Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taking Back Time-Trailer: "It's Coming"

It's been along day. It's also payday (PTL) ... so that means shopping. Dollar Store, groceries, getting other words, my least favorite word: ERRANDS. Adding insult to injury, after you get home from 8 hours at work and several hours running around, you have to haul the stuff from the car to the house. And the insults keep coming. There's no genie, maid, butler, or Shoemaker appearing to magically put the stuff away. Agh. At the same time are three crying cats sinewing around my legs demanding Friskies Canned Salmon Meal for supper. NOW.

Suffice to say, all I can muster for a blog essay today his this hilarious spoof "PSA" for Daylight Savings Saving Time. Watch. It's funny. Laugh. It's good for the soul.

Taking Back Time Trailer
Important PSA!NZ: September 27AU: October 4UK: October 25US: November 1Video: Nacho Punch
Posted by Timely on Friday, 25 September 2015


  1. It was funny, until it showed the couple on the table. Very inappropriate for a Christian to set his/her eyes on...I stopped the video at that point. Sorry for negative, but truthful, feedback. You may want to reconsider showing this video

    1. So glad you enjoyed it up to that point, Friend.

    2. So the guns and violence are OK with Christians, but natural human behavior is not? Give me a break.

  2. Hi Elizabeth

    Anything with profanity in it is like nails down a chalkboard to me so when I heard Jesus' name taken in vain toward the end, it saddened me. I am guessing you didn't realise it was part of the clip you posted and I wanted to let you know.

  3. So glad you enjoyed it up to that point, Friend.

  4. I too, thought it was hilarious (someone posted it on facebook)...until at the very end where the Lord's name was used as curse. I bristled and removed it from my news feed.


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