Saturday, December 26, 2015

Don't Be "The Isolator" Christian

Contrary to popular current sentiment, from those who condescend about "religion" and "the church" and its "hypocrites," and claim to be able to "do God" on their own, Christianity is not a religion in which one can become isolated. We are part of a body. Christ is its Head. Apart from him we can do nothing.

HT Michelle Lesley
Even me who is Aspergers and believe that a small apartment, independent wealth, a cat, and the internet is all I need, must emerge into the world and be in the world- because God's Word says so! To obey is for God's glory and to proclaim His excellencies. It's so they can be a witness of His Holy Spirit's strength in reducing the sin in me and live a holy life before others. It's so I can be accountable to the members of the Body.

If you think you've heard "a voice" or had "an inner prompting" urging you to forsake assembling, know that you have just been deceived.

Here are some essays to encourage you in the practice of being in the world but not of the world, (John 17:14-15) and not to forsake assembling with the saints. (Hebrews 10:25).

If you have slacked off attending, resolve this New Year to pray for the Spirit to renew your commitment to the Body.

How can believers be in the world, but not of the world?

What does it mean for Christians to be in the world but not of the world?

Warnings Against Unfaithfulness

Can you be a Christian and not go to church?

Why Should I Attend Church?

The Spiritually Lazy Saint


  1. Will you be doing your end of year earthquake update?

    1. Absolutely! I'm working on it. Thanks for remembering. It should be up on Dec 31 around 7pm. Lord Willing

  2. Saw this thought of your blog. What about people fed up with mega-churches?

    1. Hi ret,

      thanks for thinking of me and passing along that link. LOL, I am addressing the question tomorrow in a blog essay I've already written, regarding electronic mediums. Nice timing.

      As for the author's pet theory that the end times began in 1844 because it as the dawn of the electronic is a nice theory but that is all it is.

      The end time began when Jesus ascended and will conclude when He returns. Peter and Paul both taught that they were already in the end time, and they were. Just as we are now. It is the time of the end, the Age of Grace, and the entire two thousand years has seen a rolling fulfillment of the things prophesied, such as wickedness increasing etc (I'm thinking of Paul's list here in 2 Tim 3:1-5).

      As for knowledge increasing, Dr Boice says that phrase from Daniel that the author quoted is from a Hebrew idiom, "going to and fro" or going here and there is an old idiom indicating people rushing around fruitlessly looking for something, in this case, it's knowledge. This same concept is referred to in Amos when that old prophet said people will be enduring a famine of the word, going to the north, the south, the east, and the west seeking a word from the Lord and they won't find it.

      In our day, people search to and fro for knowledge, and they find it (thanks to electronic mediums) but thanks also to electronic mediums there is also great confusion. Doctrinal lies are put forth on these electronic mediums also, and though people search for knowledge, and sometimes find it, they lack understanding.

      I don't see how mega-churches ties in with the essay you linked to. I'm sorry for being clueless there.

  3. I am constantly tempted to not fellowship with the local body. I have always been an introvert, and I am not good at "people skills". I feel a bit isolated at times. My husband claims to be a believer, but I have serious doubts about it, and he does not lead spiritually. Our church is small and, other than Sunday morning, there is really no opportunity during the week for fellowship. Many Sundays I have to make myself get in the car and drive to church, instead of curling up on the sofa with my Bible and my dog. I admit I do it out of obedience to and love for the Lord. Thank you for the reminder, Elizabeth.

    1. You're welcome Jane. I need the reminder myself at times. I'm very excited though- people I"m involved with are planting a new church. We have a pre-first worship prayer meeting Jan 10 and then the first worship is Jan 31. I'm very blessed to have seen the growth of this movement. It's further away than my old church but the excitement of the solid preaching will make up for the drive.


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