Some more Pre-Trib comfort

Once again I'm presenting comfort in the hope of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

At a certain point in earth's history to come, it is promised to us that Jesus will lift His church composed of Christians dead and alive, into heaven to be with Him. Then he will hurl His stored-up wrath upon earth to punish the unbelieving nation Israel, and the sinful Gentile world. Some people say there will be no rapture at all. Others say that it will happen at the end of or in the middle of the time of wrath (AKA the Tribulation, or Time of Jacob's Trouble). Since the rapture is in the Bible, and since it is a single even that is promised to occur, it can't happen both before the Tribulation and at the end. Therefore one of those positions is right and one of them is wrong.

It is correct to interpret that the Bible teaches that the rapture will happen before Jesus begins the last days punishments. Paul taught this in his treatment of the subject in 1 Thessalonians and 1 Corinthians 15:42-57, it's in Revelation, as well as being taught implicitly throughout other books of the Bible.

The event is supposed to be a hope to believers, and an encouragement, said Paul in 1 Thessalonians 4:18. When you look around the dark world with its sin and evil, take hope in the knowledge that Jesus has a plan. His plan includes filling a quota for His Church (Romans 11:25). When that occurs, He will remove His Bride from the wrath, because we are not appointed to it. (Revelation 3:10). We will appear before His Bema seat to receive rewards for our service to Him while we were on earth, (2 Corinthians 5:10), and then enjoy the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. (Revelation 19:7–10). Meanwhile on earth, the Tribulation will have begun.

You will hear these things mentioned in the 14-minute video below. Enjoy! Be encouraged!

11 Reasons for a Pre-Tribulation rapture

Reasons for a Pre-Tribulation rapture


  1. This was both comforting and encouraging! Thank you!

    Thank you also for the three resources (video, 2 articles). Of course love how MacA reminds us of the 70 weeks, one of my favorite passages to clarify this issue. Both articles were also good. The second article (from Jesus Plus Nothing) also links to a third article from The Berean Call. It's not a direct link, but one can find the Oct 2003 rapture article by author D. Hunt easily enough just by using the drop down menus).


  2. I read your articles noted elsewhere through this posting regarding Beth Moore (and, concomitantly, Joyce Meyer), and I was reminded, and saddened, at Ms Moore's appearance on James Robison's television program. I'm not certain whether he has sucked her into his false teaching or vice-versa.

    There was a time when Mr. Robison was a strong, bold, and vigorous voice for the Lord Jesus Christ. When I was in college, he came to our city with his preaching ministry. It was at the end if the summer. At the time, I was the summer editor for our school newspaper. Before the meeting, our school's vice president came to address our class one evening, saying that he would appreciate it if we could give some public relations assistance to the James Robison team. We were delighted and thrilled.

    We set out writing news releases and feature articles and getting them out by the dozens.

    Mr. Robison was also invited by our pastor--then of one of the largest Southern Baptist churches in the country--to speak. As I said, Mr. Robison's message was big, bold, and courageous. He even turned and preached a sidebar message directly into the face of our pastor, a man with large ego but sacred message. You could see the irritation in our pastor's face, but James was spot on.

    The nights of Mr. Robison's ministry, our entire class was on hand to provide further assistance and help to the Robison organization.

    So, I was aghast, years later, when James Robison suddenly stopped his large city meetings and retreated into a daily television program with a rather small audience. Then, one night, it came together in his conversation with a guest. The story he told was, that one night someone arose during his preaching to a large city group and some serious, antichrist event took place. When it did, rather than confront the person or deal with the event, he stopped the meeting. There after, his speaking ministry went cold, both in message and scope, and he became, in my view, a confused young man with blather rather than message. It was into that vacuum, that Beth Moore, years later, was able to step in to and get his blessing, apparently. Seems to me that Brother James was confronted by Satan, and he flinched and caved. To the benefit of wolves as Beth Moore.

  3. I find it interesting to study the Rapture and the Jewish wedding rituals that Gentiles know little of, but have significance for understanding how the ceremony reflects truths concerning the Bride of Christ and the marriage supper of the Lamb. Much insight can be gained and it brings future promises more clearly into focus. What a glorious time that is going to be.


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