A note to my readers and commenters

Dear Readers,

A few of you have mentioned that there exists an issue of one kind or another regarding the comment form. Some of you have reported struggles with commenting- that the form in different ways inhibits comments, or destroys them, or blocks them, other things that are equally frustrating

I am trying a few different things which will hopefully remove the problems some of you are
experiencing with the comment form. Please bear with me as I try this and that. In the end, if comment issues still exist I will change the template, necessitating a redesign. I mention that because a redesign is shocking and upsetting to some. I'm just letting you know ahead of time as I experiment with the forms and template and widgets. It's important to me that commenting be as easy as possible. This blog is for encouragement and edification and instruction, and my interaction with brethren and your interaction with me is a very important part of building each other up.

On another note, I am working on a blog entry that will be a repository for all the Beth Moore blog essays I've written. They will be all in one place. It will also include links to others' essays such as Tim Challies and Mike Abendroth and Matt Slick who have concerns with her teaching. Once it's done I am going to put a link to the essay containing all BM essays on the right menu and take down all the others. This will free some space on the side menu. If there are links or things you'd like to see on the side menu please let me know.

The changes I've made today on the comment template are: removing the comment verification step, and changing the form from being on the same page as the essay to a pop-up in a separate window. I'm trying the easier and simpler things first. Thanks very much for your patience. If you'd like to correspond, my email is way down on the right menu bar. Thanks again.


  1. OK, so taking off comment verification was a trip. Instead of one spam a day I got 12 spams in the last half hour. So that won't work- real messages will get overlooked in the attempt to hold back the flood, I'm sure. So I'm putting verification back on.

  2. I like how the comments pop up in a different window. That is helpful.

  3. Hi Elizabeth, good luck with the redesign. I know what an adventure it can be.

    Just so you know--I use Firefox on Ubuntu Linux, and I've never experienced any problems with commenting on your site.

    I'm just wondering if the comment box will always be this small...

  4. I tried taking off the security check from my comments and spam increased exponentially. So I'd NEVER recommend that to anyone!

  5. Aw, here I thought my comment hadn't made the cut, a few weeks ago. You posted the others, though. Funny story: I somehow got administratively blocked from Ray Comfort's facebook page, but I'm okay with it because I'd probably get sucked in to debates or be tempted to read all the comments on every post. I think I got identified as a combatant when confronting a Catholic at one point. It's hardly something to incite me to hold a grudge against Ray, lol. Sometimes things just happen. The internet can be a such nicer place when everyone does their best to be understanding. x]

    1. Hi Hakan Adam, I would have no reason to block you or delete a comment of yours. I'm sorry if one of them disappeared, perhaps it was diverted into the into spam folder or maybe it never showed up on my end...sorry if I missed it. Thank you for being understanding and patient.


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