Friday, August 29, 2014

Loving the unlovable

Love the weird, the crazy, the tactless, the ones who move through the world differently than you do, AKA the unlovable in your church!

I'm one of the weird ones, so I'm grateful for this verse ;)


  1. Welcome to the Weird and Wacky Club, Elizabeth. I'm the CEO.

  2. If we were only to love the "lovable" in the church, we would have absolutely no friends, and moreover, we could not even love ourselves. **No one** in the church is lovable. :) It's just that some are better at veiling their oddities than others. :)

    Sometimes we are tempted to think everyone else has got it together more than we do. Or, perhaps at times we are tempted to think we have it all figured out, and the other poor saps do not. Either way, we are wrong. :)

    I see our (church collectively) testimony here on earth in this matter - loving the unlovable - to be an extremely important part of our witness to unbelievers. I also see it to be one of our largest failures.


  3. I'm very introverted in an extroverted society plus an HSP (highly sensitive person) on top of that, and being in my 60's, finding other people who move through this world differently is like a fresh breath of air. Church, along with other social gatherings larger than a handful of people, is hard on the best of days since introverts are required to adapt to our prevailing society and loud gatherings are uncomfortable. I just can't imagine what God has for me to do in His Kingdom with my unusual 'skill set'. Love the owl picture---speaks volumes---lol.

  4. I love you Elizabeth and think you're very special in God's eyes and mine. Love you dearly sister.

  5. Weird and Wacky, perhaps. Born again, you bet!

  6. You are beloved. Of that you can be certain.
    Thank you, too, for your blog.


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