Prata's Place/Graceful garlands 35: Keep On...

Friday Encouragement Interlude

picture mixture

The exclusivity of Jesus

Beth Moore is busy calling down fire

"And they crossed on dry ground...

Jesus, bread of life (Chris Powers animation underway)

Prata's Place/ Graceful Garlands 34: Dithering Decision-makers

Prata Potpourri: Hate watching, Loving our neighbor, Four reasons why, Bible books in 1 word, more

Thursday Picture Mixture: Baby elephant, Maria, Old postcards, beauty

Throwback - Repentance brings blessing

17 minutes of continual sin

Was Achsah's request too bold?

Sipping wine in the place where the grape is grown

Kay Cude poetry: When We Remember

Picture Mixture Saturday: Earth predicted to end this month, APOD, thrift stores, outdoors in fall, more

Prata's Place/Graceful Garlands 33: Permanent Transience

The Isthmus of Life

Picture Mixture Thursday: Polaroid is back, New feature called Crypti-tweet, Prototype movie, more

Why are there so many natural disasters?

In My Seat: a 9/11 Pilot's Story and the Providence of God

Examples of a spineless gospel presentation

Picture Mixture Tuesday: kids' digital footprint, bacon, 9/11, piano, gelato, more