Add one more good woman teacher to the list: Chapter 3 Ministries

I recently finished a series on rebellious women who claim to be Christians, and the final entry extolled the virtues of many different women's ministries. I presented a list of good women teachers with a synopsis, and said that in my opinion these are profitable for women to follow. There are many teachings among these women's ministries that are currently safe in which to indulge.

Many women despair of finding a female teacher of substance who study the word with care and create solid curricula for us to use in bible study, Sunday School, or personally. Beth Moore is a false teacher. Joyce Meyer is also. Christine Caine,  Bobbie Houston, and many others are false teachers too. Well, thanks to some time spent researching, I shared a list of good female teachers.

Just after I published the list, I became aware of another woman that should definitely be added to the list. I'd like to introduce Sharon Lareau, of Chapter 3 Ministries.

Her web ministry is is aimed at women and is founded on 1 Peter Chapter 3:1-6 & 15. She is married with two children, is a member of a local church along with her husband, and has homeschooled both children from kindergarten to college, over the course of 18 years. Mrs Lareau has health issues that keep her homebound most of the time. She wrote on her "About" page,
In my life as a Christian, I have been led by a desire to minister to Christian wives in the spirit of Titus 2:3-5. I have been blessed with many different opportunities to serve in that way through the years. I have taught classes at our church as a part of Women’s Ministry, I have been involved with different online support and outreach endeavors, and I have sought to fulfill the call of Titus 2:3-5 on a one on one bases.
Her foremost prayer is that the ministry brings glory to God. In addition,
The circle of my ministry expands to all women whether they are married, single, divorced, or widowed. Though I know I am not well equipped to minister to all in some ways, my heart is open to learning. I hope and pray to be an encouragement along the way.
Mrs Lareau ministers to women in matters of Christian marriage, apologetics, and faith. I found her discernment essays regarding Beth Moore to be humble, discerning, and biblically solid. She participated in a BM simulcast in September 2014, and reviewed them. Part 1 of 3 parts is here.

At the website you can expect to find essays on subjects ranging from the Sovereignty of God, analysis of "The Message" bible, marriage & family, discernment and more. Mrs Lareau believes that Christian women are called to the defense of the faith just as much as men. We have no less need to be equipped.

I hope you enjoy her website. I'll add others as I discover them. For every Beth Moore out there, chanting mantras and proclaiming prophecies based on the deceptions of her own mind (Jeremiah 14:14), there are twice as many women in all corners of the United States and in other nations, persevering in the faith, ministering, laboring, loving fellow sisters through Christ.


  1. Appreciated!!

  2. Not forgetting you, Elizabeth, a good teacher who continually share the Word to us with such great dedication. I renewed my faith with the Lord and draw inspiration from your blog article during this end times. JESUS BLESS YOU.


  3. Thanks for the great link! I really enjoyed the assessment of BM. She is effective because she keeps personal emotion out of it. She will be a good resource to point people to who might not listen to reason, otherwise. I think they would be able to recieve what she says because of her tone.

    1. Jennifer, it was helpful and encouraging to read this. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for this, Elizabeth. I really appreciate you adding the links to my review and introducing me to your readers. The response has been wonderful. A good number have come over and visited my site. I am very grateful for that. Thank you for the time you spent visiting my site and spent writing this post.

    I am happy that I came across your site when I was looking into Beth Moore. I came for that purpose, but I have stayed for that and more. I plan on writing a post about your kindness to me, about your site, and to announce that I am adding your site to my Gardiner Gateway page. Thank you again. Peace in Jesus

    1. Hello Ms Sharon,

      You're entirely welcome! It's an encouragement to know grounded, kind, mature sisters like you are out there.

  5. Out of curiosity, do you have anything to opine wrt June Hunt? the first time I heard her mentioned was in a Wretched Podcast (the same one I transcribed in part -- because the segment was soo good) by Todd Friel, and then I found a few booklets in the grocery store by her on Depression and Forgiveness, and then ran into her radio broadcast late at night where I live, when I drive home after working night shift. She seems soundly theological (her booklets are great because they're essentially non-stop Scripture references for every single little thing she says), though I suppose she's not a "teacher" per se, because she's involved more in Christian counseling than in a teaching ministry. I wonder if that's a reason she didn't make your list, perhaps. Just curious what you might know about her. And fyi I'm not "sitting under" spiritual leadership; I've mainly listened for the benefit of evaluating how she applies theology. I even sent the little booklets to my reformed female college friend. :)


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