Jesus will never leave you or forsake you

John F. MacArthur
Our Lord is so faithful. I am often astounded with knowing the great thread of faith that runs through the centuries, unbroken, in men God has raised up. He never leaves us or forsakes us. This means personally, Jesus never leaves us. It means He is immanent. He is indwelling us. He raises up good men through whom He perpetuates the faith, to the blessing of the current generation (whichever generation that may be, whether 1st century or 21st century).

Readers of this blog are often treated to quotes from pastor-teacher John MacArthur, or links to his sermons. I think highly of the man, and I think even more highly of our faithful Jesus who raised him up, empowers him in learning the bible, and strengthens him to persevere.

I'd like to offer you some reasons why I feel this way.

A very kind reader sent me a link to a sermon Dr MacArthur delivered at the Believers Chapel in Dallas, Texas on June 29. This was the church eminent S. Lewis Johnson preached at for many years. I love Dr Johnson's sermons too, and readers will know that I've often linked to, where blessedly most of Johnson's sermons can still be heard.

The reader said in his email to me that Dr MacArthur visited Believers Chapel "because S. Lewis Johnson preached here."  MacArthur grew up on Johnson's exposition and has often said that he was was greatly affected by Johnson's theology, exposition, and demeanor.

As Dr MacArthur's sermon opens, he is introduced by someone at the Chapel. He said of MacArthur:

--He has been teaching verse by verse through the New Testament, at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles for 45 years,
--He is the President of Masters Seminary (which he founded),
--He is the President of Masters College (which he founded),
S. Lewis Johnson
--He is the President of Grace To You, where his teaching is aired on the radio over 1000 times a day throughout the English speaking world, in every major population center, on every continent,
--His teaching program airs on the radio nearly 1000 times a day in Spanish, in 23 countries from Europe to Latin America,
--He has written over 400 books,
--He preaches at his home church weekly,
--The cornerstone of his works is the MacArthur study bible, which has been translated into 9 languages,
--But the main work has been as husband, father, and grandfather, because he truly lives as he preaches.

I offer double honor to this man and his family, because it is surely a blessing to be able to access such stellar exposition, and to be witness to a federal headship in a home filled with Christ's love. (1 Timothy 5:17).

I offer all praise and glory to our Christ, who said He will never leave  us or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6, Hebrews 13:5).

In raising up men to edcucate us, shepherd us, and love us, this is one of the ways Jesus never leaves us.

How about your pastor, your teachers, your deacons? God has raised them up too. Tirelessly they toil in love for you and under submission to Jesus, who called them to a difficult ministry. When you see those good men of the church, see Jesus in them, and realize you are not alone, you are loved and cared for by them. Jesus has not forsaken you.


  1. Pastor MacArthur is hands down my favorite Bible teacher! I discovered him about three years ago and it is very gratifying to see him quoted here as he often is. I thank God every day for our teachers and pastors who rightly divide His Word!

  2. Excellent article Elizabeth, thank you. I have saved the link to Dr. S. Lewis Johnson's sermons which you kindly provided as he has been one of my favorite preachers for years.

  3. You're welcome, Elizabeth, for the Johnson sermon. The chief concern for believers is that we bring glory to God; and by doing that, we further His gospel, and that we testify of His grace. We are here on earth to do his bidding by sharing the gospel of Christ to unbelievers, then it's up to God's grace to save that unbeliever.


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