Prata Potpourri: Music Edition!

Good links for you

Here is a quick shot of good links for you.

These first three (I believe I have shared at least two of them before) are Christian-theologian mom bloggers. To the reader who pointed me to Lori Sealy, thank you!!! That was a pure God-send!

--Lori Sealy, married mom of two, she and one of her children are autistic. She blogs about life, Christianity, and more. A View from the Sycamore Tree.

--And Aimee Byrd, Housewife Theologian, a wonderful writer, on the radio with Todd Pruitt and Carl Trueman at Mortification of Spin.

--Finally, Sunny Shell, a tremendously grace filled married mom of two adult children, at Abandoned To Christ.

I love Erin Benziger's stuff, at Do Not be Surprised

Stand To Reason, ALWAYS has great food for thought and links to out of the way but important news and items that are always interesting! I love their About page, "Stand to Reason trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values in the public square." Fantastic!

I loved this essay about why we pray for revival, by good old Jonathan Edwards. He lists several reasons in clear language. So important for today's world as much as it was for him in the 1700s.
Jonathan Edwards on Corporate Prayer for Revival

Credible updates on the Middle East. Key word, credible. In the face of so much propaganda, wild-eyed speculation, and pure wacky fringe stuff, Joel Rosenberg is a breath of sane fresh air.

Sean Osborne is a career US military man who writes on current news in relation to Eschatology Today  His military knowledge and perspective is much appreciated.

Al Mohler always has a good thing or two to say, and brilliantly too.