SBC President Ronnie Floyd, Featured Speaker at New Apostolic Reformation’s IHOP

My friend Pastor James Bell posted this on Facebook this morning.

IHOP-- not pancakes! BUT... IHOP: International House of Prayer! IHOP HAS BEEN INDEXED AS A CULT by Multiple and Diverse Ministries. THAT FACT makes the following troubling: I read that Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd will be speaking at the IHOP's (International House of Prayer's) OneThing conference December 28-31.

IF FLOYD boldly exposes the serious false teaching of IHOP and of Romanism and calls them to repent-- wonderful.

HOWEVER, he does not, Floyd will be teaming up with a group of charismatic mystics and Roman Catholic praise musician Matt Maher.

For example, Matt leads the "Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament" at Catholic Churches, such as Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Tempe which is devoted to Mary, "the Mother of Life." The "Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament" refers to the worship of the consecrated host of the mass. Because of the supposed power of the Catholic mass to transform bread into the very body and blood of Jesus, the host is "adored" as Christ Himself.

The following is quoted from 'Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry:
There are certainly many different theological distinctives in the Christian church, and many of us do differ. However, we do not go so far as to label each other cults or heretics. On the other hand, IHOP has been labeled dangerous, cultic, false, and heretical by many ministries, former members, apologetic groups, and godly men. In fact, other charismatic Christians have stood up to oppose them as well. A small listing of these groups include:
The Apologetics Index
Apologetics Resource Center
Critical Issues Commentary
Pastor Ernie Gruen (a Charismatic preacher) who was written a manuscript entitled “Documentation of the Aberrant Practices and Teachings of Kansas City Fellowship (Grace Ministries).” Kansas City Fellowship (Grace Ministries) is Mike Bickles former ministry prior to founding IHOP.
Pastor Bill Randles (a Pentecostal preacher) has written a book titled, “Weighed and Found Wanting.”
The Gospel Masquerade is a website created by a former staff member of IHOP.
All these resources are available in the references section. I especially recommend The Gospel Masquerade website, Pastor Gruen’s manuscript, and Pastor Randles’ book.
Conclusion: Though it may seem like a place that is on fire and passionate for God, this is simply not the case. Many of the people that do go there are sincere Christians, but they have been overcome by the lies and experiences they have there. In short, the people I have communicated with ignore the things above and simply hold on to what they have experienced and point the finger at me saying, “You don’t know about us.” 
Unfortunately I do know, and I hope this article persuades or helps you convince someone else who is going down a destructive path. It breaks my heart to see so many young people fall victim to this place and all the people who waste their lives and God-given talents to expand IHOP’s kingdom and not God’s Kingdom.
[2] Randle, Bill. “Weighed and Found Wanting: The Toronto Experience Examined in the Light of the Bible. Cambridge, UK. 1996.
[3] Gruen, Ernie. Documentation of the Aberrant Practices and Teachings of Kansas City Fellowship (Grace Ministries). Shawnee, KS. No date.
[11] The Lockman Foundation. New American Standard Bible. La Habra, CA. 1995.
[12] MacArthur, John. The MacArthur New Testament Commentary: Colossians and Philemon. Chicago, IL. 1992.

Other people/organizations concerned with President Floyd's appearance at IHOP's OneThing convention are:

Michelle Lesley: SBC President Ronnie Floyd, Featured Speaker at New Apostolic Reformation’s IHOP

Lighthouse Trails Letter to the Editor: SBC President Ronnie Floyd to Speak At IHOP “Onething”

Berean Research: Southern Baptist Convention president to speak at IHOP-KC’s “Onething” gathering?

I know many people, pastors even, who are more aligned with and loyal to a denominational affiliation than with Jesus. However as Michelle Lesley says, "As a lifelong Southern Baptist it grieves me to have to report this, but if you’re Southern Baptist, you deserve to know and need to know what the president of your denomination is doing." Personally, I had been proud to belong to a church which affiliates with the SBC but in recent years I have become saddened by the liberal drift, their intolerance for the Doctrines of Grace worse, their disdain for the people who believe in them, and the blatant acceptance of false doctrines and the people who bring them. Now this. I hope and pray that the reason Mr Floyd accepted the invitation is to speak the truth in love to the IHOP participants. Wouldn't that be wonderful!

However if Mr Floyd does not speak the Gospel to the IHOP participants at OneThing Convention, it will be terribly sad. It would mean that even the most conservative denominations err, as this incident shows us. Yet the encouraging thing is that we are SO GRACEFULLY BLESSED to have a Savior to whom we can look, and in whom there is no error, no lie, and no sin! We must keep looking to Jesus, even when favored teachers, pastors, or denominations fall. Jesus is the answer, He is the blessing that was given by God to the world, but the world received Him not. (John 1:10-11).

If you are saved today, saved from an eternity in hell separated from Jesus, then you have the truth and can continue looking to Him to remain solid in your doctrine. The lesson is, even men like Ronnie Floyd who has been a pastor for 38 years in a conservative denomination can drift away, so we must cling to the Rock. (And not make an idol of a denomination, as some have).

Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it. (Hebrews 2:1)

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  1. To the faithful Church,

    I am NOT at all optimistic that Ronnie Floyd is going to IHOP to share doctrinally sound Biblical truth, apparently he has none to share! What a very sad state that the Southern Baptist Convention is in, as well as most of it’s independent churches. These same type of serious deceptions have cut a very large path through MUCH of the visible church abroad (NOT the true and faithful Church kept by the Lord God : > )

    I sincerely hope that all genuine Christians will check out the flowing topics at the links below.
    Disclaimer - I do NOT know every view of the authors at the links blow. I do believe that are spot on concerning the topic at hand.

    Rick : > /
    Metro Atlanta

    PS, SO MUCH is happening SO FAST - surely Jesus is coming for us the redeemed VERY SOON!

    Ronnie Floyd’s Continuing Slide into New Age Dominionism.

    Online Source:

    Excerpt One:
    Ronnie Floyd is no stranger to questionable practices and teachings, and has been exposed for his mishandling of Scripture to teach Robert Morris’ first fruits tithing heresy, as well as ties to a New Age ministry that practices a borderline form of witchcraft, known as prayer circles. He also endorses New Ager Mark Batterson’s book, The Circle Maker, which also promotes an unbiblical form mystical prayer.

    Excerpt Two:
    New Age Roman Catholic, Roma Downey and husband Mark Burnett were also participants in this conference. Downey, who is endorsed by SBC President Ronnie Floyd, has a troubling and growing influence within the Evangelical Church. 


    NOTE - Dr. Ronnie Floyd is mentioned in the article below as well


    Online Source:

    Excerpt One:
    So all of this contemplative sounding language concerning the upcoming PC14, in order to experience “the presence of God” they hope “in a life changing powerful way,” tells us it’s actually the precursor to set the table for this year’s annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.
    There are a number of speakers scheduled for PC14 such as:
    J.D. Greear, lead pastor of The Summit Church, in Raleigh-Durham, NC, Johnny Hunt, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention and senior pastor of First Baptist Church Woodstock, in Woodstock, Georgia.

    Dr. Ronnie Floyd, served as Senior Pastor of Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas for 27+ years, Clayton King, founder & president of Crossroads Ministries, teaching pastor at Perry Noble’s Newspring Church, Campus Pastor at Liberty University,1

    Dr. Tony Evans, senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship for over 36 years and Pricilla Shirer’s dad, and David Platt, senior pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama, author of the book Radical, and appeared in Elephant Room 1.
    As you can see below, the three I pointed out in my title are listed first, likely because they are very well known and influential names within mainstream evangelicalism as a whole:

    Lighthouse Trails Publishing And Research
    Search results for: Ronnie Floyd

    > END <

    Rick : > /
    Metro Atlanta


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