We made it to Atlanta for the G3

By Elizabeth Prata

We traveled to the G3 conference today. It is my first big conference. About 4000 believers will be in attendance, all here to learn about worship and to glorify God. It's hard to think of what it will be like to sing and pray and learn among such a large group of people who love Christ.

We arrived early enough to check in and retrieve our badges for the conference tomorrow, so we will not have to wait in the long line tomorrow. The drive in to Atlanta was perfectly smooth. Finding the Georgia Convention Center was easy. Checking in was a breeze. We saw Paul Washer talking with a small group of people. Finding the hotel afterward was a 5-minute drive and also smooth. The hotel announced to us that they upgraded us to a suite. It's a beautiful suite, with a living room, kitchen and two beds.

The Lord has been so gracious to me in organizing this trip. I am blessed to be experiencing this with two adorable and intelligent women who love Christ, and meeting up with our pastor and his wife tomorrow. I'm humbly grateful for the opportunity and I can't wait to see how he uses me this weekend and afterward for His glory.

Here are the girlies checking in with their loved ones to say we made it in safely. And giggling.


  1. My daughter and I would love to attend G3, but it's a long drive from New York, and being in the winter you never know how the driving will be. (I don't fly, and neither does my daughter.) I pray you have an encouraging time.

  2. Praying you are blessed by the conference and warm comradarie. Prayers also for safe traveling...... and exciting reports for us, your friends who are with you in spirit!

  3. Hi Ginny, I certainly understand about winter travel. The G3 is the only conference that is within reasonable driving distance. Thankfully the other gal with us has a great car and drove and the weather cooperated. It was encouraging time, thank you!

    Marion, thank you for the prayers, everything went so smoothly.


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