Ladies, a few more resources; new ones and reminders of established ones

By Elizabeth Prata

Laura and Sue have a blog at I became aware of it when Laura sent me a note through the Contact sheet on this blog. Their latest blog essay recounts a conversation they'd had with Lysa TerKeurst regarding some of Lysa's concerning teachings and behavior. It was well written and sensitive, laced with grace.

These ladies are also concerned with false teachers of women and have other series describing issues with the various ones populating our Christian landscape. They also have written several series on the topics of Counseling/Abuse, Discipleship, Popular Christian Movies, and more.

Michelle Lesley and Amy Spreeman have started a podcast. It is called A Word Fitly Spoken, from the verse from Proverbs 25:11, A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. Their podcast is on various platforms now.

Savannah Rae is a 21-year-old college graduate from our church. She started a blog called Vogue and Valor and writes very well. She recently made a decision to work at Echo in Ft. Myers FL as a way to care for those less fortunate, through her faith in Jesus. I'm so proud of her. I'm proud also of the other young men and women from our church who have made decisions and recently departed as faithful milkweed seeds to spread the Gospel through various organizations and means. When the elders founded the church almost 4 years ago they were prayerful about it being a raising-up-and-sending church, deeply focusing on missions. The Lord has been bountiful in aiding us, His flawed human beings, to accomplish this. May His name be glorified.

Here is a good reminder of some recommended resources that are still strong-

Equipping Eve, podcast by Erin. Latest edition, Episode 96: Faithfulness in the Little Things

The Master's Seminary Church Search finds churches in your area pastored by or founded by TMS grads.

Alistair Begg, sermons at Truth For Life, aimed at practical Christian living.

Samuel D. James is an excellent writer. He posts thought provoking material on Christian life, culture and other topics at his blog, Letter & Liturgy. His, along with curated guest posts, are a worthwhile read. I liked this one from Caleb Wait, who as a young dad going through seminary looking for ways to save time, discovered that "productivity lit" is generally aimed at the unmarried and/or childless audience- but came up with some tips and aids on his own.

Ken Puls Music has a series on Notes & Commentary on Pilgrim's Progress. I love the book Pilgrim's Progress. I need the notes though. Lots of material online offer notes & commentary on this wonderful book. Here is a good series that I enjoyed. Part 1 here.