Thoughts about the judge not crowd, fringe prophecy, use of photos, my friend bronchitis

Here are a few updates and thoughts about the blog.

Last October I got the flu. By November it had left me with bronchitis. I've been struggling with bronchitis ever since. In November I went to the walk-in clinic and got a course of antibiotics, but it did not defeat the bronchitis. By December, the flu season was in full sway and it was impossible to get seen at the local clinics. I tried three times in person, and once I called for a renewal of the antibiotics. No go. Packed.

In January and February it subsided to manageable levels, and I coughed only infrequently, but was still dragging. The daytime work takes it all out of me and at night it's only through the strength of the Holy Spirit that I write and study and complete my personal chores around the house. Last week, I got a cold and it revived the bronchitis totally. Yesterday I coughed non-stop. I am home on a sick day today. Even though the course of drugs in November didn't help, nothing else since has helped either. (Rest, fluids, over the counter remedies, home remedies...) I will likely have to go back to the clinic. I do not like the clinic.

If you notice the photos on the blog, some are labeled "EPrata photo". I have lots of photos and I like to use them. However you may see other photos with no attribution. It is not that I am failing to attribute, but these photos are Creative Common, license-free photos that require no attribution. Here is a snippet of a photo I used earlier and the CC statement:

Here is the terms of use:
Via download provided Images on Pixabay are bound to Creative Commons Deed CC0. To the extent possible under law, uploaders of Pixabay have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to these Images. You are free to adapt and use the Images for commercial purposes without attributing the original author or source. Although absolutely not required, a link back to Pixabay would be nice.
Pixabay is a nice site and I appreciate the donated photos.

I monitor comments and when warranted, I ruthlessly delete. However for the most part, I do try to give people their say and I enjoy that it gives me an opportunity to engage with folks, and to share insight and verses with them and from them. However I am getting impatient with the plethora of comments that incorrectly use the "judge not lest ye be judged" verse from Matthew 7:1.

It seems that it is the go-to response of everyone who wants to criticize. I appreciate criticism, but when a person uses the 'judge not' chestnut, I know they have no biblical understanding of sin, of studying the bible correctly and are simply parroting the one verse they have learned, bless their heart. Most don't even to add the chapter and verse, but simply and out of context say 'judge not' as if that solves everything. It is the religious equivalent in a debate to Godwin's Law.
Godwin's Law (or Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies) is an Internet adage asserting that "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches—​ that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism. ... there is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress. This principle is itself frequently referred to as Godwin's law. (Wikipedia)

We can say the same about "Judge Not". It is the religious Godwin's Law. Let's call it the UnGodly Law.

'UnGodly Law is a new Internet adage asserting that "As an online discussion about sin, especially homosexuality, grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving judgment approaches—​ that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will trot out the misused verse from Matthew 7:1 and say "judge not!". ... there may be a new tradition forming in many newsgroups and other Christian discussion forums (OK, just on this blog) that once such a statement is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the judge not chestnut has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress and will be deleted without mercy or second thought.'

I decided that if anyone uses the 'judge not' verse in the incorrect way from now on it will be a trigger for automatic delete. In the past, I've attempted to reason with the judge not crowd, but their gross lack of understanding is too weighty to overcome in the space allowed in the comment box, and too deep to instruct in the time a life can be lived. So. Delete.

Back when I started the blog 8 years ago, I enjoyed posting some of the more speculative prophetic passages such as Nephilim, or cryptids, or sinkholes, or the changing behavior the animal kingdom is exhibiting, and musing on them in light of contemporary news. The autistic brain excels at seeing patterns, and with the Holy Spirit inside, and the bible to show all of human history, detecting a pattern is made even easier.

I still enjoy seeing today's news, knowing history, and looking back to see where the current news fits in to the past pattern. However I haven't posted about that for a while. Here's why.

-- I don't want to go beyond scripture. I don't think I have done that in the past, but I don't want to even creep off the yellow center line by an inch because the longer I go on in sanctification the less I trust myself,

-- I don't want to cause someone else to stumble,

-- Mainly because it seems that even a mere mention of such things nowadays opens the floodgates. In the last 5 years, people have gotten both stupid and irrational about the scriptures. Not that people weren't before, but like interest that compounds, the stupidity and irrationality has compounded to levels unmanageable by me. Spiritual discernment is at an all-time low (a record which will likely be broken tomorrow) and biblical literacy is at an even all-time lower level. People don't know their bible, they don't quote their bible, they don't use the bible as a basis for discussion, and they go off the deep end into conspiracies at the drop of a hat.

The acceptance of demonic proclamations by Beth Moore and Kim Walker Smith in visions and Sarah Young's declarations in book form attest to this. So does the popularity of Johnathan Cahn's books in 2012 such as The Harbinger and the Mystery of the Shemitah: The 3,000-Year-Old Mystery That Holds the Secret of America's Future, the World's Future, and Your Future!, and John Hagee's  Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change book published a year later.

I mean, come onnn. The hubris of Cahn's proclamation that he knows the future of all persons on earth (who would buy his book) and the world's future 'unlocked' nearly equals satan's when satan promised to unseat God from the throne.

And as bad as Edgar Cayce and Jeanne Dixon were, at least they were more specific in their false prophecies than Hagee, who simply subtitles his book, "something is about to change." Really? I'd never have guessed that. Let me know when it happens.

That people accept these 'Christian' books and visions and attempt to learn from them is saddening. In stepping to the fringe, people nowadays seem to more easily hurl themselves off the edge of solid biblical foundations. They gleefully run toward the latest prophetic fad, and in so doing, give real prophecy a bad name. It makes many people not want to study prophecy and the times, but that is not good either. As my friend and pastor in Maine said,
My brothers and sisters, I urge you in the name of the Lord not to dismiss current events or to become discouraged by them. 
We don't live under a rock. We live in the world, and that means we are living in biblical prophecy because prophecy is always current. World events are important, and when understand the times and we point to the Lord it ignites our fervor for His soon return, which grounds us in our work until He comes.

However today's superficial, nominal, or false Christian doesn't get to the end of the last sentence. They focus on current events as if they are the be-all and end-all of truth. When I try to turn their head to Jesus, the author of these events, they balk. When you try to say that some of these things go beyond scripture and we should be careful, they scream judge not! 'men of Issachar!'

Of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs, and all their kinsmen under their command. (1 Chronicles 12:32)

As the Treasury of Scripture says of the Men of Issachar verse,
understanding of the times That is, as the following words indicate, intelligent men, who understood the signs of the times, well versed in political affairs, and knew what was proper to be done in all the exigencies of human life; and who now perceived that it was both the duty and political interest of Israel to advance David to the throne.

If I may be allowed to paraphrase, we have understanding of the times, That is, as the following words indicate, intelligent men, who understood the signs of the times, well versed in political affairs, and knew what was proper to be done in all the exigencies of human life; and who now perceived that it was both the duty and spiritual interest of the church to advance Jesus on His throne.

I have been remiss. I have not thanked you, the readers, in a while. I do thank you and am energized by you and I do love you. The Holy Spirit fills me with strength and insight and for the sake of the Name I want to share what He does in my mind and heart when I open the bible. That people out there would read and respond and as some of you have said, pray for me, is simply lovely. It is the expression of the Kingdom on earth, the church glorious and invisible, worldwide and intimate. Thank you friends.


  1. What gets me is when folks say (in admiration) 'they never had a bad word to say about anyone!" and I think to myself... hmmm... 'did Jesus ever say a bad word about anyone?' (think: whitewashed sepulchre...)

    Jesus always spoke the truth and He wasn't afraid to openly confront (when applicable to the situation). He didn't hide behind "let's not judge, folks".... when sin needed to be labelled as such He didn't flinch. (and folks like to quote the story of the woman 'taken in the act' as proof that He didn't judge - because He told them 'you that are without sin cast the first stone' - but they leave out the part where He tells her, 'go and sin no more.' Yes He was compassionate, when the situation called for it (and the 'greater' sin He wanted to confront in that situation was their hypocrisy). But He didn't try to make sin acceptable, or make a pretense of hiding sin under the guise of being non-judgmental.

  2. I'm new to the blog, but if you write like this when you're ill, I look forward to reading what you write when you're feeling well! Thank you for this. The abuse of the "judge not" verse is, it seems to me, growing exponentially, and being used to justify every vile and immoral thing under the sun. Honestly, it is one of my pet peeves, having had experience with commenters who use (misuse) this scripture to beat you up, all the while, showing their absolute Biblical ignorance. You are right. They will not listen to correction. Your words were salve for my wounds, and I appreciate your forthrightness.

  3. Elizabeth, you may or may not have done this with bronchitis. But I have used a damp towel with a heating blanket on top of it on my chest. It breaks up the crud trying to get down in your lungs. Now with that said I had bronchitis years ago but I've never used this with bronchitis. However, I did use it with some kind of crud I had this past October that kept trying to get down in my chest and this broke it up. I also took mucinex. Hope you get well soon

  4. Look into Oregano Oil for your bronchitis. Gave a little to my son who had a persistent cough for over a month and it was gone in 2 days. From what I've read, it is stronger and more effective than antibiotics, and it is also antiviral and antifungal. When I was looking up natural remedies during all the Ebola news, it came up as being effective against that, too. It will always be in our "medicine" cabinet here.


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