Thursday, May 25, 2017

4000 posts!

Dear Reader,

As of yesterday I have published 4000 essays at the End Time. My goal has been to share thoughts on the three general topics of prophecy, discernment, and encouragement. Of late I added Poetry and Visual Exegesis. I've published daily (with only 3 exceptions) since January 2009. It's a privilege to study God's word and then write about it. It's even more of a privilege to have a sister in the faith click on the links to credible ministries that I offer, and become edified as a result.

This is one of my goals - to point to solid ministries led by men so sisters can find good commentaries, sermons, and other material.

Another goal I've had is to provide explanations about prophecy that aren't wacky. It's discouraging when I google prophecy ministries and the search results yield such a plethora of date setting, conspiracy theorist, downright insane websites. Prophecy is important, edifying, and interpretable. I hoped to add to the internet archive of reasonable and thoughtful essays exploring this most delightful and thrilling topic, in a way that honors God and teaches the sisters.

Another goal has been to present discerning essays exploring troubling teachings and the teachers that bring them, without snark or mocking. I hope I've succeeded in this, but sometimes I know I haven't. Please forgive me.

I also seek to encourage. Just speaking of Jesus and His wonderful attributes is a privilege and doing so lifts me up. I hope it does you as well.

4000 essays is quite an accomplishment, and I thank the Holy Spirit for giving me the mental capacity, the physical energy, and the spiritual insight to persevere in this ministry. I've enjoyed it, and I plan to continue, Lord willing. Thank you for reading The End Time. Tune in tomorrow for another essay, #4,002, as we persevere and do not become weary in doing good.


  1. First! (maybe)

    Keep writing. Just visiting to see what you might've written on Bono, since the "he's such a great Christian voice/example" canard came up and I wanted to shed a little discernment.

    1. Hi Adam, Did you find the piece I wrote about U2 and Bono :)

  2. That's fantastic Elizabeth! Yes, please continue as the Lord leads, writing/posting. I'm sure many are blessed/edified/admonished by your blog; I know I am (and my hubby)greatly blessed, as well as most thankful for it!

    1. Thank you so much Heather :) I really appreciate your encouragement.

  3. Wow! Congratulations! God has certainly gifted you as a writer. I've personally enjoyed following your blog, and God willing, will continue to be a reader for a long time to come!

    Regarding the snark, no temptation comes that isn't common to us all. Or, in other words, shall one living in a glass house throw stones? In that, you are amply forgiven!


  4. Congratulations! That represents many hours spent contending for the faith. Job well done!

    I understand how its easy to get upset over "troubling teachings." Its a huge battle to fight. Those teachers delivering false doctrine provide new material daily to correct. That's why discernment is so important, as you regularly point out.

    God bless you and do not grow weary in your good work.

    1. Thank you Sheryl! It is a fine line to traverse, staying positive while looking into the heinous teachings false teachers bring. That's why I diversity the essays into a threefold spheres- discernment, encouragement, and prophecy. If I camped on discernment all the time I'd go nuts. I don't know how Justin Peters and Chris Rosebrough do it. God's grace abounds over them, for sure!


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