Monday, February 2, 2015

What Joyce Meyer believes & teaches, what Joel Osteen believes & teaches

On Twitter, A Call for Discernment ‏( @call4discern) posted a few pictorial cheat sheets on what several of the false teachers believes and teaches. I asked permission to post two of them here, What Joyce Meyer believes and teacher,s and what Joel Osteen believes and teaches.

A Call for Discernment's bio blurb states that it "calls for Believers to stand and contend for the Faith. Our ministry is to expose the wolves that have infiltrated the flock."

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A Call 4 Discernment posted; "The teachings of Joel Osteen compared to Scripture. #falseteachers". Click to enlarge

Note: the website at the bottom of Joyce Meyers photo is a redirect to a church in Orlando FL.

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  1. These are obvious, blatant, false lies that should be quickly discerned, and these people should be rejected. But their listeners have itching ears, not ears for the truth. Paul said there will be those false teachers that will creep in "unawares." That leads me to believe that their deception will be far more subtle - mostly truth mixed with a lie. It makes the whole thing poison. I believe Christians should research and be diligent about who they allow to teach them, and check their teachings according to scripture.


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