Prata Potpourri: Secret Nazi Base, Gay man dislikes Church Discipline action, Star Trek Uniforms, Luther & Reformation Day, more

Our school closes for a few days at the end of October for a mini-Fall Break. We all look forward to this, both the staff and the students. Lots of people take trips. The mountains aren't far and Fall is a great time of year in Georgia to go tuck away in a cabin somewhere. Others go to Disney because it isn't so hot, or the beach, for the same reason. I love Fall in Georgia, it's my favorite time of year. It lasts longer than Fall lasts up north. Its gradual slope into winter leads us to toward holiday season in a gentle way. We can finally turn off the loud air conditioner and start using the oven to bake wonderful things without making the house too hot.

The progression of the seasons is orderly and beautiful. Each season with its distinct colors and meaning is due to the creative mind and power of Christ.

For in Him all things were created, things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities. All things were created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. (Colossians 1:16-17)

Here are a few items I believe may be of interest. Enjoy the day, the season, the Savior :)

This is interesting. Man starts social media campaign over his church dismissal for unrepentant homosexuality. The next big thing I see coming are lawsuits emerging from church discipline. As a side note, please notice in the article where it says the man had repented and lapsed several times prior to his final repudiation of God's standards. Remember, repentance should be viewed as something that happens over time. Fruit takes time to grow. Be patient, either way, to see if what is growing in the heart is an apple or a thorn.

Oh the agonizing pull to check notifications or respond to texts...the overarching need for new stimulation even after a few minutes...Samuel D. James has more in his essay The Phone and His Boy.

A Secret Nazi Base in the Arctic has been discovered? And it's not a wartime myth or clickbait? No, it turns out to be true. Russian researches stumbled onto it and found within over 500 relics, including well-preserved papers. /shudder/ Nazis are still extending their shadowy reach into even this millennium. We will only be removed from the presence and memory of that terrible history when we are resurrected into glory. The UK Independent also has the article and photos.

Death has always troubled the pagan man. Cemeteries have always troubled the aggressive realtor. Decaying biomass has always troubled the zealous environmentalist. Now, these concerns are combined in an unusual proposal for where or how to bury the dead. Is this the future of death?

With Halloween coming, with the inevitable Star Trek costumes abounding, which is as it should be, here is how to read the secret language of the Star Trek uniforms of that most unabating TV show. Which is 50 years old this year by the way. Oy, I suddenly feel old...

The Narrow Minded Woman has a great essay on Luther and Reformation Day.

Ignore the one reference to Rick Warren and enjoy the author's case for quantifying discernment/judgment of each other. The 10 Percent Grace Rule: Judging Without Being Judgmental

I really like this man's writing. He muses on You Get What You Pay For, an essay on shepherding financial resources wisely, Philippians 4:8, the election, and Netflix which is cohesive and concise. Really, the guy has mad writing skills.

Julia at Steak & a Bible said, "Hillsong Music: Popular Yes, but Is it Biblical?"
Hillsong is an enormous church network and through its music, the church reaches far outside of that network. Many churches use Hillsong songs on Sunday mornings. But I wonder how many of them ever stopped to examine the songs for doctrine. That’s precisely what Chris Rosebrough, Steve Kozar and Amy Spreeman did on a recent episode of Fighting for the Faith. Given the popularity of the music I highly recommend listening to it.
I recommend it too!

Dr. Michael J. Kruger, President and Samuel C. Patterson Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, RTS Charlotte answers the question of does the Bible have mistakes? Length, 2:40.

Chris Powers has illustrated another Bible verse with his usual skill, insight, and sensitivity. Take a look,and please take a look at his overall ministry at Full of Eyes. Everything he makes he gives for free for the edification of the body and evangelization of the lost.


  1. Saw the article on that unfortunate church discipline/dismissal situation a while back. Sin is sin according to Scripture. Sad when people try to justify ANY sin.

    Unfortunately, we have seen church discipline mishandled (sometimes grossly) more than we've seen it properly handled. Christians who are genuinely mistreated in these situations usually have no choice but to leave those situations and churches, often times very broken.

    So I am very careful when I see church discipline and authority emphasized in a church, and I am very careful when I see people rejecting church discipline. I take each situation by a case by case basis, like the word says, one should examine everything. There is as much abuse of authority in the church today, unfortunately, as there is people looking to stay unrepentant.

    As far as the technology post (the cell phone and boy link), honestly, I'm so sick of the virtual world. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that I can comment here, and your insights, posts, and interactions with me and others have blessed my life. But it's just not the same as truly knowing you, which I will at some point, likely in heaven, since geography is a very real, and legitimate impediment here on earth. But the author is completely correct. We have lost real connections with people. It's only getting worse.

    Skimmed "10% Grace" and "You Get What You Paid For", both look like they're worth a closer read. Plan to do that later.

    Great picks for this post, Elizabeth.


    1. Thanks Carolyn! What, you didn't scour the Star Trek uniform language? LOL.

      I was surprised and alarmed by the biomass-lights-'in the air' cemetery proposal.

    2. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! True confessions: I was going to make a jab at you about Star Trek, but since I don't know you well enough, I didn't want to offend. But LOL, after your comment, you really have me laughing right now. Alright, I'll say it: I DETEST STAR TREK. LOL! :)

      I almost signed out with "nannoo nannoo" but that was Mork and Mindy, whoops.

      Oh dear.


    3. I attended a Star Trek Convention when I was 14 years old. Love it. As those who don't share the enjoyment of that series might say, perhaps the promised glorification will solve that defect in me!!! Bah ha ha!

    4. Ok, took the time to read the 10% grace article and the "get what you pay for". Both were definitely good finds.

      The biomass cemetery article was really disturbing. No thank you.

      Can't bring myself to click on the Star Trek link. Just can't. LOL! But yes, I have watched more Star Trek than I'd like to admit. Not willingly, for the record... :D


    5. LOL! As always, thank you for reading, Carolyn!!

  2. LOL! You're welcome!



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