This is why we don't EVER eat the meat and spit out the bones

By Elizabeth Prata

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There are two reasons we don't follow the man-made philosophy regarding the word of God and listening to false teachers; i.e. 'eat the meat and spit out the bones'. People who disagree that false teachers should never be tolerated, say that false teachers sometimes teach truth and we should take what is true, i.e. the meat, and spit out the false, or the bones.




Reason #1: In Philippians 4:8-9 we read that we must dwell upon certain things, for one, "Whatever is true." Steven Lawson preached on these verses in his sermon The Battle for the Mind, saying,
That's what your mind needs to be fixed upon. "Whatever is true." This word for true means real, genuine, authentic, that which is reliable, faithful, as distinguished from that which is false, that which is a lie. Do not let your mind be focused upon a distortion of the divine standard, or compromise on which God clearly lays out in his word. Focusing on what us true leads inevitably into true Christianity and results in authentic godliness.
"Whatever is pure." Pure - that which is not mixed with immorality, moral impurities. It refers to that which is uncontaminated with man's depravity, unmixed with filth or adulterated with moral corruption. How pure of a life do you want to live. Marginally pure? If we dwell on that which is impure given enough time, we will live an impure life because we have become impure.
So, the Bible says to stay as pure and true as possible. Choosing to absorb that which is untrue and impure directly contradicts the Philippians verse.

Reason #2 we don't eat the meat and spit out the bones: In our total inability to be holy, with our sin-drenched mind and our constant strong pull toward untruth and impurity, do we really believe we have the sense, strength, and wherewithal to take in a steady diet of lies and remain untainted? Of course we cannot. It's why we needed Jesus to save us, and the Spirit inside us prodding and guiding to holy excellence.

"if there is any excellence"... Don't you want to live a life of moral and spiritual excellence? Then clear your mind so that there is holy fodder to graze upon. You're not eating meat, as Lawson reminded us, you're eating rocks and dirt and grass and trash.

So stop it.

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