Friday, May 20, 2016

Trump or Hill? The Master's Seminary offers biblical advice for Christians in an election quandary

I love America but to be honest, in my lifetime the political process has often failed to produce a candidate for President in whom my vote would not feel like a failure of conscience.

So I've always voted my conscience. I often vote third party or simply write-in. Others have told me that doing so "is a waste of my vote", because "they'll never get elected." But that's lemming thinking. I am not voting numerically, I'm voting the heart, conscience, and issues. I have one vote and I treasure it. I feel that throwing my vote into a numerical pot simply to "go along" is a waste of my vote.

The Master's Seminary published this short video offering a biblical perspective to those Christians struggling with the obvious quandary this year's Presidential Election presents. Here is their lead-in:
It's election season! So how should believers look at the 2016 race? Jesse Johnson, Associate Dean of the Master's Seminary's Washington D.C. location talks about it in this video. Jamie Jackson talks to Jesse Johnson about a Christian perspective on the 2016 US presidential election. How do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton factor into the conversation? How should believers think about the current political landscape?

The video is just four and a half minutes long. I hope its concise but potent advice blesses you and gives you either food for thought or confidence in your own voting decisions.


  1. Thank you for your position, and thank you for the clip.

    I'm encouraged that I've come to have a view where I'm not alone in my application of Biblical theology to politics.

  2. One of my questions is when was the last time a true born again believer ran for the presidency? It seems to me that this election is really no different than past elections in that regard.

    So are we now concerned with the “degree” of how bad a candidate’s behavior has been? The suggestion that Christian voters express their disdain for both candidates by sending in a ballot for some 3rd party candidate as a protest strikes me as not only an exercise in futility but a downright abrogation of our responsibility to cast a vote for the candidate who comes closest to our views.

    And in the case of Trump vs Hillary I don’t see where that is a problem considering what Hillary will do to our country. I do not believe our republic could ever recover from a continuation of Obama and even more liberal policies supported by this woman not to mention the fact she is totally untrustworthy. And perhaps even more importantly is she will be in control of as many as 3 or 4 people who will be nominated for the Supreme Court not to mention the dozen of lifetime appointments of other Federal Judges.

    Now does that mean I think Trump might be better? No, but he cannot be worse! So to me the issue facing us now is whether or not Christians will shoot themselves in the foot while trying to make a point which is destined to go un-noticed and only add to the notion we have lost our ability to recognize reality.

    The place for dissent and the furthering of our beliefs as Christians is not well served by contributing by omission to the process but to take a stand against a candidate we know is dangerous to our Republic without any reasonable doubt.

    1. " No, but he cannot be worse!"


      I encourage you to spend some time on the Steve Deace (friend of Todd Friel) facebook page. You might encounter some Christian positions you haven't heard, which might be beneficial to consider.

      I'm saying this rather than giving you a list of 100 reasons. I think you need to be willing to look for yourself.

      "The place for dissent and the furthering of our beliefs as Christians is not well served by contributing by omission to the process but to take a stand against a candidate we know is dangerous to our Republic without any reasonable doubt."

      I completely agree, and that is why I will vote, but refuse to vote for either Hillary or Trump.

      Would you pick the lesser of two evils between Satan and The Antichrist? No. They are different persons, but with the same agenda. We oppose them at all points, at all costs.

      I'm not saying Trump or Hillary are as bad as they each could be (due to God's common Grace and restraint), but they have crossed the line where they are unequivocally wicked, by any Biblical definition, and we cannot support them with our endorsement.

      Please check the page out and read 50-100 of his posts.


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