"It Matters Who We Share, Pin, and Re-Tweet"

Please check out Michelle Lesley! What I have read so far is sterling stupendous. Here is a taste.

When I see friends posting and re-posting quotes from false teachers, I go into fits of agony. In this essay, she writes about how important it is to be mindful and careful of who we re-post, re-tweet, and otherwise promote on social media. It matters, for five reasons.

It Matters Who We Share, Pin, and Re-Tweet


I find myself wincing a bit when I see people –who I know genuinely love Jesus—sharing, pinning, and re-tweeting quotes from false teachers such as Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes, and Christine Caine, just to name a few. Why? What’s wrong with the encouraging, even biblical, at times, things these people say? ... But, still, the quotes we share and the people who said them matter. Why?

In this post, we learn 7 Godly Responses When Someone Says You’re Following a False Teacher

Or this-

Five Reasons It’s Time to Start Exercising “Moore” Discernment

I'm a sucker for lists.

Jeff Maples at Psalm 12 Outreach posted an excellent essay titled The rise of the feminine Church of Eden. I've written about the "Christian Feminists" before, notably in a three-part essay. I'd compared what these women say to what they do, and to scripture and despite their protestations and Christianese language, they are living a very feminist life. However, Mr Maples takes it from a different perspective, a man's. He urges husbands to step up and provide the obviously missing oversight to their wives so they would not be taken in by false doctrines these feminist teachers and preachers promote. It is a very good article.

The End Time: How the Christian secret feminists are reforming the definition of biblical womanhood. Part 1

No Compromise Radio: Where is Beth Moore's Husband?


  1. YES! to everything in this post!


  2. I feel the same way about being careful what we "share"... all the reasons that were stated, not to mention we advocate the person or site that posted it originally.
    A time or two, if I run across a "thought provoking statement" of sorts on FB, I will save the pic with the message and then edit (crop) out the persons signature or website who posted it. Then I will share it.
    A former Pastor (and friend) of mine once shared a "profound" (sarcasm intended) posting on Facebook by Bethel's Bill Johnson, a cute little motivational quip of a few sentences. I promptly commented on it, something to the effect of "except the guy is a heretic" and my former Pastor not only deleted my comment, but replied, "oh I didn't know...but hey, It was a good message anyway!" He did not remove the posting either. I tried to reason with him about his platform and what that entails...but alas...to no avail. Ugh!! I could not believe it. But I am not surprised anymore, I see this kind of thing all to often now and the movement of the "positivity gospel" is rampant. Lord help us to stand strong with all this junk being spewed and shared and believed. Continuing to thank God for you Elizabeth and others, for standing as watchmen as these times unfold...

  3. Elizabeth,

    Your blog is the only way I have of contacting you unless I've overlooked another avenue. From my replies to your posts, you know that I am a continuationist but this is not of God. Check it out, maybe you can use it in a future post.


    1. Thanks very much! I had seen a photo of the promo for the show, on someone's Facebook but I had not dug into it.

      My email is on the side menu toward the bottom. It is elizabethprata AT gmail DOT com

      I will write about it - but from a staunch cessationist pov ;) Thank you again, very much!!


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