Is doctrine important? Isn't OK just to be a simple believer in Jesus?

I'm listening to the great Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones preach through a series called "Great Biblical Doctrines." I love doctrine. By it, I come to know Christ. Through living it, I manifest a Christlike character. Far from being "head knowledge" only, learning doctrine ignites my heart in love for Christ and to obey Him more fully in all things. One cannot pursue holiness (2 Peter 1:15-16) without knowing what or Whom you pursue.

Dr Lloyd-Jones said way back in 1953 in his sermon as part of the Great Biblical Doctrines series "The Lord Jesus Christ", the following, which is something people say to me and around me all the time:

"I am anxious that I should deal with the case of anybody night be present and whom may think and say, 'Well, I don't have much time to be interested in Doctrine like this. I'm just a simple believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.' My friend, if you take up that position, you're utterly unscriptural. It was because such simple Christians were ready to believe false teachers, and DID believe false teachers, that so many of these Epistles had to be written with their stern warnings against the terrible danger to the soul of believing these wrong teachings and false ideas concerning the Person of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is not enough to say 'I believe in Jesus Christ'. The New Testament asks you a question when you say that. It asks, 'What do you believe about Him? Is He man only or is He God only? Has He come in the flesh or hasn't He? What is the meaning of His death? What did He do?' The New Testament is concerned with definitions. I suggest that there is nothing that is further removed from the teaching of the New Testament itself than to say 'it's all right as long as you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ that it doesn't matter very much what you say about Him in detail.' It is the detail that is the most important and vital to our whole position."

---end Lloyd-Jones.

Please enjoy the series Great Biblical Doctrines here:


  1. Today, experience trumps doctrine. Emotionalism trumps doctrine. Unity trumps doctrine. Love trumps doctrine. But if you don't have the right doctrine, you don't have the right Jesus. Millions, even billions, of people can be wrong. Sheep may be dumb animals, but they are smart enough to know the voice of their shepherd and they do not follow a strange voice. I'm so grateful to my Shepherd who protects me from the wolves. I'm so grateful to be among the few.

  2. Well said, Sheryl: I feel, therefore I am! If you don't have doctrine you end up thinking you are a Christian and can still support monstrosities like abortion and homosexual "marriage". Doctrine and Scripture keep us, literally, on the straight and narrow.


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