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G3 Conference second impressions

By Elizabeth Prata

Day 2 of attending the G3 Conference in Atlanta is over and in the books. It's an aggressive schedule, with sessions back to back, with hymns in between and few breaks. Be ready to drink spiritual nourishment from a fire hose.

I missed out on the Breakout sessions because by the time we arrived the rooms were standing room only. All seats taken. That's OK, I visited with a long-lost friend for the time.

The preaching was superlative. These men are the best of the best in American Reformed circles. Though all the sermons were great, I especially connected today with Joel Beeke's "Puritan View of Worship". Paul Washer's "Foundations of Worship" was one of the best sermons I EVER HEARD. I was not the only person to think so, there was a holy hush from the stunned audience afterward.

I enjoyed talking with all the people I spoke with, hobnobbing about the issues of the day impacting our faith or our denomination, and speaking of God's glories as exalted through the preaching we'd heard and the music we sang here. The G3 Conference is one of the best events I ever attended.

Some photos of the day:

The beaten copper coffee urns stations along the main hallway were beautiful

Close up of the top of the coffee urn, silver eagle,  with a happily coincidental background of moody sky

Main session about to begin

So. Many. Books.


  1. Elizabeth! How encouraging to even read of this conference and all that you experienced. Praise God, the true worshipers will always be found no matter how dark and mucky the landscape of church-dom looks! Praise him for allowing this all to come together. With a line up of speakers like that, I can only imagine how "overwhelmed" one would be. I hope they can make some of the content public soon!!!

    1. Thank you so much!!!! I think it will be a couple of weeks till the videos are up. They are all worth it.

  2. Would it be silly to ask if you could post a link to Paul Washer's "Foundations of Worship" message when it is available? I bookmarked the conference website but am not sure that's where the messages will be posted. Thanks so much for sharing this with you - so very glad you got to go!

    1. Absolutely! I would be delighted to connect anyone at any time with the messages delivered at the conference. The videos are not up yet and only for a limited time were they able to be seen on the livestream. Many people said, myself included, that it was the best sermon we'd ever heard. The impact might be slightly lessened since we were knitted together in a large room live listening as one, but it was powerful and devastating, as Washer usually is when he is passionate about an issue. In this case it was the purity of the church and our worship within it.


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