A Morning Filled with Gratitude

By Elizabeth Prata

I'm so grateful the Lord gave me His Son, His faith, His mind, His future, His eternity. I am grateful He knitted together a ministry for me to perform that is deeply satisfying. The past two days have been heavy with mental depth and research and writing and prayer. I'm exhausted, but today I have been deeply fulfilled with the recent work.

I've been forgiven of my sins, I've been washed by His blood, I've been given a hope and a future. I've been given a ministry. Life is so good.

And then this morning I go out to do some errands. Not a lot, just haircut, return library books, bank, and deliver a bag to the food bank ladies. As I drove up the road and saw the wet recent rain laden vegetation, sparkling flowers, green trees against a blue sky, I was grateful all over again. These are scenes I enjoyed this morning as I went on my little jaunt. The Lord is so good to create beauty, lushness, rain, clouds, sky, ...all of it. I hope you have a wonderful day.

I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness;
    I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High.
(Psalm 7:17)


  1. After reading your articles about Beth Moore, I was wondering if you would give your opinion about Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I have concerns about Nancy, but I would not put her in the false teacher camp. One concern was in 2013, she promoted the ridiculous circle praying fad going around then. She not only took part in what was obviously a fad, but a fad of occult origins. She massively lacked discernment in that case. I also was concerned in 2019 when she publicly approved of Jackie Hill Perry's partnership with the Bethel group. But Nancy does hold to orthodox views and from what little I know of her teaching is OK. I guess Michelle Lesley said it best, here, I agree with Michelle's stance on Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth here: I would not recommend, there are other, better teachers out there who display more discernment and have better partnerships-

      "Nancy (Leigh) DeMoss Wolgemuth– Not recommended. There are many good things about Nancy and her ministry, Revive Our Hearts. Nancy’s teaching is generally doctrinally sound, and I would not label her a false teacher. I’ve personally done one of Nancy’s studies and didn’t find any theological problems with it.

      I commend Nancy for stating on her Revive Our Hearts web site that ROH supports the Danvers Statement on biblical manhood and womanhood. Unfortunately, Nancy also believes it is appropriate for women to speak to mixed groups as long as they’re doing so “under the headship of male spiritual authority” and the woman is not in “a position of ongoing responsibility for the spiritual direction of men” (Scripture doesn’t make either of these exceptions).

      ROH recommends multiple studies by both Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer on their resource page and ROH has printed articles by Nancy and others positively referencing both Moore and Shirer (who was a featured speaker at ROH’s True Woman conference in 2012), as well as Lysa TerKeurst/Proverbs 31. There was also concern in 2012 over Nancy’s/ROH’s/True Woman’s use and endorsement of “circle maker” praying. Finally, ROH is an outreach of Life Action Ministries which subscribes to Keswick theology (source, source, source).

      link to Michelle's blurb here: https://michellelesley.com/tag/nancy-demoss-wolgemuth/


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