More on signs in the cosmos

Yesterday I wrote about a mini-asteroid that sneaked up on earth and then incredibly a week later another comet that sneaked up on earth, catching professional astronomers unaware. In that essay was information on another celestial mystery; "Mystery Object Behaves Both Like a Comet and Asteroid." Jesus said there will be signs in the sun and the moon and the stars as part of the notification to earth's inhabitants that the end is near.

Well, on Monday, a meteor streaked through the twilight sky in Maryland-Virginia. "The Tuesday morning mail contained the following report from a reader in Reisterstown, Md. He and his wife spotted a bright meteor to their south after sunset on Monday evening. The crescent moon and planet Jupiter were visible in the southwest." Other reports confrmed that indeed a bright fireball streaked across the sky at sunset.

By Tuesday it had become known that the fireball was a mango-sized meteor. "Crusty fireball space mango wrecks US doctor's office" as the UK Register cleverly phrases the headline. A "mango-sized" meteorite crashed into a doctor's office in Virginia this week at more than 200 mph, according to reports. The space rock smashed through the roof, an internal wall and an upper floor before shattering into several pieces on a concrete slab. Local residents apparently reported a "brilliant fireball" streaking through the sky, prior to the devastating doctor's-surgery strike. Welzenbach says the blazing passage of the rock through the Earth's atmosphere had melted its exterior, giving it a "fusion crust".

Sounds like a high cuisine menu at a fancy restaurant, doesn't it? LOL, meteors have also been spotted in Montreal, and another in Colorado where a similar thing happened as in Virginia, this time the meteor crashed through the roof of a tavern. It took some convincing to the fire department to get them to come out and inspect the hole in the

One scientist said that 90% of the time meteor sightings are not actually meteors, they are misidentified.  He said only 10% of the time are they correctly identified. Additionally, he said, meteor strikes only happen about every ten years. In other words, rarely. This week we had two.

Not for nothing did Jesus tell us to "Look up!"