James White on Rick Warren's capitulation to Rome part 2

Here is a great follow up to James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries' concern over Rick Warren's capitulation to Rome part 1. He examines the Judaizers of Galatians and shows that even a minute change in the Gospel of Christ is a total abandonment of that Gospel. The strongest language in the New Testament is spoken against those who pervert the Gospel. Compared to much of today's professing Christianity, the Judaizers look extremely conservative and even almost orthodox, and yet Rome makes the Judaizers look like amateurs in perverting Christ's Gospel.

The video is 14 minutes and White also has good words for how to comment on the situation (hint: not angrily nor arrogantly) and he also expresses a biblical stance on why we should be concerned when we do speak up over these matters.

A commenter on the first video kindly posted this link to this follow up. Thank you.


  1. Isn't this the same video as the other post?

    1. Doh! Yes it is, [chagrin]. Thanks Glenn! I was being too hasty this morning, trying to get it posted before I left for work. Thanks very much.

  2. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for posting these two videos. It´s a good thing that there are stalwart, fearless men of God like Dr. White left to defend the faith.

    I was raised as a Catholic. In Algeria where I was born, we had a saying that French Catholics from Algeria are more catholic than the pope. No wonder, Augustine was bishop at Hippo a roman city not far from the catholic boarding school that I attended for 2 years. I served the mass in Latin every morning as an altar boy. I got into big trouble when I started questioning the teachings and practices of the church.
    Being in an all-boys schools, you can´t even imagine what kind of punishment they inflicted on us when we were barely 7 years old, along with the perversity known to be practiced by men who were supposed to represent Jesus and exemplify his love and grace, especially to the little children whom he loved so much.

    I used to go every year on pilgrimage to important shrines of the Virgin and ascended countless stairs on my bare knees to the top where the cathedral was. The OT forbids the practice of building shrines or temples on high hills because it´s a pagan practice. Buddhists for example go on pilgrimage climbing mountains on their knees to assuage their demon gods.

    My mother was a member of the “Blue Army of the Lady of Fatima” which is a militant arm of the RCC. I read her exclusive membership documents and the vows she signed on her membership card.

    I doubt that Rick Warren is ignorant of what is going on in high places. Dr. White was ironically generous in his use of Christian mercy in giving him the benefit of the doubt.
    To go back on Warren, I was aware of his departure first in 1984 when the Lord opened my eyes to my idolatry of being involved in the New Age and Hindu esoteric and occult teachings and restored me to the sheep fold.

    I asked him for the gift of discernment because I needed it so much to not go astray. This gift is not instinctual, or part of the feminine more developed sense of intuition. It certainly needs to be practiced and developed through our abiding in the vine and obedience to the Lord.

    It is spiritual and Christians better ask for it and use it as an instrument of warfare against the forces of darkness. I believe that besides thinking and acting biblically and being grounded and established in the word, this is one of the sorely lacking gift in the church today which is why we see so much in-fighting, confusion and an open door invitation to false teachings and teachers to come in and tickle ears to a spiritually dying generation. Without the vigilance and alertness of congregations encouraging the ministry of discernment, a lot of churches have found a pseudo-strength in numbers, merging and “sleeping with the enemy”. Read “spiritual adultery”.
    Continued in next comment.

  3. So when I read back in 1984 that Mr. Warren, before being a famous pastor and writer, had discovered a way to increase church membership, red flags went up immediately because the Lord Jesus said specifically in John 12:32 that” if I be lifted up from the earth , I will draw all people unto me”. Paul declared Romans 1:16: For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

    I know how hard it is to try to warn people of the impending disaster that´s about to come and how it can be discouraging at times, especially when we know what the remedy is.

    But we have to encourage each other, using the gifts that the Holy Spirit bestows on us for the benefit of others.

    We won´t have to be wait too long now, so let´s us work while it is light and day, because the day is coming when we will not be able to work any more.

    I have no dream, but I have a sure hope and a faith that is based on the truth and reality that Jesus is the anchor that keeps me from drifting and the Rock on which I can stand firmly when everything else around me is quicksand.

    I hope that the Holy Spirit will continue inspiring you to write, encourage and exhort us.
    NB. Elizabeth Elliot is one of the few women that inspire and encouraged me for a number of years. I was a young child when I read in a French magazine about Nate Saint and Jim Elliot and the Aucas. It really impressed me for the rest of my life.

  4. part 3: Our pope, Rick Warren


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