Mile High halo over Mile High Stadium

Excerpt from the Huffington Post:
"Let's all try to be calm and rational about this. In addition to Tim Tebow throwing 316 yards in the Broncos' upset over the Steelers (Tebow painted Bible verse John 3:16 under his eyes in college) and fans replacing "Tebow" with "Jesus" on their jerseys, apparently a halo-like smoke ring formed over Mile High yesterday after the Broncos scored their first field goal. Mark Neuman-Lee, an attendee of the Steelers/Broncos game and photographer of the "Mile High Halo," tells HuffPost he'd never seen the ring prior to yesterday's NFL upset. Two season pass ticket-holders also told HuffPost the halo seems to be an anomaly."

I don't want to read too much into it.  But I do like that strange clouds are happening and that people are starting to think of God when they do.

In other unusual sky happenings, there have been triple hole punch clouds in South Carolina, where one hole punch cloud is an assured rarity, never mind three.  (Thanks to the anonymous commenter who tipped me off about the halo cloud over Denver.) Two weeks ago there were rare Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds in Alabama. People are still talking about the strange cloud over Moscow two years ago. A few months ago a strange bubble in the sky over Beijing mystified.

Was it a sundog? I remember seeing one last year at school. I took photos and wrote about it here. The scientific name for those are parhelion which from the Greek means next to or near the sun. The Mile High halo wasn't. I'm sure someone will come up with an explanation. Or not. Jesus said, "And there will be strange signs in the sun, moon, and stars" in Luke 21:25 Keep looking up for our Redemption, he said that strange things will be seen in the sky. He also said people who love Him will be hated. (Mt 10:22; John 15:19)

NFL Analysts: Tim Tebow Hated Because of His Faith
"Outspoken Christian athlete Tim Tebow, now the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, has been widely criticized by many in the media. NFL analysts are starting to admit that criticism, in large part, has been because of his faith."

Shame on them, but at least they are starting to admit it. I am positive that if Tebow had gone down to pray to Allah at sunset, the NFL analysts would have complimented him on his faith.


  1. Sure looks like the aftermath of a firework to me!

    We get all sorts of strange clouds along the front range of Colorado. Has to do with the way the wind comes off the mountains - up from the western desert, across the mountians, dip down on to the prairies. The air above the mountains is cold, and it's usually much warmer above the prairies (especially over the cities that line the I-25 corridor). About 18 months ago I sat in the car at the Garden of the Gods and watched tiny clouds form from 'nothing', grow a bit and then wisp away back to nothing - all within just a few minutes. Lived here most of my life and cloud watching is something I learned to love when I was quite small because they are so beautiful and full of shapes against the Colorado Blue sky. Most people don't pay any attention to the sky most of the time.

    I like Tebow, I'm a big Denver Broncos fan for many years. I pray for this young man because he is in such a spot-light. If he makes a "mistake" (falls into blatant sin of some sort), the media is going to have a field day with his faith. I truly believe we as fellow Christians should be holding him up in prayer because he is a prime target of Satan's in these evil days, to drag through the mud and bring dishonor on the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Pray that he will stand firm and continue to be a witness for Christ!

  2. Good guess, Anonymous, it very well could be fireworks aftermath. I agree about the press having a field day if Tebow falls into public sin. Also if the tea starts losing. Unbelievers aren't Spirit filled so they don't understand the bigger picture. But I like the way Tebow's faith is public and unashamed.

  3. Tebow has handled the criticism well. He doesn't flail out and attack all the negative talk and taunts, he just goes out there, plays football and continues the way he did before the ridiculous attention started. He makes the media and just the public in general look bad because they are freaking out about his faith and he's just at peace/content in it and trying to do his best at his job. Shows the deep discomfort our nation has with true, unapologetic Christianity. I've even seen christians criticize his display of faith as being over the top. It's interesting yet sad to see.

    If Tebow falls in a way the public can get a whiff of, it's between him and The Lord and it's all that matters! In the public eye, you are damned if you do, damned if you don't but then again, I think many will know deep down that despite falling, God will still be most important to Tebow. Not winning football or employing the best PR move to improve public opinion.

    Also, if the rapture happens in the next couple of years and he is taken, I think a bulb will go off in many people's heads!

  4. Thanks so much for the comment Debbie. Very thought provoking. If Tebow suddenly disappears you're right, many people will connect that to his faith. He certainly is being salt and light.

  5. None of us are perfect..we are alllll sinners. Past, present and future. Jesus paid the price on the cross to those that know him personally and believe. If you repent of your are forgiven. I am so so happy that we have someone that can reach the unsaved thru a sport. May the Holy Spirit do his work in all of us. I may also add that Ezekiel 38 may be of interest right now to all believers.....with things heating up in IRAN and the possible blockage of the strait of hormuz......we could be on the edge.........May you not be afraid to share Jesus with all that you love and know. God bless!

  6. It was just the aftermath of a firework. This stuff is so overblown its ridiculous.

    In general, on Tebow-mania and the negativity, I will blame the media first and foremost. I am an agnostic football fan who understands and is OK with the level of religion that is displayed by players during football games. One of the only times in my life that I have really been involved in prayer was in pregame warm-ups for football games I played in. Its a scary dangerous sport, and calling on faith for safety and strength just made sense to me. Even if I did not believe it would make a difference, I had no problem with it.

    But with Tebow, the media has chosen to make a very big deal of his faith. Yes, he thanks his savior before every interview, and yes, he points to the heavens and kneels when he does something right--which does seem to indicate that he thinks God had a hand in the Broncos success--but he is hardly alone in doing this. Its the media that makes a huge deal of it. They don't have to keep the camera on him the whole time. Every highlight reel of the games shows 2 plays he completed, and 10 seconds of his prayers. To the parts of America that do not have faith as a big part of their life, who are just wanting to watch a football game, it's over the top. The more its shoved down our throats, the more people have something negative to say about it.

    Now "NFL Analysts are saying that his criticism is in part because of his faith." - I say that's not true. The annoyance is with the overboard media coverage of his faith. I just want to watch sportscenter, watch the guy run and throw. Tebow is last in the league, or in the bottom 20% of almost every relevant statistic--that is why he receives criticism as a player. In regards to his faith, I just wish the cameras would stop spending so much time high lighting it. I don't begrudge Tebow for that, and feel one else should.

  7. I feel that the Government has allowed the end of time 2012'rs to run wild on the internet in order to gloss over what is going on in the USA and around the world. With all the doomsday info being perpetuated on us it takes our focus off the real problems in the world.


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