Prata Potpourri: Angels, Spiritual Warfare, Lake of Fire, Moms, Apostasy, more

By Elizabeth Prata

Included in this edition of Prata Potpourri are some things that either aren't talked about enough (Lake of Fire) or are talked about so much that the wackadoodles have gotten hold of the issue and twisted it beyond all recognition (angels, spiritual warfare). Here are some credible links to these and other topics.

Jim Osman and Justin Peters' video series on Spiritual Warfare is excellent. Here is the 8-part series-
Show 1 of 8: Justin Peters & Jim Osman on the: Doctrine of the Sufficiency of Scripture as it relates to Biblical Spiritual Warfare. Justin Peters interviews Pastor & Author Jim Osman on the subject of Spiritual Warfare and Jim’s book: “Truth or Territory: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare”. Some examples of False Teaching on Spiritual Warfare are briefly discussed as well as some False Teachers are named. These issues will be discussed in greater detail in coming episodes. Jim Osman starts this series off by giving viewers a brief Testimony of how the LORD changed his thinking on this very important subject, then both Justin & Jim introduce viewers to the topic of the Doctrine of the Sufficiency of Scripture which is briefly defined and defended from 2 Timothy 3:16-17 and 2 Peter 1:3-4.
Show 1: Spiritual Warfare & Sufficiency of Scripture
Show 2: Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory
Show 3: Carnal Weapons: Hedges & Hexes
Show 4: Carnal Weapons: Binding & Rebuking
Show 5: Carnal Weapons: Spiritual Mapping
Show 6: Demon Possession & Sanctification
Show 7: Authority & Exorcisms
Show 8: Armor Of God: Spiritual Warfare - Ephesians 6

There have been some high-profile people proclaiming their abandonment of the faith this week. There have subsequently been a lot of response articles of various kinds. Here are two:

What to Do When Professing Christians Leave the Faith: Reflections on Joshua Harris and Perseverance

What in God's Name is Happening in Christianity?

Are you surprised when you come across so-called Christians who claim to be followers of Jesus, but never 'follow' Him into a church? They say that attending church isn't necessary to be a fully devoted Christian? I am. I am actually shocked when I deal with this among professing Christians. And it's spreading.

Here is Derek Thomas with an essay about Loving the Church, For Better or Worse

What DOES the Bible say about angels, anyway? I love the thought of angels and I study angelology (from credible sources). Here are two credible sources on a teaching about angels you might enjoy.

TableTalk Magazine: What does the Bible say about Angels? First in a series. I love angels and learning about them.

John MacArthur has a series on angels, called God's Invisible Army. Here is part 1
Here is part 2

From Founders, something for Moms. Moms, you have a hard job and often it's lonely. Hope this encourages you- Eight Lies Moms Believe.

From Media Gratiae: The newly released trailer of Puritan. Documentary coming soon, this summer they say!

From Nate Pickowitz, new book. If you're interested in the American Puritans, this is a good one to pick up- John Cotton: Patriarch of New England

From Ligonier: The Final State of the Unbeliever. This will happen. Pray evangelistically and frequently! Romans 10:1 says, Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation.


  1. I am certainly--most certainly--no spiritual giant. I'm on Paul's side: I sin when I don't want to, and my spirit is willing but booooyyyy is my flesh weak. (You should see me when my sports teams are losing.)

    But for me to waste a moment on worrying about when the Josh Harrises of the world renounce their faith, life-teachings, marriages (and by direct implication, their families and, I sometimes wonder, their sexual purity), and other things they have said they hold dear, I hold it simple. I don't.

    I understand and appreciate the advice and counsel of Elder-Pastor Derek J. Brown of Grace Bible Fellowship. No doubt he and many of his denominational peers are struggling with the worries, doubts, and deep turmoil of many of the members of their churches.

    And I appreciate his personal concern for each of us.

    But I struggle enough with myself--my own sin, weaknesses, and my over-concern that we beat those Raiders. I don't think that the Lord intends for me to take on concern for someone else's sin and flesh-driven life when He suffered and struggled so much to deal with mine.

    One last thing: I have often seen in my life, because I am an old, old man, that when people publicly renounce their Christian faith and the stands against they things publicly taught and denounced against, they may well be caught up with, and are guilty of committing those very things. All I am saying is, it wouldn't surprise me.

    We can pray for Josh, but we should not be surprised or discouraged by any horrifying things that may come out of his life's story

  2. Given the bloody history of european christianity isn't it maybe a good idea to use the word 'mistaken' every now and then instead of HERETIC?

    1. No, it isn't a good idea. Mistaken conveys one idea, heretic conveys another. Heretics are real, bring a blot onto the spotless name of Christ, and damage the church.

      I think it IS a good idea though, to carefully use the word heretic, and not fling it around casually because that also damages (in this case, the reputation of the one being called a heretic, if he isn't).


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