Prata Potpourri: Music Edition!

Playing with online photo editors

I remember when the internet becasme available to the masses. We were thrilled with 300 baud. Word processors came along just as I was getting my Master's degree. No more white-ot! No more typewriters! No more carbon paper!

Then digital cameras were invented. Wow! No more running the drug store and waiting around for pictures to be developed!

Adobe products came out, very expensive but necessary if you were running a newspaper. We needed Photoshop, Illustrator, and all the rest. Who needed weekends when you had a three-inch thick manual so you could learn how to use Illustrator! In my case, I hired a tutor, lol. So complicated but so massively cool.

Now there are free online editors to make your photos look cool. At least to my child-like and untrained eyes, they look cool. I just layered with three pictures with this online editor, just to test it out and practice. I never could get the hang of layering in Photoshop but here it only took me a short minute to make these photos massively cool.

I do this because I love to play with my pictures, and also I need photos to illustrate my writing. Searching for just the right photo on Creative Commons is time consuming, especially when I have so many I've taken myself and I know where they are...but are too plain to really have much pizazz. But look:

Pretty neat! The fire photo, is of a moonset behind a tree branch, but I'm often at a loss to depict the fervent fire that will end the world (2 Peter 2:12) and I think this overlay does it.

Anyway, technology is very cool. Recently on Twitter I saw a photo of an old ad from Radio Shack, circa 1978, advertising a sale on record players, video recorders, telephones, tape recorders, computer, all that. And the Tweet said 'all these now fit in your pocket' in one technological marvel. Anyway, technology is amazing and I like my free photo editor.


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