All Beth Moore critiques here in one place (Long version)

This blog essay is a repository for links to all Beth Moore critiques I have written over the years; and it is a listing of all external Beth Moore critiques I could find that are grace-filled and credible. I think it's helpful to have them all in one place.

I have split the list of Beth Moore critiques into two different essays. There is this one with a lengthy discernment lesson on top before you get to the list. Then there's a short version which is just the list.

Below the discernment lesson is a list of of women-written critiques, below that is a list of man-written critiques. Below that, some general essays about how to spot a false teacher or a heretic.

I also went through and checked all the links, and weeded out the dead links. Please let me know if you come across a dead one. Blogs go dead fast. I added a few links to critiques written in 2017, also.

Scroll to below for the links about Beth Moore. First, an introduction about discernment.


Which one? Ala Bashir "Apple And Shadow"
This blog is about encouragement, discernment, and prophecy. Each essay focuses on one of these with the prayer that through them, God is exalted. No matter how dark the days or how weary the heart, He is the Light and our hope. (1 John 1:5). This hope can be found in each, because,

--it is through scripture we're encouraged,
--it is through His warnings and tactics we avoid being drawn into a snare and become discerning,
--when His future history given through prophecy is fulfilled, He is glorified and we stand in amazement.

As regards the Discernment Department, regular readers know that I have written many essays about false teachers or false doctrines. I name the false teacher. This is biblical.

Matthew 7:1 says "judge not lest ye be judged, "and this is explained here, here, here. It does not mean never to call out a warning about a false teacher of his teaching. After all, we will know them by their fruit. (Matthew 7:16).

To paraphrase John MacArthur's devotional on Matthew 7:1, emphasis mine:
We are never to judge a person’s ministry, teaching, or life—and certainly not his motives—by some self-styled standard... Except as they may be continually teaching false doctrine or following standards that are clearly unscriptural
The word 'continually' is important here. One is not a false teacher and certainly is not a heretic by teaching something erroneously once. The key is patience. If the person seems to be in a habit of teaching wrongly, or is obviously sinking into a pattern of incorrectly dividing the word, or living carnally and without repentance, then it may be said they are false. It takes time for fruit to grow, bad or good.

In each essay focusing on a false teacher or doctrine, I don't just point it out, warn and/or exhort, but I also try to include a lesson on HOW to spot something that is false. It is false if it varies with the truth. This sounds simple, but satan is the most subtle creature in the garden, (Genesis 3:1) and he tricks us six ways to Sunday. He melds truth with lies, and often it takes a sensitive mind trained in discernment (by the Holy Spirit) to untangle where satan's lie begins after God's truth leaves off. Far from God's truth remaining a solitary island in a world full of lies, in describing how the preachers of Reformed theology are succumbing to the pull of the worldly influences, John MacArthur said in an interview by way of example,
"You have some of the most well known preachers of Reformed theology partner up in conferences with some of the people who are the most extreme pragmatists. I mean, this is happening. Who would have thought that John Piper would have Rick Warren at a Desiring God conference? Those two seem like extremely polar opposites."
It is only a matter of time before the tractor-beam of falsity will inexorably pull a teacher into darkness and hearers with him or her. We have to stay strong in doctrine and so save our hearers (1 Timothy 4:16).

False teachers
This is not fruit. It's marzipan. Fooled ya! CC, © Nevit Dilmen

One of the false teachers I've written about the most on this blog is Beth Moore. It is my opinion based on scriptures, research, and prayer that the three most devastating false teachers of the 20th century have been Billy Graham, Rick Warren, and Beth Moore. Certainly there have been other false teachers who have done much damage to the faith (Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer...). There are certainly others who are true men of faith but have taught a devastating doctrine. For example, Henry Blackaby's mysticism opened the door to beliefs in the insufficiency of scripture, and Wayne Grudem's acceptance of modern prophecy did the same.

 But for my own faith walk and in my own heart, it's Moore, Warren and Graham whose teachings seem to torment my soul the most.

As mentioned above, I've watched these three over a period of a decade. One must see a continual patterns before any level of discernment warns us they may not be as solid as one hopes. Discernment divas and discernment popes do damage to the body of believers when they pounce on one thing said once, or harshly shrill the alarm when no wolves are actually near.
One must see a long-term continual pattern before we can be sure
any fruit is good or bad. Photo by Edmont, Creative Commons

I've looked into Mr Graham's life arc based on biographies, writings, interviews, historically recorded video, and newspaper quotes. I've watched almost all of his crusades from the first recorded in 1949 through the late 1980s. Though the seeds of Mr Graham's apostasy were evident to those close to him as far back as the 1930s, it took quite a while for Mr Graham's apostasy to show to the wider Body. It took less time for Moore's to show, but it was still between ten and fifteen years before a pattern emerged in her. The seeds of apostasy always grow, they never die.

In Acts 20:30 we read Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them.

1 Timothy 4:1 it states Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons,

The above verses can apply to anyone, no matter how popular or no matter how seemingly solid. They can apply to the obviously false and the not-so-obvious. They can apply to the popular person with a large following or to the little known person allowing false doctrines to creep into a rural church. They can apply in Paul's day or they can apply today. No teacher is above being scrutinized and no one who is teaching in His name should expect to escape scrutiny, they should welcome it. Paul's teaching was scrutinized and he called that activity noble. (Acts 17:11). If an Apostle who had met and been taught by the risen Christ was not above being tested in his teaching, no one else is, either. Conversely, how much more important is it that we test teachers today, in these latter times when ungodliness abounds.

Beth Moore

As a woman, I've especially offended by Moore. It grieves me deeply that women all around fall under her sway. I attend a Southern Baptist Church in the bible belt and Moore's presence in the form of studies, books, DVDs, retreats, and mentions is nearly inescapable. It's very painful because I know that these women are ingesting poison. I hurt for these women who don't know they are being stalked by a wolf and are being drawn away into unhealthy doctrines. Most importantly, false teaching maligns the spotless Lamb, our Savior, because it presents a false view of Him. It is evil.

Of course, when I mention that Moore teaches things detrimental to our Christian growth, I am looked at as either an alien from another planet of just plain crazy. To many, it is unthinkable that Moore would be preaching aberrant doctrines. She is much too popular, much to embedded, mentions Jesus much too often, to possibly be false. Right?


Popularity is touted by many as the benchmark of truth. The notion is, "All those people who follow her/him can't be wrong." We saw that concept arise so often during John MacArthur's Strange Fire conference, among people seeking to defend the aberrations Strange Fire sought to expose, they said so many million Charismatics can't be wrong. O but they can.

It is the same when some seek to defend Moore. So many woman can't be wrong, can they? Even Christianity Today dubbed her the most popular bible teacher in America. But oh yes, so many followers can be wrong. As a matter of fact, widespread popularity can be an indicator of falseness. The bible says,

"Woe to you, when all people speak well of you, for so their fathers did to the false prophets." (Luke 6:26)
Popularity is no indicator of effectiveness.
Women cheering Obama in Dublin Ireland. CC, Pete Souza

When I first began investigating Moore (2009) it was because I'd been through a few of her studies and I was unsettled. I compared what she said to scripture and it seemed to come up short. It was hard to pinpoint, though, because she taught some good things and some things that seemed to be more speculative. But the plank hanging off the ship wasn't that long and I could see when she taught where she had been and where she was going in the lesson, and it seemed that one foot was still in the bible. Kind of.

Her home life didn't quite add up either. She is incessantly open about her sexual abuse, her mother's cancer, or her daughter's eating disorder, but zealously closed on other subjects, such as the son she adopted, raised for 7 years, and gave back; or giving tours of her office, or even answering questions from a reporter without first vetting them- in writing. Selective transparency isn't transparency at all.

When she was younger, she claimed to be a stay at home mom, but this statement is disingenuous. In just one example of her contradictory statements about her stay-at-home mommy-hood, Moore founded and is President of Living Proof Ministries (LPM). She grew the corporation from its inception in 1994 when Moore's daughters were 7 and 4 to a thirteen million dollar organization today. She has said in interviews that the company ministry grew as her daughters did. That much is obvious, and it didn't happen with Moore being a stay-at-home mom and only traveling on Friday nights as she stated. In another example, in 2003 when her children were 16 and 13 years of age, Moore wrote "When Godly People do Ungodly Things". Moore said in her preface on p xiii that she wrote the book "many miles from home" and "entirely alone" "for several weeks".

As reported here in Charisma Magazine quoting Moore, "When she did have to go out of town, the girls' lives went on "completely normally," yet in looking at her Living Proof schedule and her book tours, in fact her time away from the kids was frequent and lengthy. And if you read the rest of the quote, "because Keith stepped in and took over in her absence", I refer to Ephesians 5:22.

And speaking of that, Moore's husband is the Vice-President, (as seen here, more here) so her claims of being a stay-at-home mom just teachin' a little and writin' bible studies a little is contradictory to Ephesians 5:22. If you're going to choose career like a feminist, then be out there like a feminist. If you're going to choose stay-at-home-mom, then be that. But don't live like a feminist and pretend to be Proverbs 31 woman.

I bring this up because a false teacher's home life, personal behavior, and quoted statements count just as much as the doctrine she teaches. What teachers say and what they do must match biblical standards.

It wasn't long after, perhaps 2010-11 that a few more voices joined the chorus as the plank hanging off the doctrinal ship grew longer and longer as Moore strayed further from solid doctrine.

In 2012 and 2013 she became more bold in her assertions that God spoke directly to her, and more involved with false teachers and events. (Joel Osteen, Louie Giglio). In 2003-04 Moore's LPM donated about $40,000 to Osteen's church for "ministry support". She participated in the Contemplative Spirituality DVD and promoted contemplative Spirituality from the Passion Conference pulpit, even leading ordained men.

In 2 Timothy 3:9 it states that some of the false teachers will be, "having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people."

Beth Moore often says God directly gives her new things to say,
that she has visions, and that a force unparalleled took over
and wrote her book for her while she "sat bug eyed".
These things are not from God.
Worse was to come. Moore now says she has visions and direct encounters with Jesus. She has said that she was lifted into the realm of Jesus in another dimension. She said that she was shown the world through His eyes, and heard God's voice personally. She's claimed to have received personal revelations not in the bible that "Jesus" then told her to teach from. This is Gnosticism, claiming to have obtained secret knowledge directly from deity apart from the open revelation given to all Christians in the bible. In one of the links below Moore even states plainly that what she was receiving from God was a secret, but 'He knows I'm going to tell it.' In effect, she is claiming to be a prophetess and claiming apostolic privileges. But in fact she is a Jezebel-type whom God will deal with. (Rev 2:20)

Moore recently aligned with Catholic mystic Roma Downey of 'The Bible' miniseries to present one of the 'biggest' bible events in America, using scenes from 'The Bible', despite the obvious doctrinal errors in the movie presentation and despite the fact that Downey is yoked to darkness.

Moore's apostasy showed as early as 2003 and perhaps even earlier as she pursued career over biblical motherhood, but in any case by 2014 she has jumped the shark infested waters, fully submerging in falsity. She has swiftly drifted away. In my opinion, in the last year, Moore has definitively and with finality shown that she has gone out from us.
Drifting. EPrata photo

The lesson for us is that we must pay attention lest we drift away. In this essay on the Hebrews 2:1-4 verses, the author writes,

"In this passage is found a warning of the danger of "drifting." The figure suggested is that of a boat drifting along at an almost imperceptible speed, but none the less being carried along in the wrong direction by a subtle current."

Drift Away

The reason for exhortations to stay away from Moore, and to be discerning about all false teaching, is as the author above states in explaining the Hebrews passage, "The second reason for this exhortation is the dignity of the One through whom God has spoken". He is our Savior, our Teacher, our Protector. Therefore, we-

Guard, through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure which has been entrusted to you. (2 Timothy 1:14 NAS)

Everything I said above about Beth Moore is supported with scripture and/or with documents and facts. These are contained in the links I gathered for you.

Here is a list of everything I have written about Moore, and below that, a list of links leading to critiques from women about Moore, and below that, a list of men who have critiqued Moore. Moore is bad for your heart, bad for your mind, and bad for your faith.The bible advises us to "avoid such people".

Critiques by Elizabeth Prata, writer of this blog:

Joyce Meyer's statement saying "I am not a sinner" aside, the more subtle a false teacher, the less likely it will be that one can find just one 'smoking gun' to point to in proving falsity. Therefore, this link is as close as it gets to just one smoking gun.
Examining Beth Moore's statement: the 'Bride is paralyzed by unbelief 

2016: Deconstructing Beth Moore's most popular story: The Hairbrush Story
In this piece I offer a link to a podcast by Chris Rosebrough, who deconstructs Moore's anecdote sentence by sentence, and in which I also offer a discernment lesson and my own insights regarding that story.

2016: Discernment Lesson: Comparing a Beth Moore & Martyn Lloyd Jones teaching on on the same verse
The title says it all. I listened to The Hairbrush Story as noted above, then in order to wash my brain and heart of the falseness of that "lesson", the next day I turned to Martyn Lloyd Jones and as I listened to that eminent preacher's treatment of the verse, began noticing the two treatments of it (MLJ v. Beth Moore) were completely opposite. This essay contains a side-by side comparison of where and how.

2015: Beth Moore's Strangely Disappearing Tweet: A Discernment Lesson

I wrote this series in 2011 after having attended a two day Living Proof Conference.
Beth Moore: Reactions to Living Proof teaching
Reactions Part 1
Reactions Part 2
Reactions Part3a
Reaction Part3b
Reactions Part 4

Investigating Moore's teachings led me to research further. This series was the result:
Troubled by Beth Moore's teaching:
Beth Moore Part 1: Introduction, and Casualness
Beth Moore Part 2: Undignified Teaching
Beth Moore Part 3: Contemplative Prayer
Beth Moore Part 4: Legalism
Beth Moore Part 5: Personal Revelation
Beth Moore Part 6: Eisegesis, Pop Psychology, and Bad Bible Interpretations
Beth Moore Part 7: Conclusion

When I read that Beth Moore said she had received the book directly from God as if a force had taken control of her, it reminded me of previous research I'd done years ago into automatic writing. This series was the result.

Examples of Channeling Christians, like Beth Moore
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: How Walsch, Young, and Moore channeled their books
Part 3: How Walsch, Young, & Moore channeled their books
Conclusion: Why Walsch, Young and Moore channeled their books

Beth Moore's role as a feminist and redefining biblical womanhood for the next generations (Rev 2:20 again)

Secret Christian feminists
How the Christian secret feminists are reforming the definition of biblical womanhood. Part 1 
How the Christian secret feminists are reforming the definition of biblical womanhood. Part 2
How the Christian secret feminists are reforming the definition of biblical womanhood. Part 3

Beth Moore led a "commissioning" for 11,000 women (and men) at Unwrap the Bible conference

Beth Moore defenders said I was being too picky in making charges against the way Moore teaches, fast-talking, casual speaking of God being one of them. But here is an essay showing that such casual speech is actually a breaking of the Third Commandment not to take His name in vain.
The Third Commandment: ways to take God's name in vain you might not have thought of

Taking Beth Moore to task for claiming to have been with Jesus in another dimension and taught new things
Beth Moore says God lifted her into another dimension & showed her the church through Jesus' eyes

2010: This critique of a 2010 clip from LifeToday TV show clearly demonstrates Moore's apostate status. In the clip, Moore describes repeatedly begging God for a manifestation and believing as a result, 'he' sent her a dream involving a dead person, after which Moore went on to personally interpret some future events based on the dream. This is a textbook definition of the abominable practice of necromancy, something God describes on a par with infant sacrifice.
Jude's dreamers and Beth Moore's necromancy

A discernment lesson on how Mrs Moore twists scripture and comparing her exposition to credible teachers' work
Discernment lesson: The Shack and Beth Moore's treatment of Paul. Part 2 

Really, if Revelation 2:20 doesn't speak of Beth Moore's type of prophesying as a Jezebel spirit, then I don't know what does.
Beth Moore: a type of false prophetess of the church at Thyatira? 

Examining how Luke 6 and the curse of popularity is one huge indicator of a false teacher
Discernment lesson: the curse of popularity, Beth Moore, and Billy Graham

Book Review: "Things Pondered," Beth Moore's story of adopting a boy and giving him back

Beth Moore's Heretic Hunting Article and its Fallout


Further Reading, Critiques by Various Women:

Michelle Lesley: (Michelle Lesley Books), August 2014, Five Reasons It’s Time to Start Exercising "Moore" Discernment 

Erin Benziger (Do Not Be Surprised) March 2014, Beth Moore Prophesies a Coming 'Outpouring,' Warns of 'Scoffers'

Erin Benziger (Do Not Be Surprised) Jan. 2014 "Why Beth Moore and Not Me? The Danger of Claiming to Receive Direct Revelation"

1. Sharon Lareau of Chapter 3 Ministries, Beth Moore Simulcast Review Part One: General Observations, 2014

2. Sharon Lareau of Chapter 3 Ministries, Beth Moore Simulcast Review Part Two: Bible Interpretation Issues, 2014

3. Sharon Lareau of Chapter 3 Ministries, Beth Moore Simulcast Review Part Three: Personal Revelation 2014

1. Sharon Lareau of Chapter 3 Ministries, Evaluating Beth Moore’s Upcoming Live Simulcast, 2015 (How to pay attention to the red flags the Spirit raises in us, a good discernment lesson in prep for evaluating Moore's simulcast)

2. Sharon Lareau of Chapter 3 Ministries, Class on Discernment: Living Proof Live Simulcast, 2015

3. Sharon Lareau of Chapter 3 Ministries, 2015 Living Proof Live Simulcast Review Part One

Pam Terrell: Breaking Up With Beth Moore

Book Review by Discerning Reader: Get out of That Pit (the reviewer does not recommend the book)

Sunny Shell: What Do Ann Voskamp, Beth Moore and Sarah Young Have In Common?

Adriane Heins, she is a Lutheran I believe. In this essay she also mentions Joyce Meyer. I appreciated this a lot: "Beth and Joyce want you to feel your theology; Christ assures you of it."
"Friends Don't let Friends Read Beth Moore"

Update: Ms Heins decided to password protect this wonderful essay. I'll keep the link here in case someday she brings her educational and grace-filled essay back to the public.

Update #2: I contacted Ms Heins and she offered the non-password protected version to link to with her permission. Thank you Ms Heins!

The Upward Call's Critique of Beth Moore's "The Patriarchs"

Beth Moore: “Biblicism, Spiritual Warfare, Mysticism and Pop Psychology”

Chapter by Chapter critique of Moore's book "So long, Insecurity"


Further reading, Critiques By Men:

2017: Delivered By Grace (Josh Buice), Why Your Pastor should say "No More to Beth Moore"

2017: Pastor Gabe Hughes of Junction City 1st Baptist: Breaking Down Beth Moore's Comment at Passion 2017

Can you talk about the dangers of popular teachers who are not heretical but say that God talks to them? I am thinking specifically of Beth Moore. What are we to do with people who refuse to see the danger and insist such teachers are OK?

Believers must always listen carefully when any teacher or preacher speaks about the Bible and theology. They must share the nobility of the Berean saints whom Luke commended for double checking Paul’s teaching according to Scripture (cf. Acts 17:1–11). While Beth Moore teaches with accuracy on some points, she also holds positions and teaches doctrines that are both incorrect and dangerous.

Beth Moore promotes contemplative prayer, a mystical practice not found in Scripture which includes elements of eastern mysticism. She chooses not to draw firm doctrinal lines on her website while implying the Roman Catholic Church is a Christian denomination alongside the Methodist, Baptist, and other denominations. Beth also claims that she has received visions from God and sometimes receives revelation from Him in her heart. From these examples we must conclude that the lack of biblical and theological depth in Beth Moore’s teaching renders her a dubious and dangerous source of Bible teaching. 
From Rev. Matt Slick, Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry: A critique of Beth Moore’s teaching here.

Rev. Chris Hull: Lutheran pastor on Beth Moore: "She's a wolf in sheep's clothing trying to destroy my flock" (transcript of linked podcast)

Beth Moore Confronts Young Pastor’s Wife for Criticizing Her Direct, Divine Revelation

Beth Moore's followers don't understand the Gospel, by Jeff Maples

From a man named Dale Wilson at the blog The King's Dale: Beth Moore - False Teacher

Pastor Mike Abendroth, 90-second video: Where is Beth Moore's Husband?
Pastor Mike Abendroth, sermon clip: Beth Moore-a or Sola Scriptura?
Pastor Mike Abendroth 22 minute radio show, answering emails about Beth Moore

Justin Peters: Spiritual Shipwreck of the Word Faith Movement (not solely devoted to critiquing Moore but she is part of the overall sermon lesson)

Chris Rosebrough: 90-min., Line-by-line audio critique of Moore's handling of a lesson on Hebrews 10:35-36, Beth Moore's Dangerous Bible Twisting

I do not agree with a lot of what Mr Wade Burleson has to say. But I include this link because by his own admission he is a fan of Moore and considers her an asset to the Body of Christ, and even he is scratching his head at how Moore treated James 4:10-11 in the study Mercy Triumphs. I especially appreciated his critique of Moore's penchant for making promises about God's intentions, as if she knows at any given moment what God will do in this or that situation, something I mentioned in the Commissioning essay above.
"God Will Kick Your Tail" - A Critique of Beth Moore's Teaching on James 4:10-11 from Mercy Triumphs

From Sharper Iron, it is a very good critique. Highly recommended. Beth Moore: Her John Piper Connection and Her Very Bad Doctrine

Strange Fire Q&A: Beth Moore
This short Q&A addresses Moore's claim of extra-biblical revelation

Of Interest:
Grace To You sermon series:
How to Talk to a Heretic

Biblical stance on why Beth Moore has always been false (or any false teacher) and it didn't just come on suddenly


  1. Great reference source. I will include this link in my next "Random" things post!

  2. But, but, but she's pretty. Darn!


  3. Great analysis. This will be a very helpful tool. Thanks Elizabeth.

  4. I'm surprised you haven't been eviscerated yet in your comments section. Good post, actually, I'm catching up, was out of town for a while...

    Your comment: "It is my opinion based on scriptures, research, and prayer that the three most devastating false teachers of the 20th century have been Billy Graham, Rick Warren, and Beth Moore.... it's Moore, Warren and Graham whose teachings seem to torment my soul the most."

    Yes. Sad thing is many pastors and many saints cannot see this.


    1. Hi C,

      I know, it's weird isn't it?! The funny thing is, despite fury on other blogs when Beth Moore is critiqued, I've fairly been safe from that. The fury has come on blog essays I had no idea would generate such controversy. The three worst have been Jentezen Franklin, and oddly the sideways necklace meaning piece I did, and the recent Assyrian Empire analysis. Go figure.

    2. Hi Elizabeth, C is Carolyn, I've posted here before, was having a very rough morning, so much so I had trouble typing my post, and gave up when I got to my name. Sorry about that. Didn't want you to think I was a different person, I try to be consistent.


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    4. Thanks.... actually Sunday morning was an additionally very rough morning after a really rough two weeks. My husband and I are facing two huge simultaneous satanic attacks right now, sheer evil from the pit of hell. Not from any church situation praise God, but from unbelievers who are hell bent on hurting us.

      You were right in your hunch, it was me. :)


  5. I have read Mr Wade Burleson’s remarks about ‘Mercy Triumphs’ bible study by Beth Moore. I am already dismissing anything he says due to his support of these aberrant teachings in spite of his concern. When does the little bit of leaven become a concern? And in Mrs Moore’s case the contamination is far too great for anyone to diagnose it as just ‘a little’. I took that ‘bible’ study at the last church I attended because I sincerely thought the women would get together and we could study James together. All we did was watch Moore’s one hour DVD for that lesson and we all went home and did our homework. And it is a lot of homework – designed that way to make you think you are actually doing some serious Bible study. You are NOT! The ‘Mercy Triumphs’ study was filled with psychology, self-esteem knowledge, warnings about watching our tongue and not to cut other Christians down, bragging about her grandson, bragging about sitting on her exercise bike while studying, bragging endlessly about her pretentious daughter’s input with her ‘much knowledge’ of the Greek and other studies her daughter took. I would have to listen to the DVDs again [which I won’t!] to find the bragging about her daughter sitting in church with her Greek lexicon while the preacher talks to check to see if he is right. I don’t have the exact quote but when I heard this I thought to myself, ‘why is she not listening to the message being preached?’ If you actually read the input from Melissa and watch her on the DVD you will understand my judgment call ‘pretentious’. It is, well, in a word, merciless!

    I found myself drawing lines through pages…literally pages of some of the ‘Mercy Triumph’ workbook due to an inclusion of some questionable source [mystics mainly] but drudged along in the hopes we could actually talk about the book of James. Didn’t happen.

    So for Mr. Burleson to find only one thing that caused him concern tells me his eyes are not wide open as they should be. A little leaven…

    I DO recommend that readers follow some of the links to Chris Rosebrough’s critique of Beth Moore teachings. He has clips of Moore talking, usually on the James Robison ‘show’, and then shows you in the Bible where the dangerous and erroneous teachings are. For example his critique of Moore’s “Claiming Namaan” series on Robison’s ‘show’ is excellent. You actually see how Moore clearly has NO idea of what she is reading in the Bible and how she tortures and twists God’s Word, reducing it to a pile of rubble. The extremely sad part is that women who are relying on Moore’s teachings to know the Word are getting no Bible study and worse, they are being led astray with the ‘many’ followers of Moore. I can’t even see Moore’s name anymore without my teeth clenching because God's Word is being peddled so wickedly!

    Anyway, that’s my input. Thanks again Elizabeth for a great source that I am recommending others to read.

    1. Hi Colette,

      Thank you for your analysis, and the first-person review of Mercy Triumphs. That's very valuable. I agree about Mr Burleson. What I meant was that if a liberal man who's a fan of Moore can and does have concerns with how Moore teaches, how much MORE will a discerning person in the conservative camp have them?

      I clench my teeth when I see Moore's name, to, especially when a friend on Facebook posts a quote or in real life extols her virtues.

    2. Hi again Elizabeth,

      I do realize why you included Mr. Burleson's critique regarding Beth Moore. I don't want to come off seeming rude here but it just disturbed me to see him encouraging others to take her studies.

      I am particularly troubled that Moore made that big announcement [you have the links above by Erin Benziger from Do Not Be Surprised]. Many women and men and their families are waiting for this huge outpouring that Moore has already drawn up. She has this planned. I see some of the footprints in the Mercy Triumphs lessons. But her caveat to arm her followers against those who will try to pull them out of the fire greatly troubles me. She purposely labelled believers who rightfully handle the Word as scoffers thus giving permission to her followers to ignore the warnings. This is more the action of a cult leader than a Berean who searches the Word and encourages others to do so to see if what is being said is true. Instead Moore has already protected herself and whatever plan she is devising…my guess is the ecumenical kumbaya with the Roman Catholic church…she has protected herself but also has drawn her followers into a very deep pit where they will be shielded even from the Word of God. My anger is nothing compared to the wrath of God being stored up against such false teachings. I just hate that there will be sheep hobbled with deception, confusion, discouragement and time wasted.

  6. I definitely agree that the ton of homework in Beth Moore studies makes you feel like you're really studying Scripture. You're not. If you take a glance through a workbook you will see how chopped up and zig zaggy the lessons are, interspersed with many odd instructions to circle things, etc. After doing a couple of her studies I felt more confused than assured of a richer knowledge of the Word. It fools you into thinking you're really doing some serious study because there is a lot of busy work. My misgivings with little things I noticed Moore saying that led me to start doing some research on her. The multitude of her self-described "groupies" is troubling. One thing in particular that bothers me is that my guess is that the husbands of the groupies don't know who is leading their wives when they go off to their Beth Moore studies. Thanks for clearly written essays.

  7. Do you have the password needed to read "Friends Don't Let Friends Read Beth Moore?" Thanks.

    1. Hi Robin,

      I'm sorry, I don't. l When I posted this essay containing Ms Heins' link, so very recently, the post from Ms Heins was NOT protected. She has for whatever reason, since this posting, put it under protection, though she has chose not to password protect her other blog content. It was an excellent piece, too. I wish I'd downloaded it or quoted it more extensively. Many others online have linked to it as well, including Hope Lutheran Church in Bangor Maine and Concordia Seminary. Oh well.

      Another friend, DebbieLynne Kespert notified me yesterday that many of Beth Moore's more 'controversial' (read: challenged and critiqued) videos have been scrubbed from the internet. They are not unavailable or simply missing.

      This kind of thing is happening more and more frequently, At least with Moore's videos and such, I will take care to download them from now on instead of just link. And then try to figure out how to re-upload on the blogger platform.

    2. Robin, I emailed Ms Heins and asked about the essay. I'll let you know her reply, if she chooses to answer.

  8. My heart breaks as I review your comments. Jesus would not advocate such chatter or harm to another saint. Have you never been mistaken, misled or mixed up? I'm sure Jesus would want you to deal with your concerns one on one & go from there. I recently sat in a class of women who occupied 30 minutes judging a minister instead of delving into the Word, fingers pointing, voices raised, opinions & verses shared. Are you surprised that issues come up, people get sidetracked or sinners keep on sinning? In my 'opinion' such bashing does nothing to promote the kingdom, makes situations worse & breeds distrust. God is pretty able to handle any heretical dogmas that humans can dish up. The thrust of Jesus ministry exemplified obedience, surrender, sacrifice & love. Making disciples is a priority over what i'll call witch hunting. Your concerns would be better served by considering Jesus' instruction (Matthew 18) & going from there. I can only imagine the number of hours spent on researching & writing to promote your concern. I love your passion & probably most of your position on doctrinal truth. I hope we will all be gentle in any needed restoration & see His glory unfold. God is sovereign & really does wish for not one soul to perish. in Him alone, gwen

    1. Paul names names of false teachers so that the body may recognize them, so it will not suffer gangrene and be infected by their false teachings. ll Tim. 2: 15-19.Beth has proven on more than one occasion to teach heresy, visions, mishandling of the word and ecumenilism. Elizabeth is doing her best to warn. Thank you servant of the Lord.

    2. The Bereans were a group that were highly recommended in Scripture, they sought out truth's from The Holy Scriptures and compared it to the false claims of other false teachers/false prophets and THUS this is what is happening in this persons' article here. The "chatter and harm" come to Mz. Moore by her own lies and false teachings about Triune Holy Living God. So....get a problem with Beth Moore the false teacher not the writer of this article. Sad to think you are so fooled that Beth's "cult of personality" is more important to you than Biblical TRUTH!...sigh

  9. I am sorry your heart breaks to see people mark those who cause divisions and promote doctrines of devils. I would rather your heart broke over women who follow these doctrines, Instead, your false view of Christ is that we never contend for the faith. (Jude 1:3). I am being hard on you for a reason. I hope these words are like a bucket of ice water on your head.

    "God is pretty able to handle any heretical dogmas that humans can dish up." of course He is. But He gave it to us, to YOU Gwen, to correct and protect. "Love" won't stop a wolf from devouring your friends. As they are dragged away from the flock to be destroyed by the Beth Moores of the world you will be singing "Kumbaya" and linking hands in unity with the other wolves. That is NOT LOVE, Gwen, that is hate. You hate your sisters when you won't protect them, and you hate your Lord, when you won't contend for His name.

    Also: Beth More is not a saint. That is the point, She is a wolf. We don't point fingers when a person makes a mistake, of course not. We gently correct them. We DO point fingers and shout loudly when a wolf comes to the fold. Beth Moore has a decades-old pattern of twisting scripture, false visions, personal revelation, Catholic promoting, Mystical-Gnostic legalism. She is not "making a mistake" she is not "misled" and she is not "mixed up." She is a heretic out to destroy women and blaspheme the name of Christ!! Those, we don't tolerate.

  10. I happened to run across your blog today and am impressed with your study of Beth Moore and totally agree with your assessment. I have never been comfortable with her teachings and have not attended any study of hers at my church...some of the ladies there just LOVE her! That being said, in reading this blog, I saw you mentioned John MacArthur several times. I had understood him to be a Calvinist, or perhaps a Reformed Calvinist. At any rate, Calvinism disturbs me as I believe Christ died for all humanity, not just an elect few. I would like to know if you believe in Calvinism, or was John MacArthur's name just mentioned in light of his opinion. Thank you very much. Jane

    1. Hi Jane,

      Thanks so much for reading the pieces about Beth Moore. I appreciate it so much! Thanks also for your kind compliment.

      John MacArthur is an expository preacher who follows the bible, including the Doctrines of Grace. "The doctrines of grace, so called because they summarize the salvation experience as the result of the grace of God, who acts independently of man’s will. No effort or act of man can add to the grace of God to bring about the redemption of the soul. For truly it is “by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast” (Ephesians 2:8–9)Read more:

      Yes, John MacArthur believes that God's plan is to save some for glory and others for wrath.

      "The purpose of Christ’s atoning death was not to merely make men savable and thus leaving the salvation of humanity contingent on man’s response to God’s grace. Rather, the purpose of the atonement was to secure the redemption of a particular people (Ephesians 1:4–6; John 17:9). All whom God has elected and Christ died for will be saved (John 6:37–40, 44). Read more:

      I believe this also. I believe it because it is biblical.

      We are dead. Dead in trespasses and sins. We CANNOT make a response to God. "No one seeks after God." He saves, it is a work of God, from God, only by God, through and through.

      God demonstrates His glory through both salvation and wrath.

      No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day. John 6:44

      And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. Dan 12:2

      So then it depends not on human will or exertion, but on God, who has mercy. Romans 9:16

    2. I've often been a bit concerned about John MacArthur myself as he comes across a bit heavy handed. Maybe it's because I attend a church that has a Saturday evening service. It came down to one of those "times have changed" thoughts for me. There's plenty about this new time I don't agree with and never will. I'd rather not work on Sunday (I'm a stay at home mom currently). I'd rather there not be a reason for people to work on Sunday. I am moreso thankful those that have to work on Sunday do have an opportunity for live worship on Saturday and if not that, our church does offer the sermon online a few days later.

      Beyond that, I was sitting in a BM Bible Study last year after being there since 2011 and something just did not sit in my heart right. It was enough right but still too much wrong. It was a very heavy feeling and as much as I love the women, I can't bring myself to return. I had conversation with a friend today who talked to her husband who went to their pastor and the pastor can find nothing wrong based on the Living Proof Ministries information provided. I don't care to argue with my friend but I so want to present this information to her.

      I have since found something closer to home out of necessity for the rest of what is happening in my life. Every week is a different lesson the leader has put together and I'm thankful it is scripture heavy. I'm glad to see this that people may know.

    3. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for having the conversation with your friend., How sad the pastor found nothing wrong with Moore's teachings. But good for you for loving your friend enough to contend for her.

      As for Sunday services...I agree, times have changed, but the bible has not.

      Feel free to share anything on thisi site that may help someone compare a teacher's teachings to scripture. And pray for her too. :)

  11. I read an interesting post this past week that stated: ..."did you know that 140 characters at a time, Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer are tweeting poisonous heretical messages cloaked as pious sounding christianese"...

    Sadly, my own local conservative baptist church is STILL promoting this false prophetess and her false teachings! Even though the women's ministries have been warned and given some of these articles? They still cling to that CULT of "PERSONALITY" that accompanies Beth's on stage antics,loud babble, babble, babble, add on her stalking amongst the audiences, with a few mis-quoted McScripture verses thrown in?

    You almost gots yourselves a TEACHER! Of course it is not a rational sound Bible teacher. But a false prophetess with a high hairdo hurling fibs, fairy tales, add on her teachings about fake encounters with JESUS THE CHRIST.....which would be an epic fail Bible Study Teacher.

    One Jesus Himself talked about.Warned about. A False teacher, a false prophetess, doing lying signs and wonders. In the end of days. On a stage near you=

    CA$H PLEA$E..then here come the fibs! It's embarassin when the women leading these Bible Studies and Elder Boards and even The Pastors cannot even GOOGLE. Well maybe now they can. I mean it's mostly all here.

    Thanks for the info. Well done thou good and faithful servent ~

  12. Thank you for all the information posted on your blog. Over a year ago when my health problems got worse, I was unable to make it to the woman's Bible study, which worked out for the best. With all my time at home, I ran across Strange Fire with Justen Peters. I learned a lot about Beth Moore. I never cared for her but I went for some fellowship with the ladies. I began putting together information to share with my friends and eventually with my pastor. Most have rejected what I hae shared and I have two ladies that actualley listened. Thanks agian for your devotion and countless hours of work you have put into this blog. For them that are looking, it well help provide anwsers. Linda

  13. I'm still reading all of your edifying comments.

    How I pray that Beth Moore would rein herself in.

    1. Thanks Joan. Me too, I hope Moore repents, wouldn't that show so much glory of Jesus! Sadly His wrath upon ungodlimess also shows His glory - and I hope it's not the latter unleashed on her.

  14. We have used Beth Moore studies. People like her teaching. When I brought up a few of the issues I had seen, even before I read this blog, no one gets what I am saying. I feel that new age/mysticism name it whatever you want has so crept into our churches that we no longer hear the wrong. I am in charge of choosing the Bible studies. To the best of my ability, we will not be using a Beth Moore study again. I may be overruled, but then I will not be attending. Rather daunting. Any suggestions on what direction to head in?

    1. Hello Connie,

      Bless you! And thank you for standing up for the Lord and His spotless name.

      At this link toward the bottom I put up a list of good resources for teaching women. I highly recommend the study by John MacArthur, 12 Extraordinary Women, a bible study for small groups.

      And I know you know that women's bible study doesn't have to be written by a woman or targeted to women only. Women need theology, and there are so many good studies to help us along in deepening our faith and growing fruit for His glory. Jerry Bridges' series, "Respectable Sins" comes to mind.

      Respectable Sins Small-Group Curriculum: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate

      Good luck!

    2. You could study a book of the Bible, one chapter at a time, with everyone looking up their own commentaries. We do a study with Title, Key Verse, Significant Truth, Cross References, Comments, Questions, Applications, Summary or Outline. Works for us.

  15. Woe to those shepherds they divide the Lord's flock.

  16. It's the false teachers who divide the Lord's flock, not those who expose them.

  17. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you for this excellent compilation. I have never really liked BM's teaching and this sums up why. I was looking for something to give a friend who is attending a BM study and this fits the bill. Please pray she will receive this in the right spirit. She tends to be gullible and i don't want to hurt her but as I read in this lkst, good friends do not let their friends read BM! God bless you and keep up the good work.

  18. I saw Beth M for the first time on TBN UK this morning. I found her a bit of an actor, performing rather than evangelising. I didn't much like her. Then, a few hours later, by chance I came across your blog. Somehow, your vomiting tirade disturbed me as much as her shortcomings. Whoever you are, Elizabeth, judge not lest ye be judged.

    1. Anonymous,

      If you would kindly cut and paste the parts of this essay you determined were "vomiting" and a "tirade" into your reply, I'd appreciate it. Also, if you could please include scripture in your answer to show me where you believe I was incorrect or inappropriate, I'd appreciate it.

      I usually delete comments that simply make insults and misuse Matthew 7:1 but in your case I'm going to make a teachable moment out of it. Please bear with me.

      Beth Moore twists the bible verses to make a different Jesus, and uses them as pop psychology. Unfortunately in your comment you did just the same as Beth Moore, because you --

      --twist the bible out of its context with no understanding in order to make an invalid point

      --are a hypocrite. You misused Mt 7:1 to exhort me not to judge people and yet... you just judged me. You judged Beth Moore also. If we are to "Judge not", then you did a double violation of scripture.

      Here is the context of the verse you twisted:

      “Judge not, that you be not judged. 2 For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. 3 Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye. Matthew 7:1-5

      The passage in context means that BEFORE we judge, we must make sure we are prayed up and repented up of our own sins. It does not mean what you put forward, that we're NEVER to judge. If that's the case we are fools to fail to point out false teachers when they come. It also means that Paul violated Scripture and Peter too, for they also pointed out false teachers by name. But of course we know they didn't.

      As a matter of civility and not spirituality, your comment cast shame back upon you. Rather than reason together over the scriptures you believe me to have violated and instead of offering gentle correction or offer scriptures of your own, (2 Tim 2:25, Acts 17:11) you simply insulted me and my work.  

      To conclude, you judged with a log in your eye, you misused scripture, and you publicly insulted a sister in the faith. This is to your shame. But you can overcome this and learn "What Jesus meant when He said Judge Not." From Sam Storms--

  19. Thank you for this. I think I may have gotten more out of reading the comments and your responses than I even did out of the article itself. My family currently attends a Baptist church and I have been somewhat reluctantly doing the Beth Moore study "Children of the Way". I had heard from our previous church (very small in TN) that Beth Moore was no good, but the only reasoning I remember was that she was leading men. So, a friend and I decided to go ahead and take part in the small group Bible study in an effort to meet other women within the church and take it slowly and be discerning. There have been things that have struck me as " not quite right", but I have continued to attend. Though I have to say I have been so busy reading scripture itself studying to learn about some other issues that I have not taken the time to do her study. I think the reason is that it is so filled with her thoughts and experiences that it tends to "bore" me. I find I don't really know anything about the book of the Bible I just studied, it was more psychology type stuff. When we study a book of the Bible together as a family we just use the Bible and study verse by verse. I come away with a much better understanding of who God is and what He is teaching me. Does that make sense? Anyway, I just wanted to say I think it is so easy for us, as women, to be led astray. I know better, yet I feel I need to be protected myself. That is why I appreciate your responses and that they are biblical. I wrote every verse down for further study. Thank you more than you know for rebuking and exhorting us with God's word alone and not just your own words! It has helped me tremendously in this time of need. Please pray for discernment for me and for the other women and families out there.

  20. I'm not familiar with Beth Moore. I recently picked up one of her bible studies that my wife was doing and it seemed off. That is what peeked my interest and led me to your site. You seem very familiar with Moore's work. But when I read through your article, I found it to be opinion/feeling based and lacking the necessary evidence to convey your opinions to the reader.

    I'm not writing to be critical but being unfamiliar with Moore's work it would be helpful to see a quotation and reference for the areas that she strays from the gospel. This would strengthen your argument and provide the evidence needed to support your conclusions. Guilty by association and your opinion of her teaching doesn't cut it.

    Some of the examples you gave sound pretty shady but again, the specific quotation is what I need so I can point to Moore's teaching and then my Bible and show my wife the error in her teaching. Hopefully you could still update this article if you have the information available because I do believe you are on to something.

    1. Thank you for your gracious critique and suggestion to add biblical evidence to my concerns of Beth Moore's teaching. I would just as graciously and helpfully reply that on this page are 54 links that discuss concerns of Beth Moore's teaching. Some of the links were to pages written by me, some from other women, and some from pastors. I invite you to read them, because in all of them, including mine, we do provide biblical examples and verses to support our contention that Beth Moore is false. This article is the *jumping off point* of the links and biblical examples that discuss Moore's falsity. If you chose not to read any of the links yet, I do invite you to read some of the pages listed here and I feel confident your suggestion will be seen to have been fulfilled.

    2. Anonymous,

      I suggest you read my reviews of some of Moore's teachings where I cite quotations from her and explain what's wrong with them:

  21. What did Billy Graham do that makes you call him a false prophet?

    1. Thanks once again for your question Bonnie. Billy Graham is seen by most to be the twentieth (and 21st) century's greatest evangelist. However, nothing could be further from the truth. I'll give a quick overview then point you to some credible men who explain more deeply.

      --Billy Graham dismisses the necessity of believing the virgin birth for salvation
      Billy Graham believes in the possibility that the earth is not young and created in 6 24-hour periods, but is old
      --Billy Graham believes in the possibility of evolution
      --Billy Graham believes in the possibility of life on other planets

      Even more disconcertingly,

      --Billy Graham denies that Jesus is the exclusive way to heaven
      --Billy Graham partners with Catholics at his crusades, and sends people coming down the aisles to a priest if they arrived from a Catholic church or were brought by a Catholic person (or to a rabbi if they are Jewish)
      ----Billy Graham sees no difference in the demonic Gospel of the Roman Catholic Church and the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ
      --Billy Graham called Pope John Paul II the greatest spiritual leader in 100 years
      --Billy Graham is an ecumenical compromiser seeking influence and popularity, not the pure meat of the Gospel, as evidenced by his accepting of honorary degrees and accolades from the Roman Catholic Church

      Billy Graham is not a man of Christ

      Here, in 2001 Cecil Andrews of Take Heed Ministries gives a talk which goes through the details of answering your question. He does so graciously and lovingly, but truthfully.


      Graham deinies the exclusivity of the Gospel in an interview with Robert Schuller in the 1990s. Far from this being a one-time misspeaking from an elderly man, Graham's position of the non-exclusivity of the Gospel was confirmed by the Billy Graham Organization as the same position Graham has held since 1960 and wrote about in his Decision Magazine in 1960. Graham has ALWAYS believed falsely. He just hid it well.

      Schuller interview: (1 min)

      Biblical discussion of Graham's position denying the Gospel-

  22. The Lord's flock should read the scriptures. These modern books that all and sundry write are full of error. The Bereans examined the scriptures to see if these things were so. What happened to examining the scriptures instead of sustaining books by "Snuffy Smith." What do people like Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, et al ave to add to the Word of God? We have enough trouble doing what it says there, rather than muddying the waters with Mooreisms and Myerisms.

  23. I did some research on Billy Graham and I even watched some of his sermons as well as the links you provided. I was not convinced of the things he is being accused of. One you tube video was basically hear say...a man saying he had said and done certain things without any actual proof. The other was a video that seemed to be tampered with in many places. We all know it is very easy to edit video. The press does it all the time. I could not find anything in the sermons I watched to not be biblically sound. He even states that Jesus is the only way to heaven. I decided to go to his ministry there is usually a statement of doctrine and there was. If you scroll to the bottom and click on "what we believe" it very plainly states his beliefs. All of which were biblically sound. It's always better to go straight to the source. I realize he is very old and very sick now(Parkinson's-dementia and other issues come with that) but maybe you could contact Franklin Graham and ask him. As far as born again Catholics being told to get their discipleship at their old Catholic Church...that's just not true. I came to Christ at one of his crusades and I was not directed back to the Catholic Church. As a matter of fact I was sent to a Baptist church for discipleship. There is nothing wrong with him having fellowship with people from other faiths. It's an opportunity to share Christ. Jesus had fellowship with non believers. He hung out with them all the teach. No, they were not His inner circle but the Pharisees judged Him for it none the less. I think we just have to be very careful in accusing a brother in Christ of being a false teacher. We don't know what his motives were. Only God knows that. Please check out his ministry page and contact his son with the concerns you have. I'm sure his family would be happy to clarify things. Thank you for your time and God bless.

    1. Hello Angie,

      Thank you for going back and researching. I am impressed with that. I'm also glad that when you were at a Crusade you were not directed back to the Catholic Church, we can both praise God for that.

      I also thank you for your kindness in disagreement. You're a good example.

      I'd like to share a few things for your consideration. I'm very glad you checked the doctrinal statement. It's always wise to do that. However, in these days of apostasy, I have found that a website statement of faith carries less and less weight. They post what they know will attract believers, but don't live it. Many churches that are liberal, for example, have in their doctrinal statement that they believe the Bible is infallible and without error and that the church submits to it, but have a female pastor. So they can SAY one thing, but DO another. Look to what they do. To that end...

      ...I also agree that some videos can be edited. But these videos in which I viewed him saying the things were not. I read the transcript. In context. He believes that people outside the faith who haven't heard the Gospel but live a sincere life and know there's something out there will be in heaven, and this includes Catholics, Hindus, Muslims etc. He said it to millions watching and when asked to clarify, he affirmed his belief. His statement as so outrageous that the BGEA WAS contacted and they affirmed Graham's heretical statement. In fact, Graham repeated it in other interviews. Unless someone is a conspiracy theorist believing that ALL interviews and videos were edited, we must take Graham at his word, that he believes this. So there is no getting around that.

      Billy Graham has indicated a number of times in words and in deeds that he believes Catholics are saved. He said Mormons are saved too. He has lived a life of ecumenical compromise and that also is a Christ-denying life.

      As far as Crusade seekers being directed to their church of origin when they come forward, though your experience was gladly different, the fact is, that is what they do. I have heard it from my friends whose parents were counselors at some Crusades, his son Franklin said the same, and I read it verbatim in online newspaper archives from past Crusades. So there is no getting around a thrice-confirmed fact.

      There's a difference in lay people having fellowship with Catholics (though fellowship is not a correct term because Catholics adhering to Rome's dogma are not saved, therefore no fellowship can be had) and a popular teacher affirming their saved status by his word and his deed.

      The "we don't know what his motives are" is an incorrect statement at this situation. First, we don't examine motives, we examine fruit. (Matthew 7:16). The fruit in this case is Graham's actions, his words, and a lifetime of observable, confirmed compromise. Secondly the Bible does say in several instances what a false teacher's motives are- greed for one (2 Peter 2:3). Popularity for another. (Luke 6:26).

      Contacting Graham Sr or Jr is not necessary to discuss concerns, they are public teachers and can and should be rebuked publicly. To maintain the private discussion mantra is an incorrect use of Matthew 18, which is explained here in a 1:30 video,

      Just as you gently warned me not to call a brother false if he is not, (and please, I would not have said so if there had not been tremendous evidence, as you said, calling a teacher false when they are not false is bad) I'll warn you not to keep blinders on when the evidence is present. We are to warn about false teachers and be clear eyed, mature, and discerning about them. (Hebrews 5:14).

      Thank you for YOUR time and God bless you.

  24. "demonic gospel of the catholic church'? Would you have evangelists not speak at all to catholics? How about tax collectors and sinners? My dear, everyone believes something before they are saved and need to be delivered from it after they are saved. I was saved as a Catholic. I was taught the Bible was the Word of God. I was taught a lot of other stuff as well, but never that catholics cannot be saved and that ministers who preach the gospel of Christ to catholics are doing horrible damage to the Truth.

    1. Hi larry,

      I'm not 'your dear'. Please be respectful.

      I wrote that "Billy Graham sees no difference in the demonic Gospel of the Roman Catholic Church and the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ".

      That's pretty clear. Yet, you misunderstood.

      I have no idea how you your misrepresentations out of that, but I'll correct them now.

      Billy Graham believes that fundamentally, the Catholic Church and the Protestant church are in agreement. They are not. Graham said the Pope is a brother in the faith. He is not. Graham was not evangelizing the Pope and catholics, he was agreeing with them.

      I never said evangelists should not speak at all to Catholics.

      I never said Catholics cannot be saved.

      I never said that ministers who preach the Gospel pf Christ to Catholics are doing horrible damage to the truth.

      However, you are doing terrible damage to the truth as a brother who twists what a sister wrote, states what was never said, and argues against them. That's classic straw man, and it is something you should not ever do again.

  25. Hello. This is a very well written article. I do have one issue. You wrote about how Beth Moore adopted a son, kept him for seven years and then gave him back. That actually can't happen legally. Once a you adopt a child, you can't un-adopt the child. The only person who can end that contract id the child when they turn 18. Either she never officially adopted the child or the child was a foster child. Could you please check on the specifics for me. I am curious about it, too.

    1. Hi Lindie,

      Thank you for reading and for yoru compliment.

      I wish I could give you more specifics. In her 2 books on the subject, she used the word "adopt" repeatedly, then wrote that she returned the boy to his biological mother, who was also her relative. Those are Moore's words. In describing the story, she contradicts herself numerous times, and then becomes shy and reluctant to speak more on it when asked to clarify, citing "privacy issues."

      If you'd like to read the essay I wrote about which describes the situation in lengthier fashion, with quotes from her book and screen shots, it's here-

  26. When your irises drop to the bottom of your eye socket, it expresses extreme emotion. Beth Moore is receiving direct communication from the Almighty, is she? The Almighty is telling her that HE wants her to promote unity with the Roman Catholic church, is she? No, more than likely she has been approached by a con man of a Jesuit, who has a One World Religious motivation. May be this Jesuit is from Georgetown University. President John Adams predicted such things would happen by these evil JESUITS.

    1. There are many operators in the world who want to destrroy Jesus and His people, tarnish our witness, and introduce heresy. Jesuits are not the only ones. We don't know and can't attribute Beth Moore's behavior to Jesuits, because we don't know. Just attribute it to satan and/or her own prideful flesh. Don't go all conspiracy-ish on me, now, OK :)


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