Blog entries for you: encouraging, fun, or beautiful!

Here are some blog entries I've done over the years, collected and divided into three categories: Encouragement, Kids, and Planet/Science. Have fun!


Encouragement: "Testing the Genuineness of our Faith"

Come Up Here!

Simple Praise Moment

Imagine the Dawn Chorus in Heaven

Will Today Be The Day?

Take Comfort in the Lord

Some Sunday Encouragement

The Bride Awaits her Groom

Lessons from Elijah, you are not alone



Conversations in the New Millennium

The Ghost is Clear

An interesting conversation

The Light is so bright in kids!



Flexahexagon will blow your mind

Highest Wave Surfed, what a rush!

Icy Finger of Death Caught on Camera

Sleeping Hummingbird Snores in Peru

Mururation, breathtaking!

Numerical Grace

Frozen Planet: Amazing Photos