Hal Lindsey tonight: rapture is so close

Mississippi tributaries are flowing backards: officials call it epic flood

Lost city found in Guatemalan rainforest

Ahmadinejad may resign

There's a rift between Iran's President Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollah; rumors swirl that Ahmadinejad will be out soon

It's stormy in the south tonight

Don't be ignorant! said Paul

Is George Soros the enemy?

Origin of Potter's Field

God in a particle, gravity doesn't exist, and the world will end soon: all say ... physicists?

Earthquakes already meet or exceed yearly averages, and it's only April

He lives!

Jesus- where was He after death but before resurrection?

Good Friday

Palestinian State push is a snowball turning into avalanche

The digital agenda for Europe includes a single European payment area. Mark of the beast infrastructure formed now

This is how cool our bible is

Mysterious rumblings unnerve residents

University of Texas Investment Fund defects from paper currency: buys 1B in gold