This is why we don't EVER eat the meat and spit out the bones

Are you ready?


  1. Yes I'm ready for God forgiveness.

    1. Then He is ready for you to repent of your sins. Forgiveness comes after repentance.

  2. Fantastically put. Tons of Bible references from the gospels, letters in the New Testement and some of the Old Testement in the Bible. It might be worth putting a list of them underneath the video so people can look it up themselves. One of the biggest influences to my own repentance and my subsequent faith in Christ Jesus, was reading the gospels in the Bible and checking how historicallly true the accounts were.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Caroline! I like your idea. I'll do it.

  3. Are you ready, are you ready ?
    Are you ready, are you ready ?

    Are you ready to meet Jesus ?
    Are you where you ought to be ?
    Will He know you when He sees you
    Or will He say, "Depart from Me" ?

    Are you ready, hope you're ready
    Am I ready, am I ready ?
    Am I ready, am I ready ?

    Am I ready to lay down my life for the brethren
    And to take up my cross ?
    Have I surrended to the will of God
    Or am I still like the boss ?

    Am I ready, hope I'm ready.

    When the destruction cometh swiftly
    And there's no time to say a fare-thee-well
    Have you decided whether you want to be
    In heaven or in hell ?

    Are you ready, are you ready ?

    Have you got some unfinished business ?
    Is there something holding you back ?
    Are you thinking for yourself
    Or are you following the pack ?

    Are you ready, hope you're ready
    Are you ready ?

    Are you ready for the judgement ?
    Are you ready for that terrible swift sword ?
    Are you ready for Armageddon ?
    Are you ready for the day of the Lord ?

    Are you ready, I hope you're ready ?

    Lyrics by Bob Dylan


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