Nepal's large quake: a tragedy and an opportunity

The large earthquake in Nepal is saddening to the extreme. As of 1:00 today there have been over 27 aftershocks. It is shocking and upsetting to see a headline like "Everest shaken." Our earth's tallest mountain, solid, strong, stalwart against all storms, it is shaken like a toy in a moment of time. Yet we know in the Tribulation, all the mountains will be thrown down.

The sky vanished like a scroll that is being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place. (Revelation 6:14)

O, Nepal, your dead idols cannot help you now! Turn from them and repent to the True and Living God!

And behold, here come riders, horsemen in pairs!” And he answered, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon; and all the carved images of her gods he has shattered to the ground.” (Isaiah 21:9)

This warning given in Isaiah regarding the fall of Babylon was fulfilled in 689BC when Babylon fell to the Assyrians, and again in 539BC to the Persians. Yet there is one fulfillment left, the future when by Revelation 18 Babylon the city, the spiritual Babylon and Economic Babylon all fall at the mighty arm of God. No more idols! No more prayers to dead Vishnus or Ganeshas or Shivas.

Our Lord God is alive. Every single person on earth has a "relationship" with Jesus. Either they are His enemy or they are His friend. The difference is repentance. Have you turned from your sin and appealed to Jesus for forgiveness of sins, acknowledging the resurrected King as the only One who can forgive? He is perfect, holy, and just, and He will demand an account of every life lived.

The tragedy is that with a thousand dead and more to be discovered, hell is receiving many who worshiped the dead gods of Hinduism and not the Living God of all. (81% of Nepal is Hindu, second is 9% Buddhist). May those who are in Nepal and those who are watching Nepal's tragedy unfold, give glory to God in heaven. Is now the time to press for honor and glory to God, with so much death and strife? Yes. Look what happens in the future Tribulation when there is a great quake:

And at that hour there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell. Seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake, and the rest were terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven. (Revelation 11:13)

The God who can shake Mount Everest is the God who holds in His hand life and death of all who dwell on the earth. You can have everlasting life in Him, by repenting and giving Him glory.

I pray that those who are affected repent and understand the might and patience of the True and Holy God. I pray that those who by going there to participate in humanitarian aid bring with them the TRUE Gospel to share with those who are homeless, hurt, and spiritually lost.

Pray for Nepal


  1. There is a relationship to spiritual movement that seems to coincide with earth movement. I had seen one report of a picture of a rescue helicopter through some prayer flags. And now another quake. There was a place off of Japan that the land rose 1000 feet in one day. This is all happening while CERN is active and started around that time. Some think the Abyss may be opened as a result.
    The world wide web was born at CERN.
    Satans advances are linked to technology and the works of men. This CERN has the capacity to be something that brings about irreversible earth changes.

  2. For atleast Jesus's sake, stop this religious one- upmanship and help the people who r affected. Even ur putting Jesus to shame by writing these articles. There's only one religion on this planet earth and tht's HUMANITY and u guys have failed big time in that.

    1. Hi Biraj,

      It is for Jesus's sake we proclaim Him. There is only one religion, or more correctly, one way to heaven

      Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me John 14:6

      You're right when you talk about humanity though. Humanity's religion is SELF, and all people are born sinners. We can't NOT sin, and so we so we worship ourselves. The wrong things we do are against God. We lie, we cheat, we steal, we have premarital sex, we choose a gay lifestyle, we gossip, we are hateful, we murder either a body or we murder someone in our heart...the list goes on of all the things we do in our HUMANITY. Our sins separate us from God.

      We all sin. Romans 3:10 says "no one is righteous, no not one."

      No one who is a sinner who does unrighteous things can go to heaven and be with righteous, holy God. So this is a problem, isn't it?! But God is loving and He sent His Son Jesus to live a perfect life of perfect holiness, shed His blood for us on the cross because the law says

      In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness, (Hebrews 9:22),

      absorb all God's wrath for our sins and then die on the cross. God was pleased with His Son and raised Him up back to life on the third day.

      So now anyone can go to heaven THROUGH Jesus, through HIS righteousness, through HIS holiness. He said

      I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture. John 10:9

      Biraj, you can worship humanity, or you can worship Jesus, and only Jesus, and find peace from your rebellion against God. Ask Him to forgive your sins today. He will.

    2. BirajApril 26, 2015 at 6:04 AM

      "For atleast Jesus's sake, stop this religious one- upmanship and help the people who r affected. Even ur putting Jesus to shame by writing these articles. There's only one religion on this planet earth and tht's HUMANITY and u guys have failed big time in that.."


      All I can say to you Briaj is you are misled on so many levels that to point them ALL out would take an effort I'm not willing to pursue in such a limited space for response.

      But please allow me to point out one. And that is your groundless assertion that Christians do not help those in need when the fact is they give more assistance than all other non-believers combined. So you might want to get your facts straight before you attack those you obviously know nothing about.

      As far as your anger and unbelief are concerned, that simply places you in the majority and your attitude is exactly what God says we are to expect from those who hate Him. You can call it what you want but your post drips with hate and self-righteousness. It is nothing more than a demonstration of your lost and sinful condition and until and unless the Holy Spirit releases you from the prison of your own iniquity, you will remain "dead in spirit" and unable to even understand what a fool you really are!

  3. Hello Biraj,

    The loving thing to do is warn! I have read over the response that Elizabeth has given you, I whole heartily concur with her! We warn everyone, and this includes you. Please
    Also know that any decent person humanly speaking DOES CARE about the sufferings of people - including these dear folks that are the victims of a calamity. There are people worldwide that are helping these people - I feel certain that this includes both our United States government, our private citizens, other world governments and its people too. I surely would hope that if I, and my fellow countrymen were in need - that you too would help us! In regards to your soul my friend - it is heaven or hell -and both are forever! The narrow way to a right relationship with God is through Jesus Christ ALONE. This is mankind’s MOST CRITICAL NEED! You would be very wise to seriously ponder what most of us say on this site! MAY God bless you with HIS TRUTH!

    Rick engaging in love speech in Metro Atlanta, AND for YOU!
    Romans 10:8-13 (Grace To You!)

  4. Jesus said behold i come quickly ... there is no mohammad there is no brahma no vishnu no shiva no rama no sai baba only there is Jesus . Iam an indian and proud to be a follower of Jesus. there is only one name given among men where u must be saved and that name is Yeshua our lord God our mighty Jesus. Alleluia ...

    1. Simple and truth our Lord Jesus Christ our God is The One and Only!!

  5. Well as a fellow believer I should say we are not here to warn people, that's not what the message of Christ is. Christ's message was to renew hope and restore Love to this world. So please kindly refrain from posting things ( which are obviously true) that can be misconstrued as being unsympathetic. I think in this time of great need we should share our love and admiration for Christ through serving the people of Nepal in any way possible including praying for them.

    I completely agree with all of my Christian brothers and sister and what they have professed. It is only through Jesus we are free and saved. But today is not the time to evangelize, today is the time to build the bridge of love and hope. Thank you

    1. Anonyjmous, that is patently ridiculous. Of COURSE we warn people! We warn them they are under God's wrath, of the lake of fire to come, of their unholy ways! Jesus warned, many times. The entire Olivet Discourse is a warning. When we say we are "saved" what are we saved from? Hell. We warn.

      Jesus even gave us warnings. He said his coming will be a surprise, so we must watch. We must not grow weary. We must not lose our first love. We must be hearers and doers of the word. He warned us many times and part of exhorting believers to holy living includes warning also.

      You did not have a problem with the accuracy of my message , you said it was obviously true., You just wanted it watered down, and to put it off until a better time. Yet there is no better time to share the truth.

      This "time of great need' is a perfect time to warn. Their lives are upended, they are in pain, spiritual despair, this is a great time to show them our Jesus who can fill all these gaps. Their Buddha, Shiva, Allah are not helping them. Their temples are destroyed. Their friends are dead and mortality is on the forefront of their mind. We warn of what will happen if they continue to cling to idols, and we share the joy of Christ's message. Warning of hell and sharing His love are not mutually exclusive.

      As for worrying the unsaved will misconstrue things, they cannot discern spiritual things, they always misconstrue. They misconstrue the love of Christ, too. It is when the Holy Spirit applies truth to their mind that they can believe. The truth is the whole truth, wrath and love.

    2. Well, after a lot of praying and soul searching, Ms.Parta, I have to agree with your answer. I think a part of Christ's message was warning. As God always warned his children from time to time about disobeying him. However let me explain my motivations for my post.

      There are cultural differences between the west and the east on how they react in different situations. I tell you this because I have experienced both sides of the world. In my best experience, people in the east react to disasters a little more sensitively, for most of them would live in uninsured houses and many would have completely lost their livelihood. Unlike the west, their properties are usually not insured and they get no compensation or peanuts from a corrupt government. So essentially many of them will be suffering the shock and trauma of such a devastating act of nature. Everyone will be feeling absolutely hopeless. So considering what they have gone through, I felt it was not the time to hold mirrors to faces and question them about their worldviews.

      Rather it is our responsibility as followers of Jesus to shine the light of Christ through helping them cope with the devastation, provide love,food, shelter, financial assistance. What would Jesus do at this situation? Show love and support or use the internet to bash them for their sins. So when mary the sinner was being stoned, did he allow her to be stoned fully and then make her repent ??

      Even though I don't know you..I feel love for you and I feel that God has called you for great purpose. So please pray about the things I have mentioned above and please correct me if I am wrong. Iron sharpens Iron!!

    3. AMEN Elizabeth! I find it almost impossible and ultimately frustrating at how totally deceived the "lost" really are. Especially those who think they are born again but are not. Pablum has replaced meat in today's churches. But that's just a nice way of describing heresy! PREACH THE WORD!

    4. thank you for your reply Anonymous. I appreciate it. I think the best thing to do is turn back to the post, and I will ask you to specifically quote the part that you deem insensitive for people of Asia to bear if they happened to read it.

      Remember, the scriptures transcend cultures. Any culture at any time in history since the canon was completed benefit from ALL scripture (2 Timothy 3:16)

      In the post I urged people to repent, reminded them that their idols would not help them now (something the news has already reported on, the perplexity of those standing in despair before their shattered temples), said that those who worship false gods are in hell now (a perfect time to share this because mortality is on their mind), shared the love of Jesus, and shared scripture from Isaiah and Revelation. I do not see what you call insensitivity. There certainly was no "bashing". If you would quote the part that you feel is insensitive, by copying and pasting, we can move forward in discussion.

      Thanks so much!

  6. TO Abhijit Naha,

    The reason your queries are not published is that I have given the Gospel and scripture both in the article and in the replies. I can give no better reply than that, and I will not allow you to continue to state that Buddha, Allah, or Krishna are equal to Jesus. Look at reply to Biraj at 7:52AM above for the Gospel. This is the everlasting Gospel that will save your soul.

    I will not allow you to insist that Krishna, Allah, and Buddha have anything to offer except dead bones and man-made philosophies. On this page we have discussed man's sin problem and why it keeps us from heaven. Jesus came to live the perfect life that Holy God demands, and Jesus fulfilled Gods law perfectly., THEN He was nailed to a cross, and absorbed all of God's wrath for sin, died, and was raised to life again.

    THAT is why Jesus is the only way to heaven. Krishna is wrong. Has he also lived a perfectly holy life pleasing to God in every respect? Has Krishna also absorbed all of God's wrath for sin? No. Krishna is DEAD. That is why there are NOT many paths to God. Only one path: the path that goes through Jesus, who is alive.

    If you turn from your sins and repent of them to Jesus, He will forgive you. When you claim Jesus as your Lord, He redeems you out of bondage to satan and your sins, and puts on a robe of righteousness on you. You will be allowed to enter heaven. Krishna is not in heaven, but you can be. Repent to the ONLY God there is, Jesus.

  7. The first thing that crossed my mind when I heard of this terrible earthquake is what is there? Is there a temple or idolatry? When I found out it only confirmed my initial thoughts but my heart hurt for those people. God's heart hurts for all that are away from him. Christians, with the love of Jesus Christ inside them will help. We will provide for their physical needs, which will give the Holy Spirit a platform to open their eyes to the truth.

    This always seems to happen in big magnitudes in areas where there is voodoo or some from of idolatry or paganism. But what after these natural disasters happen?

    The Light of the Lord through charitable acts shine brightly into the lives of the suffering and hurt people. Through these events our loving God gives a platform for his word, his truth be shared. God is a loving God, a merciful God, and he does not want to lose one soul.

    It is my prayer that the souls left will hear the truth and turn to the one true God of the universe: The Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

    This is only the beginning of the warnings that God will send to the world. Christians hearts are stirring worldwide, the Spirit within is feeling the nudge to ramp up on the ministry of Jesus Christ. God is pressing on the hearts of lost sheep through events like this, and pressing on the hearts of his Shepherds to get more BOLD.

    Right now all we can do is pray that the Holy Spirit will use this as a platform to save eternal lives. God bless those that are suffering. Our love through charitable giving will open hearts to the love and Salvation we have in Jesus.


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  9. Really a great discussion, may the Light of Christ shine on all who have suffered, may they repent and come to Christ

  10. Swamiji Maharaj was directly involved in the grueling earthquake tragedy in Nepal. He donated blood for the earthquake victims and inspired others.


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