everyday Life which reaches potentially two-thirds of the world in 32 languages. She has brisk sales of her 30+ books, over 5.2 million likes on Facebook, live speaking engagements, podcasts, and many other venues into which she pours her poison. And this poison is picked up by women and brought into homes, who they are entrusted with the care of the Godly seed, the children. Many times the husband is unaware or barely aware that Meyer, Moore, Shirer, Caine etc teach doctrines contrary to the one Jesus gave us. This infiltration is repeated with Rachel Held Evans, Ann Voskamp, Oprah Winfrey, Lynne Hybels, Jen Hatmaker, Kara Powell...

You see the progression- a household life of the women in charge, yes, even in Christian households, a female's natural inclination to be spiritually deceived if a male is not guarding her, an incredibly powerful and popular slate of female Christian bible teachers, infiltrating homes with false doctrine at a massive rate with the power and force of a tsunami. Inattentive or undiscerning husbands. You see the problem, the false teachers, many of them women, are coming for the women. And they are succeeding. They did when Paul wrote to Timothy, (2 Timothy 3:5-9) and they are succeeding now. In this sermon by bible teacher John MacArthur on the 2 Timothy 3:5-9 verses, he explains,

Who do you think they're after? Weak women who are vulnerable because they're out from some protection and who are captivated by these people because they promise them deliverance from the burden of sin and guilt and they promise them a system of truth ... Just as Satan's strategy was to deceive Eve, so heretical false teachers have frequently chosen to spread their falsehoods by the same method. It doesn't mean that they don't approach men also, it's just that Scripture's telling us this is their target very often. Women not strong in virtue, weighed down by sins and driven by impulse and lust, women not strong in truth, women who want to know the truth, who are always learning but have never come to the epignosis, the deep knowledge of the truth are the victims. ... And then in verse 7 it says they probably are the kind of women who have a curiosity about religion. They're attracted to easy solutions that don't really call for a radical change and don't deal with the real issue, the issue of sin before a holy God and salvation in Jesus Christ. They're interested in a cheap gospel. They're the kind of women who maybe are always learning, taking it all in, attracted to some kind of religious teaching.

Fortunately we can review the verse in Revelation when Jesus said he was angered by the prophetess Jezebel and by those who tolerated her. Jesus also said that He gave her (the Jezebel false prophetess) and her followers time to repent. Jesus is merciful! These false teachers have time still to repent!

Any person following these false teachers or promoting their teachings or even just tolerating them can repent! Jesus forgives, He wants His children to be pure and holy, as He is holy. The church however should be guarded always, and this is an active, never-ending activity until the glorification comes. It means NOT tolerating sin, and actively confronting it. In Thyatira's case, the church failed because of poison from the inside.

We women are entrusted with the Gospel, with helping our husbands, with the children. It is a precious cargo we women have given to us. As Oswald Chambers said, Let us do our utmost for His highest! In this case it is protecting ourselves from false doctrines by reading the word, submitting to male spiritual authority, and constant prayer. In this way, that we may help our husbands or the church in proper encouragement and support, and keeping our children away from heretical teachings.

For you yourselves know, brethren, that our coming to you was not in vain, but after we had already suffered and been mistreated in Philippi, as you know, we had the boldness in our God to speak to you the gospel of God amid much opposition. 

For our exhortation does not come from error or impurity or by way of deceit; but just as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not as pleasing men, but God who examines our hearts.

For we never came with flattering speech, as you know, nor with a pretext for greed—God is witness— nor did we seek glory from men, either from you or from others, (1 Thessalonians 2:1-6a)


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  1. Thank you for the insightful article, but when do we oppose and not oppose other Christian groups because ultimately they preached about Christ.

    "Teacher," said John, "we saw a man driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us."

    "Do not stop him," Jesus said. "No one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, for whoever is not against us is for us." (Mark 9:38-40 NIV)

    Please enlighten me.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Cubbawa, and thank you for asking your question. Thanks also for reading the piece.

      We can look to the New Testament for an answer. Let's first look at Galatians 2:11. Paul opposed Peter to his face. Now, this situation invloved two apostles, credentials undeniable, both are saved. And yet one opposed the other, and publicly!

      Matthew Henry comments on the verse,
      "2:11-14 Notwithstanding Peter's character, yet, when Paul saw him acting so as to hurt the truth of the gospel and the peace of the church, he was not afraid to reprove him. When he saw that Peter and the others did not live up to that principle which the gospel taught, and which they professed, namely, That by the death of Christ the partition wall between Jew and Gentile was taken down, and the observance of the law of Moses was no longer in force; as Peter's offence was public, he publicly reproved him. There is a very great difference between the prudence of St. Paul, who bore with, and used for a time, the ceremonies of the law as not sinful, and the timid conduct of St. Peter, who, by withdrawing from the Gentiles, led others to think that these ceremonies were necessary."

      Now Paul was not shy to oppose others who were not saved. He was doing his duty to protect the flock. In Acts 18:5-6, Paul shared the Gospel with the Jews, but left when when they blasphemed and opposed him by resisting hearing it.

      The verse you noted was one that deals with two issues- the disciples' pride in wanting to be exclusive, and Jesus's virtue of being humble. He was saying that there is diversity in the kingdom, not that we accept all kingdoms. So if we look back to Paul, if they are causing a divide by remaining silent instead of taking a stand as Peter did (or the church at Thyatira in allowing the prophetess to continue preaching false doctrines), or are perpetuating anything oppositional to the one Gospel delivered for all time, or are blaspheming or resiting hearing the word (or correction regarding the word) then oppose.

      Paul also opposed the false teachers' system when it became clear that instead of serving God's salvation plan, their approach causes only "controversy" (1 Timothy 1). The other teachers in the verse you shared were not causing a controversy, except in the hearts of the Disciples who wanted Jesus' message and the glory that came with it all to themselves :)

      The other teachers the disciples saw were not preaching anything contrary to the message Jesus was delivering. If they were, do you think Jesus would have said, "let them pass, ignore it"? No, He would not. It is when they teach another Gospel that we then oppose.

      Joyce Meyer says that Jesus stopped being the Son of God on the cross. I oppose her teaching because it is blasphemous and contrary to the Gospel.

      Beth Moore says God told her directly a new teaching and that she in turn is to teach that the church presently doesn't believe. This is a blasphemous statement and I oppose it because it causes a divide and is contrary to the truth delivered once for all to the saints.

      Check Rev 2:18-28 for what happens when people tolerate sinful teaching, and don't take a stand for opposing false teachers

      Hopefully this answers your question somewhat.

    2. Thank you!!!!! Yes you have, but I have more questions so please bear with me. Sinful teachings as in what Joyce Meyer said about Jesus stopped being the Son of God right? The Qur'an contains references to over fifty people and events also found in the Bible. I have many muslim friends as I lived in Singapore. Currently I am a caregiver to a muslim friend of mine who was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4 in July 2012. I figured out Islam may well be the way of life, not necessarily a relationship with God, same goes to the Christians or anyone who do not have a personal relationship with God. But because I came to that realization, it was only natural for me to seek God. I was trying to connect the dotes and there are so many texts to read, so I prayed for wisdom. Anyway, I have always been enlightened by your perspective, and I try to be mindful when I do talk about God with my muslim friends because they don't seem to take keen interest in the religious text; and I do protest when my Christian friends would poke jokes at their prophet. My concern was the Qur'an preached about Christ being raptured prior to His death on the cross and He wasn't the son of God. So I question them why then of all the prophets including Moses (because they love Moses :P), Christ gets to come back at the end days? But they centered their love for God on what He did for Christ on the cross rather what Christ did for us on the cross. Of course there are many types of believers, just like Buddhism when I realized that there are many types of Buddhists, primarily based on the time, background and culture. This of course another main concern because the devil will take full advantage of the innocence and mislead them.

      Another question, what about the pure at hearts, regardless religion backgrounds, if he or she is good and righteousness but has no concept of God, will they not be saved? I know God is just and fair, and sometimes I find myself defending Him which makes me the 'odd' one out? Because nobody talks about God at all!

      Again I am thankful for you Elizabeth, you have always make an effort to present your love for God in layman terms so others like myself would understand a little better.

    3. Cubbawa, you asked a good question: "what about the pure at hearts, regardless religion backgrounds, if he or she is good and righteousness but has no concept of God, will they not be saved?"

      No. They will not be saved.

      That's because there are no pure at heart people. (Jeremiah 17:9). See, the problem is sin. We are all born sinners. We do things, or say things, or think things, that are crimes against God. We lie, or we steal, or we think of murder in our heart. These are all crimes against our holy God.

      So since everyone sins, no one is good, no, not one! (Romans 3:10). Because all have sinned against God and broken His law, no one is qualified to go to heaven and be with our Holy God! Even worse, the wages of our sins is death, so we all actually deserve hell. (Romans 6:23). This is a problem, because God wants to have a relationship with us. So he solved it by sending Jesus. Jesus was born of a woman, and was fully man but is also fully Son of God. LOL, don't ask more about that because no one understands how Jesus could be both, but He is!

      What Jesus did was live a perfectly holy life, pleasing to God. He never sinned once! Not even in His thoughts! And since God requires blood for the atonement of sins (Hebrews 9:22), Jesus submitted Himself to men to be accused even though He was innocent, to be beaten and to die on the cross. His blood was shed, and being perfectly Holy, He was a pleasing sacrifice to God.

      So God raised Him up from death on the third day, to be resurrected alive, and some days after that, Jesus ascended to heaven and be with the father. Jesus will come again in blood and wrath to smite those sinners who have not repented, but for now, ALL people who repent of their sins and are sorry for them and ask Jesus to forgive them, will be forgiven. (Romans 10:9-10, and 13 )

      Jesus said he is the Way, and the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father except thru Him. John 14:6. So that is why no one can go to heaven except those who love the risen Jesus and confessed to Him. Not Buddhists, not Muslims, not Hindus, not anyone except people who believe Jesus is the Son of God.

      In fact, Christianity is the only religion where God descended to make reconciliation with sinful man. All other religions have a scheme where man can reach God by their works. We are all sinners in our hearts. This is impossible, and it's why they are all a lie. The bible is the Word of God, true in every part. The Q'uran is a lie because it was written by a man without divine revelation. Do you understand?

      I don't want to insult you or make you angry but I am concerned for your eternal soul. I have to tell you the truth about Jesus. There is only one God, the Father of the Resurrected Jesus, and His Holy Spirit. Going through Jesus as the Door is the only way. (John 10:9).

    4. I totally get you - Jesus born of a woman and fully a man because it was through immaculate conception that Jesus was born fully of a woman :P hehe

      You are not insulting me at all Elizabeth, I appreciate you taking the time out to explain the scriptures to me. I have many Muslim friends, in fact Singapore is multi-racial and religions. We practice religious tolerance because it gets too sensitive where we had racial riots in the 60s. Hence we learn to respect the differences. I think I'm probably the only one among my peers who openly would talk about God. A church-goer friend of mine once said that if two persons of diverse background come together for a common purpose, it may have arranged by God for us to learn. In my case was my Muslim friend who has cancer and only when I became his caregiver, I took a keen interest in the Bible and the Qur'an. I was baptized as a Catholic, and attended Catholic schools all the way to a point I thought I might want to be a priest :P Anyway, throughout the later part of 2012 I seek God intensely because being a caregiver, of course I wanted my Muslim friend to get well which he did considering his advanced cancer, I thought he did very well. Im sure the contributing factors like the treatments and the prayers play a part.

      I am concerned for my Muslim friends. As I did more research into the Qu'ran, I am very certain its the same God, hence the Muslims were actually advised to practice discretion from the fact that the Qu'ran took 50 over references from the Bible. Hence some Muslims did figure out that Christ died on the Cross. Honestly I do feel at some point that depending on your culture and background in growing up, you are pretty much influenced by it. I mean if you or I were born a Buddhist or Muslim or Hindu, we may not the same insights as Christians. Having said that, as I was read along, I am also connecting the dots. Christ is the Son of God, otherwise, He won't be coming back in the first place. I did highlight to my Muslim friends and I think only those who religiously studied the Quran knew what I was talking about.

      Please pray for me Elizabeth Prata, btw my name is Eric Christopher Foo Chee Meng... i know. super long name. I do fall into sin but this time I am mindful as things are becoming clearer to me. Please pray for my friends too Elizabeth, perhaps I may have been guided into this path so I get to know God more intimately. I know we all have a role to play in this world, because it is the Gospel truth, we been constantly challenged by those who are not for God.

    5. Eric Christopher Foo Chee Meng,

      Allah - the god of Islam - is NOT the same as the God of the Bible. They have very different descriptions. Allah is a false god.

    6. We OPPOSE "christian groups" when they lie on video to the world and add on their false "prophecies". This now includes Beth Moore. GOOGLE: "New YouTube: Beth Moore's Future Outpouring "Prophecy".....and then purchase no more "lessons" from this false prophetess.

  2. Thank you again for this Elizabeth. I pray eyes will be opened to the truth you have written before they attend any more of these events and these women’s teachings. For the ones who are being wooed to these types of events I pray the Lord will order their steps and they will slow down and give pause for prayer. For the lost I pray that the Holy Spirit will cause such a lack of peace, such a tearing away of worldly joy brought on by these events and bring them to their knees in repentance to what they have sought – the world’s Jesus, not THE Jesus of the Bible. I went through the short clip videos that promoted this “Unwrap the Bible” heretical event. I felt a deep welling grief rise up in me for these young girls, women of all ages exposed to such false teachings. It’s a rock concert with motivational speakers! How dare they use the Holy Bible as one of their stage props. The young woman Kirsten says she identified with another woman who [quote] ‘lost a baby’ [unquote] and then she went on to tell of her own experience of [quote] ‘losing a baby’ [unquote]; that it was [quote] ‘a decision she had to make’ [unquote]. She is talking about abortion. She couldn’t even say the word because that would acknowledge SIN. This young woman went on to say she felt accepted and loved at this ‘women of faith event’. She had gained peace about what she had done. No talk of repentance. She ends with how she can look in the mirror and say ‘I am beautiful. I am worthy.’ She could have got that from Oprah Winfrey. This young woman is the horrific result of such events that claim they are Bible based but only begin and end with twisted and tortured Scripture, a massaging of the emotions looking more like an ‘after school teen TV special’ designed to keep us wallowing in our flesh and never acknowledging utter hopelessness. Unless Kirsten (and many, many more – Matthew 7:13) hears the Gospel message, repents and goes to the One Who will give her what she needs now – eternal life in Jesus Christ - she will perish with an eternal mirror that will show her a hideous image of unrepented sin and forever wail like the rich man in Luke 16:24 crying out for mercy in his torture – worse – in Luke 16:27-28 begging God to warn his loved ones to avoid the hell which he cannot escape from now. Please women, avoid these events and these women’s’ teachings and tell others to do so also if you truly love them. And if my comments cause your feet to run swiftly to evil [Proverbs 6:18] ask yourself why before responding; more importantly ask the Holy Spirit what the truth is because the Holy Spirit will lead you to the real truth John 16:13-14. I know what I am talking about because I kept hearing ‘such were some of you’ while watching and listening to the clips. Praise God for His goodness and longsuffering to draw me out of that pit. Thank you.

    1. Hi Colette,

      Thanks you so much for your prayers and concern for these women, both the false teachers and the women who attend.

      Sometimes retreats can be good, but I was shocked and deeply upset to learn that of the youth Passion conference, parents or other adults or guardians are NOT allowed to accompany their kids. Only the Youth Pastor can go.

      Not that the Unwrap the Bible event has a hard and fast rule about husbands not attending, the majority of the time,they dont' come. Too often husbands allow their wives to go without investigating for themselves what will be taught and who will be doing the teaching.

      Too often, undiscerning women simply see a woman who's labeled as Christian and assume she is doctrinally correct and out for their best interest. Millions and hordes of women are deceived daily by these women bringing these doctrines, some of the doctrines deeply embedded in the candy and hard to spot, and others simply and easily seen for what they are, yet even at that, they don't see.

      Thank you for your compassion and humility. I pray that Jesus returns soon and the true women of faith are rescued from this ever-encroaching tide of heresy. Though the gates of hell will not prevail against Jesus's church, it is so hard to watch women be swept away. It is a time of mourning for me lately, more often than not. Not for myself, I have joy in Jesus, but for them who are saved but easily swayed and making a shipwreck of their faith, or the false ones on the road to apostasy with these women teachers pushing them along.

  3. Thanks Elizabeth. I am glad you could hear my grief. I was literally crying when I saw the clips of those thousands of women knowing there will be millions who will also watch, listen and sadly learn from them. Thank you for the link to the sermon “Danger in the Church”. I am enjoying it thoroughly. I too have joy in Jesus but it is equally matched at times with heavy grief when I read and witness what is going on especially for women and as you say women and young children who are not being protected at such large promoted events. I am shocked to hear that parents/guardians are not allowed to accompany them. I wouldn’t let my child go alone! It is my Christian job to instruct him as God gave me that responsibility. What I hope was clear by my remark ‘feet running swiftly to evil’ I meant that far too many followers of celebrity teachers viciously run quickly to defend their teachings without ever stopping to ask the Lord whether He approves of them. And the Holy Spirit will only use the Word to lead us to Christ through men and women who rightly handle the Word and not peddle it. I was supposed to attend one of these Women of Faith live stream events at our church last year at which I was to give the lunch hour testimony. I didn’t know who these women were on the live stream and who was behind this ‘ministry’. I got my cue when the pastor’s wife told me to edit my experience with the Roman Catholic faith (I included witnessing the recent death of my mother who died desperately clutching this false RC religion complete with clutching rosary beads, surrounded by continually run audio-tapes of the RC prayers to ‘mother mary’, pictures of Pope John Paul II and other RCatholic idol statues)…told to edit it because she didn’t want to see the “women of the R Catholic church offended”. What I was saying about the RC faith was not rude, not aggressive, not accusatory; it was just a heartfelt anguish I experienced while trying to witness one last time to my mother before she died. So when I got that email from the pastor’s wife I a) chose not to attend and b) investigated what Women of Faith was and who the speakers were [2013 live stream] I found that not only was the founder Stephen Arterburn (co-author/editor of the psychologically based “The Life Recovery Bible”) but all of these women were heavily steeped in psychologically based teachings, some of them with a Degree in such. Believers have been warned against hollow and deceptive philosophies that lead us away from depending on Christ. I was thoroughly disheartened asking myself if anyone was biblically protecting women anymore. Jesus said ‘Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth’ John 17:17. This is the only Way we are going to know real joy and real peace. All of this psychology is dangerous which is why I believe these women teach error.

    Dr. John MacArthur has a great sermon series about the “Ministry of the Holy Spirit”. Very well worth time listening.

    Also “The Psychologizing of the Faith” by Bob Hoekstra from Living in Christ Ministries a 2-part sermon series of the larger sermon series ‘Contending for the Faith’.

    We really need to be discerning in this day more than ever. My heart really grieved to view the short clips of the Women of Faith 2014 event because it all “sounds & looks” okay (except the rock concert environment) but it isn’t and oftentimes young women like Kirsten do not realize they have not heard the Gospel Message that would lead to eternal life in Christ Jesus, not a life IN recovery from the old life. Please readers of these blogs, do the heavy lifting of researching the roots of these Bible teachers and teachings. After all we all have to go through that narrow gate singularly not with a group. Matthew 7:13. Thanks again Elizabeth for these blogs. I am thoroughly enjoying and learning from them.

  4. There is no excuse but deception and ignorance which would lead any Christian - let alone a woman - to attend any event at Osteen's church, or to be involved with any event with the involvement of Roma Downey and company, let alone to sit under false teachers like Christine Caine, Beth Moore, et al.

    I expect the cult of Moore will denigrate this article - the only question is how long it will take for one of them to show up!

    1. I agree completely Brother Glenn! It was the last straw for me, and is why I included the label 'heretic' in the title and the definition down below. There is no excuse. She institutes legalism in her teachings, relies on pop psychology, biblicism, and mysticism (a great article here brings that out

      She has visions from God, accepts Catholics as a legitimate Christian denomination, employs Catholic mystical practices into her disciplines and her teaching, and is now joining with obvious heretics. No holy Christian woman would be so undiscerning as to join with Downey and teach from Downey's materials. Therefore I must conclude she is undiscerning because she is not Christian.

    2. I stand corrected Elizabeth, I thought Roma Downey is a Catholic due to her Irish roots?

    3. Hi Cubbawa,

      Mrs Downey says she is Catholic then and now. However there are many mystical practices within Catholicism that are similar to New Age Mysticism and so, there is a lot of crossover. Dreams, voices, appearings, praying to the dead, contemplative prayer, labyrinths, restless ghost-souls in purgatory, etc. It's why Catholics are accepting of Mystical/New Age practices and also of 'Christian' Charismatics who say, believe, and claim to have experienced the same thing. The three segments of these three false religions are at root very much the same.

      When bible believing Christians leave in the rapture, there will be many millions of Catholics, New Age Mystics and Charismatics who will remain behind. They will very likely unite, because in the Tribulation there will end up being one massive religion anyway.

      Mrs Downey has a degree in Spiritual Psychology, and supports all of the above religions AND practices, including psychic John Edwards (with whom she appeared on tv to contact her dead mother), and Eckart Tolle, the New Age man Oprah WInfrey supports.

      As this reviewer of Mrs Downey said, "it’s fascinating to see such a connection that someone has to the world of the occult and then try to present a so called gospel message." You can read more here-

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    My husband and I also saw a preview - as Colette did - of a woman talking about how "loved and accepted" she felt, after she "lost a baby" to abortion. We were both concerned about the lack of the words "sin" and "repentance" in her description of her situation. Sad times we live in.

    Many years ago, I attended a Women of Faith conference. I couldn't stand it. I told my husband I'd never go to one again, it was that bad. They've only become worse since then.

    Never could stand BM. Now, another reason to continue to avoid her.

    May the Lord help all true believing Christian women who need to come out from this deception - to run for the hills and be separate!


  6. Elizabeth, in my fatigue yesterday while reading your blog, I missed one of your points:

    "The venue for this largest bible event in America featuring a lineup of utter heretics is, Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen's Church, a church of heretics led by a heretic."

    These "ministry women"(Moore, Shirer, et al) are having their Downey-inspired conference at Lakewood???????????

    (That explains Glenn's comment above, which also didn't completely register in my mind yesterday...)

    UGGGGGGGGGH! WHAT UTTER DECEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And think of all the foolish Christian leaders who have fallen all over themselves to promote Downey's unbiblical tv/movie projects...........

    There's going to be a reckoning.


    1. Hi Carolyn,

      LOL! I know, sometimes at the end of a long week it takes a while for things to register.

      I know...Lakewood, ugh. I know, why not Moore's old venue, Houston 1st Baptist, or if that's too small, the Convention Center in Houston is one of the ten largest event venues in the US. But no, Lakewood. Heretics of a feather flock together.

    2. Honestly Elizabeth, little surprises me anymore... but I did have to do a double take on that one. LOL! You are so right, the venue choice of Lakewood was not necessary, there are certainly others large enough to hold the expected number of attendees.

      I once heard someone say (regarding heretics) "Birds of a feather, together in the flock..." I like your version too, same idea. :)

      Also, the Lord used your post to vindicate my husband and I, on several things we had discerned within the last few months. Christ has been doing that a lot lately - vindicating our thinking and our discernment in many current matters we are facing.

      Sometimes the Lord uses just His word alone with the Holy Spirit to confirm our thinking. Sometimes He has used articles or blog posts from "formal" ministries (like GTY or Answers In Genesis), but very often, He has helped us through "ordinary" blogs from believers like yourself, Glenn (above), Sunny Shell, Sola Sisters, etc.

      I thank Him for all of you.


  7. Maybe if we had strong leadership qualities in our men, women wouldn't have to stand for the Lord... but I don't see alot of men standing up for Him! I did not see Roma's Bible Series but I have seen the son of God movie and was disgusted by how far from the Word it was. I am not a fan of Joyce Meyer, in fact I do avoid her, but I do like Beth Moore and most of her teachings. I believe she is a true Christian and her heart is in the right place. I'm worried that you may take everything you read about others to heart. I also like the teachings of Francis Chan; how do you feel about him?

    1. Anonymous, I could not agree with you more on the fact that the men need to stand up. They've abdicated their responsibilities in the home and in church, they are allowing their sisters, daughters, wives to make encounters with heretical teachings brought by heretical women.

      I could not disagree more on the comment that Moore is a Christian. No woman (or man) can say the things she does and be a Christian. She receives teachings directly from Jesus? She receives visits from Jesus whereupon, unlike all the other visits in the bible, the men whom Jesus visited fell down, but she doesn't? She introduces Catholic mystical practices to our women, and includes Catholicism as a holy denomination within the church? No.

      I do take what I read from others to heart. But I also test what others write against the word, as I do with Moore. But I think you're speaking of influence, and that comes from the bible. The bible influences me, I test what Moore says against the word, and hold fast to what is good. Moore is not good. The bible is. She is not a qualified leader, and is introducing heresy. You'll see that if you test what she says against the word, too, I'm sure.

  8. how sad our lord will judge all dont take the gospel and make it what u want

  9. I am amazed that you condemn Beth Moore. I listened to her video on Approaching God's Word and was blown away at the truth within that video. People today do not read their Bible enough. Their prayer life is virtually non existent. Keeping Christ as as your savior for redeeming you of your sinfulness is essential. That is what Beth Moore preaches. There is no heresy in that. I encourage the public to test what they hear and see in her videos to see whether it is factual and truly based on the truth of the Bible. This challenge will strengthen them. Having a constant communication with the Lord is essential for one's salvation. We are ALL sinners and constantly need the Lord's forgiveness.

    1. Anonymous: I am amazed that you condemn Beth Moore.
      EP: There is no condemnation in this essay. I don’t condemn, God does that. I compared her teaching to scripture and showed how it failed.

      Anonymous: I listened to her video on Approaching God's Word and was blown away at the truth within that video.
      EP: You need more discernment. If you’re ‘blown away’ by Beth Moore you need better teachers in your life.

      Anonymous: People today do not read their Bible enough. Their prayer life is virtually non existent.
      EP: I agree. But what does that have to do with the essay?

      Anonymous: Keeping Christ as your savior for redeeming you of your sinfulness is essential. That is what Beth Moore preaches.
      EP: ALL false teachers will preach Jesus. If they didn’t you’d know right away they’re false. The question is, does BM preach THIS SAME JESUS? Does she teach the doctrines of the bible correctly, adding or taking away nothing? Does she use scripture rightly? If your only benchmark is whether the teacher teaches Jesus, you’re no better than Eve in the garden, who listened to satan tell about God. That’s why I said above you need better discernment.

      Anonymous: I encourage the public to test what they hear and see in her videos to see whether it is factual and truly based on the truth of the Bible. This challenge will strengthen them.
      EP: Um, that is what has been done here. Just because you don't like the result doesn’t mean you get a re-do, lol.

      Anonymous: Having a constant communication with the Lord is essential for one's salvation. We are ALL sinners and constantly need the Lord's forgiveness.
      EP: I agree, but again, what does that have to do with the actual subject?

  10. I'm coming in on this late... but I wanted to say that I'm a fairly new Christian. I didn't know who Roma Downey is until Son of God came out. Then last spring, her show The Dovekeepers aired on TV and I was pretty horrified. I had to shut it off, because I had no idea that it was borderline pornographic. As a pagan, I used to engage in certain sins and I am still healing and a new Christian... and to come across this was really surprising to me. Also, my mother in law is big into the Women of Faith conference and goes every single year.. so when she invited me this last summer I jumped at the change to go. I will never return again... because the teachings were so new agey and very akin to Joel Osteen and his wife. As I said, I was a pagan... and I know new age when I hear it.. and they barely touched deep into the bible. I'm in a struggle to get completely away from paganism and new age teachings... and I'm healing from that part of my life because it really hurt me. I think people who are trying to avoid things like this and are healing and a new Christian should be warned of venues like this. I wanted to get up and leave, but we had traveled over 300 miles and my mom in law was not about to go... I'm praying for her that she will see the truth... but she really is into these feel good messages that rarely touches into Word.

    1. Thank you for your comment Tabitha. I feel your pain of having a loved one in that situation is hard, and being brought to a conference only to feel stuck there because of the others who brought you- I had that happen too. Keep praying for your Mom!


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